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Ancestors of Burnett (Jay) Watkins Jr.

Generation No. 8

      128. Mitchell Watkins Sr., born Abt. 1740 in North Carolina; died 1838 in Washington Co Ga. He was the son of 256. ?? Watkins. He married 129. ? Lodge 1770 in Duplin Co NC.

      129. ? Lodge.

Notes for Mitchell Watkins Sr.:
WATKINS, Mitchell, Private, NC Militia.

From the Book,
"Revolutionary War Records of Duplin-Sampson Counties" By Virginia and Oscar Bizzell c1997.

Mitchell Watkins was married three times; first and second wives were the Lodge sisters, first names unknown. He had five children by his first two wives; Redin, William, Levin, Sallie, and Wealthy. His 3rd wife was Elizabeth Hill, daughter of Isaac
Hill Sr. and Lucinda Wallace. He migrated to GA circa 1800, was a surveyor, Revolutionary War soldier from NC serving
under General Green, and at one time owned 16 slaves. His brother, Levin Watkins, was several times State Senator in NC
and member of the State Constitutional Convention.

Transcription of Patrick Sheppard's letter from " Letters of Macon Warthen", on
file in Archives, Atlanta, Ga. References descendents of Elizabeth Hill, dau. of Isaac and Lucinda.

June 11, 1891

Mr. Macon Warthen,

Dear Sir and Brother,

Your letter of May 30th has been received and perused and
would have answered it forthwith but was not fully posted relative to the
information you so kindly asked for.
My oldest sister was in the city of Atlanta at the time I received
your letter and I thought it best to wait her return, knowing that she
would give me some very satisfactory information that would throw more
light upon the subject
The History that I now have of the Watkins Families
is as follows: Mitchell Watkins, Senr. is my grandfather on my mother's
side by lineal descent. He married three times. He married two sisters by
the name of Lodges (?), which was his first and second marriages, and his
third wife was a Miss Hill, the aunt of the late B. A. Hill, United States
senator. The names of the children so far as
I know by his first and second wives are as follows: Redin, William, Levin,
Sallie and Wealthy Watkins. Redin married a Miss. Bently, the mother of Bryant Watkins. Sallie married a Cadenhead (?).
Wealthy married a Fountain. The above information is all I have about the first children of Mitchell Watkins, Senr. by his two
first wives.

Mitchell Watkins, Senr., as I have said his third wife was a Miss. Hill who is my
grandmother. The names of the children and whom they married of Mitchell
Watkins, Senr. by his last wife, a Miss Hill, so far as I Know are as
follows: Richard, Mitchell,Jr., Isaac, Sinderella, Lucinda and Phonetta.
Mitchell, Jr's first wife was a Miss Cherry. Isaac married a Miss. Howard.
Sinderella married Eli Cumming, Sen. Lucinda married the first time, Simon
Gray, second time John Wright, and Phonetta, my mother married John

The foregoing is about the sum total of my Historical knowledge of
Mitchell Watkins, Sen. and his descendants. I am certain that Mitchell
Watkins Sen. came from North Carolina. This information was received from
my mother during her natural life. Mitchell Watkins was a Revolutionary
soldier under the command of the chivalrous Gen. Green.

Mr. Warthen this is about all I can furnish you
with at present about the history you wish. I hope that ere long you will
get all the information you need in this compilation of the book relative
to Bethlehem Church and its vicinity.

I am your brother in Christ,

Patrick H. Sheppard

Children of Mitchell Sr. and ? Lodge are:
  i.   Levin Watkins, married Hannah Davis.
  Notes for Levin Watkins:

  ii.   Sallie Watkins, married Cadenhead.
  iii.   William Watkins.
  iv.   Delphi Wealthy Watkins, born 1775 in Washington Co Ga; died 1879 in Wilkinson Co Ga; married John Israel (Fontaine) Fountain 1793 in Washington Co Ga.
  64 v.   Redden Watkins, born Abt. 1780 in Edgecomb Co. NC; died 1853 in Washington Co Ga; married Penelope Manning.
Children of Mitchell Sr. and Elizabeth Hill are:
  i.   Issac Watkins, married ? Howard.
  ii.   Lucinda Watkins, married (1) Simon Gray; married (2) John Wright.
  iii.   Sinderella Watkins, married Eli Cumming Sr..
  iv.   Phonetta Watkins.
  v.   Richard Watkins, born 1803 in Washington Co Ga; died 1852; married Celia Wynn.
  Notes for Richard Watkins:

Wynn, Celia
Birth : 1802
Death : 1881 Ebenezer Cemetary, Wilkinson Co, GA

Father: Wynn, William
Mother: Henson, Susan



Watkins, Richard
Birth : 1803 Washington Co, GA
Death : 1852

Father: Watkins, Mitchell Sr.
Mother: Hill, Elizabeth


Watkins, Amanda M.
Watkins, Francis M.
Watkins, David C.
Birth : 1834
Watkins, John B.
Birth : 1838
Watkins, Henry
Watkins, William M.
Birth : 1840
Watkins, Harrison H.
Watkins, Mary
Watkins, Nancy
Watkins, Martha

  vi.   Mitchell Watkins Jr., born February 17, 1804 in Washington Co Ga; died October 20, 1883 in Washington Co Ga; married Sarah Cherry December 22, 1828 in Washington Co Ga.
  Notes for Mitchell Watkins Jr.:

Marriage Year: 1823
Marriage Location Code: GA
The gender of Mitchell Watkins is male.
Birth Year: 1804
Birth Location Code: GA
Spouse: Sarah Cherry
Birth Year: 1806
Birth Location Code: NC
Source Number: 1586.047
Source Type: Family group sheet, FGSE, listed as parents
Number of Pages: 1

The original source document is located in the Yates Publication's
archive. The original source may have additional information about the
descendants and parentage of this couple. Use the data provided and
attached form when submitting your order request to Yates Publishing

23 412 412 Watkins Mitchel 46 M Farmer 1,600 Georgia
24 412 412 Watkins Sarah 47 F N. Carolina X
25 412 412 Watkins Martha 17 F Georgia X
26 412 412 Watkins Lucy 15 F Georgia X
27 412 412 Watkins Layfaett 13 M Georgia
28 412 412 Watkins William 9 M Georgia
29 412 412 Watkins Mitchel 8 M Georgia
30 412 412 Watkins Marion 6 M Georgia
31 412 412 Watkins Surenah 11 F Georgia

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