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The Waters Family of Dawsonville, GA:
Index of Individuals


?, Susannah(d. date unknown)


10, Daughter died at(d. date unknown)


A, Sarah(b. Abt. 1847, d. date unknown)


Adams, Abigail Adeline(d. date unknown)
Adams, Albert(d. date unknown)
Adams, Polly(d. date unknown)
Adams, Rebecca Strickland(d. date unknown)


Adderhold, Leah(b. December 02, 1794, d. July 03, 1871)


Aikens, Nancy


Allen, James J.(d. date unknown)


Allison, Alice
Allison, Annis Strickland(d. date unknown)
Allison, John(d. date unknown)
Allison, Magnolia
Allison, Mary Ruth


Anderson, Ensley(d. date unknown)
Anderson, Harrison(d. date unknown)
Anderson, Helen Chester
Anderson, Jim(d. date unknown)
Anderson, Joe(d. date unknown)
Anderson, Porter


Angles, Eunice Beatrice


Ayers, Anthony
Ayers, Bessie J.(b. March 25, 1900, d. date unknown)
Ayers, Betty Jean
Ayers, Buring John(d. date unknown)
Ayers, Carlton Eugene
Ayers, Cora Belle(b. October 08, 1888, d. date unknown)
Ayers, Daniel(b. March 01, 1795, d. March 13, 1878)
Ayers, David Lafayette(b. February 23, 1855, d. 1894)
Ayers, David T.(b. July 09, 1824, d. August 02, 1864)
Ayers, Dianer(b. September 19, 1856, d. date unknown)
Ayers, Duron R.
Ayers, Edward Eugene
Ayers, Emory Preston
Ayers, Francis Marion(b. September 18, 1826, d. May 26, 1911)
Ayers, Garnett W.(b. November 19, 1894, d. November 29, 1964)
Ayers, Henry Washington(b. October 05, 1886, d. September 14, 1974) Includes Pictures
Ayers, Henry Washington
Ayers, Ida L.(b. June 01, 1866, d. date unknown)
Ayers, J. Columbus(b. June 10, 1870, d. April 13, 1948)
Ayers, James H.(b. March 26, 1838, d. October 09, 1947)
Ayers, Jedediah(b. January 01, 1820, d. date unknown)
Ayers, Jefferson B.(b. August 12, 1861, d. date unknown)
Ayers, Jim(d. date unknown)
Ayers, John(d. date unknown)
Ayers, John Elias(b. November 13, 1833, d. date unknown)
Ayers, John Henry(b. April 22, 1853, d. date unknown)
Ayers, John Olyn
Ayers, John Thomas(b. March 07, 1859, d. April 08, 1920)
Ayers, Leavada Lorene(b. June 24, 1929, d. March 26, 2007)
Ayers, Lee(d. date unknown)
Ayers, Lena Duncan(d. date unknown)
Ayers, Lewis(b. March 16, 1822, d. December 12, 1864)
Ayers, Lewis(b. April 08, 1861, d. April 01, 1950)
Ayers, Linnie Johnson(b. September 18, 1858, d. date unknown)
Ayers, Magdalene(b. September 23, d. September 15, 1837)
Ayers, Margaret Wright(d. date unknown)
Ayers, Mary C.(b. October 02, 1853, d. date unknown)
Ayers, Mary Lena
Ayers, Mattie(b. September 09, 1873, d. date unknown)
Ayers, Moses(b. 1742, d. August 25, 1833)
Ayers, Moses Clyde Richard Nathaniel
Ayers, Nathaniel H.(b. January 14, 1830, d. July 09, 1913)
Ayers, Oscar(b. November 02, 1891, d. date unknown)
Ayers, Robert Edward
Ayers, Roscoe Floyd
Ayers, Samuel
Ayers, Samuel Adderhold(b. March 15, 1832, d. date unknown)
Ayers, Samuel David(b. September 26, 1849, d. November 07, 1925)
Ayers, Samuel David(b. June 06, 1911, d. date unknown)
Ayers, Sara L.(b. December 08, 1856, d. December 1920)
Ayers, Susanna Leah(b. January 23, 1859, d. date unknown)
Ayers, Thomas(b. February 05, 1887, d. September 19, 1921)
Ayers, Thomas Albert Lewis
Ayers, Thomas William
Ayers, W. Henry(b. June 27, 1864, d. 1920)
Ayers, Walter Lee(b. December 09, 1912, d. date unknown)
Ayers, Will(d. date unknown)
Ayers, William Lewis


Bachelor, Doris(d. date unknown)


Bailey, Mary Lee Ayers


Bearden, Benny
Bearden, Carl
Bearden, Clarence
Bearden, Clinton
Bearden, Clyde
Bearden, Doxie Rider(d. date unknown)
Bearden, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Bearden, Emmett
Bearden, Ethel
Bearden, Felton
Bearden, Floyd
Bearden, Grover
Bearden, Hannah(b. 1882, d. December 23, 1962)
Bearden, Harley(d. date unknown)
Bearden, Harley
Bearden, John(d. date unknown)
Bearden, Larkin
Bearden, Lawton
Bearden, Lemon
Bearden, Logan(d. date unknown)
Bearden, Lonzo
Bearden, Martha Chester(d. date unknown)
Bearden, Nellie
Bearden, Nelson(d. date unknown)
Bearden, Nelson F.(b. May 23, 1838, d. October 23, 1890)
Bearden, Ollie
Bearden, Ora
Bearden, Oran
Bearden, Rachel Hattie Jane(b. January 26, 1891, d. February 08, 1967) Includes Pictures
Bearden, Teresa Chester
Bearden, V.J.
Bearden, Viola (Sis)
Bearden, Vonell
Bearden, Walley
Bearden, Wheeler


Berry, John A., Jr. Rev.(d. date unknown)


Black, Mamie


Blackwell, Bill
Blackwell, Doris Waters


Blue, Wilma McIntyre


Bowen, Mary Lena Tench(d. date unknown)


Bradley, Annes(b. 1838, d. date unknown)
Bradley, Asa(d. date unknown)
Bradley, Elizabeth(b. 1810, d. date unknown)
Bradley, Joe Harrison(b. June 09, 1814, d. September 29, 1880) Includes Notes
Bradley, Thomas(b. 1835, d. date unknown)


Brock, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)


Buchan, Thelma Kenela Ayers


Carr, Betsy (Elizabeth)(b. 1807, d. date unknown)
Carr, Caroline(d. date unknown)


Casteel, Effie Cochran


Chastain, Thomas
Chastain, Vonnell Edmondson


Chester, Aileen
Chester, Amanda Lynn
Chester, Arnold
Chester, Arvel
Chester, Arvie Barnes
Chester, Arvil(d. date unknown)
Chester, Asa(b. 1851, d. date unknown)
Chester, Bealer
Chester, Beatrice Trammell
Chester, Belinda
Chester, Ben
Chester, Benjamin Earl(b. July 31, 1916, d. August 21, 1999)
Chester, Bennie
Chester, Benny
Chester, Bernard
Chester, Bessie
Chester, Betty
Chester, Bill
Chester, Bonnie Sanford
Chester, Brenda
Chester, Brittiana Deanne
Chester, Carlton Henry
Chester, Carolyn
Chester, Charlie(b. December 04, 1894, d. January 04, 1962)
Chester, Charlotte
Chester, Claude Newton(b. April 09, 1913, d. January 25, 1989)
Chester, Clayton
Chester, Clyde Nelson(b. October 06, 1921, d. March 31, 1950)
Chester, Connie
Chester, Coy Stargel(b. February 13, 1924, d. January 25, 1986)
Chester, Daniel
Chester, Daniel Loy
Chester, Daryl
Chester, David(d. date unknown)
Chester, David(b. 1857, d. date unknown)
Chester, David
Chester, Dennis(b. July 08, 1942, d. December 13, 1961)
Chester, Donald
Chester, Donna
Chester, Doyle
Chester, Eddie
Chester, Florence Hughes(b. November 15, 1909, d. September 19, 1979)
Chester, Frank
Chester, Gary Glyndon
Chester, Geraldine
Chester, Harold
Chester, Hattie Bell Kincaid
Chester, Henry(b. February 01, 1889, d. January 09, 1929)
Chester, Hosie Bodig
Chester, Jackie(b. June 10, 1950, d. January 29, 1973)
Chester, Jacob M.(b. 1860, d. date unknown)
Chester, James
Chester, James Loy
Chester, Janie
Chester, Jerry
Chester, Jimmy
Chester, Joann
Chester, Johnny
Chester, Joseph Harley(b. October 13, 1909, d. May 20, 1989)
Chester, Joshua Tow
Chester, Joyce
Chester, Junior
Chester, Katie Lee
Chester, Keith
Chester, Kenny
Chester, L.D.
Chester, Lafayette Benjamin(b. July 08, 1884, d. November 05, 1951) Includes Pictures
Chester, Lafayette Benjamin(b. May 28, 1928, d. June 24, 1978)
Chester, Laura
Chester, Lauren Nicole
Chester, Lizzy Croney Bunyan
Chester, Logan Curtis
Chester, Louise
Chester, Lucy
Chester, Lula(b. March 03, 1912, d. 1984)
Chester, Luther
Chester, Luvanne
Chester, Mamie Wehunt(b. March 05, 1879, d. June 19, 1962)
Chester, Martha Berry(b. November 18, 1885, d. June 05, 1965)
Chester, Marthia J.(b. 1852, d. date unknown)
Chester, Marty
Chester, Melba
Chester, Merrel Southern
Chester, Michael
Chester, Millard
Chester, Mulley(b. 1839, d. date unknown)
Chester, Nell
Chester, Nellie Lingerfelt(d. date unknown)
Chester, Noah(b. July 09, 1878, d. June 29, 1932)
Chester, Norma Lee Foster
Chester, Norman
Chester, Opal Sheriff(b. December 08, 1919, d. March 05, 1984)
Chester, Patsy
Chester, Porter(b. 1880, d. 1938)
Chester, Randy Clark
Chester, Raymon
Chester, Red
Chester, Renee
Chester, Richard(d. date unknown)
Chester, Robert
Chester, Ronnie
Chester, Ruheny(d. date unknown)
Chester, Sam
Chester, Scotty
Chester, Sharon
Chester, Shirley
Chester, Silas Stargel(b. March 04, 1854, d. May 24, 1928)
Chester, Susie Lee Arrendale
Chester, Ted
Chester, Tony Argin
Chester, Verdell Clonde
Chester, Wanda
Chester, Wayne
Chester, Will(d. date unknown)
Chester, William Carl
Chester, William John(b. August 11, 1876, d. October 20, 1940)


Clayton, Elizabeth Betsy Cochran(b. 1818, d. 1898)


Coady, Doris Beatrice Ayers
Coady, Sidney F.


Cochran, Aaron(b. September 16, 1776, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Abraham(b. June 07, 1793, d. January 09, 1877)
Cochran, Abram(d. date unknown)
Cochran, Alfred(b. 1841, d. 1913)
Cochran, Bertha(d. date unknown)
Cochran, Betsey(b. May 23, 1788, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Cada Katie(b. October 31, 1825, d. June 29, 1899)
Cochran, David(b. February 04, 1786, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Eli(b. January 23, 1779, d. date unknown)
Cochran, George(b. 1830, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Henry(b. May 19, 1799, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Henry(b. 1842, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Herbert
Cochran, Jacob(b. Abt. 1750, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Jacob(b. September 01, 1783, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Jacob(b. February 27, 1843, d. April 23, 1863)
Cochran, James(b. 1832, d. date unknown)
Cochran, James A.(b. September 15, 1887, d. November 05, 1938)
Cochran, Joe
Cochran, John(b. February 10, 1781, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Malenda(b. 1826, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Mary Chester(b. October 01, 1887, d. March 31, 1941)
Cochran, Mary J.(b. 1837, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Mary O. Wilson(b. January 09, 1853, d. July 20, 1937)
Cochran, Minda(b. 1836, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Miranda(d. date unknown)
Cochran, Polly(b. September 15, 1790, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Polly(b. 1834, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Rachel(b. 1820, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Rebecca(b. November 03, 1795, d. date unknown)
Cochran, Ruben
Cochran, Van Buren(b. 1838, d. date unknown)


Corn, Bentley(d. date unknown)


Cowart, Ned(d. date unknown)
Cowart, Treacia Jane Adaline(b. November 22, 1863, d. January 12, 1921)


Crane, Angel Jenkins
Crane, Angela
Crane, Ann Marie
Crane, Bartley A.(d. date unknown)
Crane, Berthan Mae Garrett
Crane, Carolyn Marie
Crane, Carrol Leonard(b. August 22, 1911, d. August 18, 1976)
Crane, Charles Clinton
Crane, Charles Richard(b. October 03, 1937, d. August 09, 1987)
Crane, Clifton Ashbury(b. April 16, 1941, d. September 25, 1980)
Crane, Elizabeth Ann
Crane, Ellen Houston
Crane, Francis Ashbury(d. date unknown)
Crane, James David
Crane, Jana
Crane, Jeremy David
Crane, Jim(d. date unknown)
Crane, Leonard Theo
Crane, Marie Clifton Thurmond(b. January 21, 1917, d. June 29, 1995)
Crane, Miles(d. date unknown)
Crane, Rachel Corn(d. date unknown)
Crane, Roseanne
Crane, Vera Mae Hood


DanielChester, Jason


Darnell, Laura Victoria(b. June 03, 1866, d. February 26, 1909)


Davenport, Sue


Davis, Bertha Chester(b. 1898, d. date unknown)
Davis, Charlie(d. date unknown)
Davis, Cora(d. date unknown)
Davis, Fannie
Davis, Mattie Ayers(d. date unknown)
Davis, Tommy




Dube, Jacqueline


Dunbar, Mary J.(b. Abt. 1765, d. Abt. 1830)


Duncan, Charles Lee(b. March 13, 1930, d. November 1996)
Duncan, Pearl Lynell Threadgill


Edmondson, Brondell Vanilla
Edmondson, Martha Painter(d. date unknown)
Edmondson, Mary Ommabell Gee Evans(b. February 18, 1905, d. August 1972)
Edmondson, Robert(d. date unknown)
Edmondson, Robert Albert
Edmondson, Virgil(b. April 29, 1907, d. November 01, 1967)


Elizabeth, I(b. Abt. 1841, d. date unknown)


Elrod, Joseph(d. date unknown)
Elrod, Mary Ann(d. date unknown)


ENGLISH, Mary(d. Bef. 1820)


Ensley, Mary(d. date unknown)


Eubanks, Nancy Eleanor(d. date unknown)


Evans, Leroy
Evans, Monroe(d. date unknown)
Evans, Mozelle


Fauscett, Homer(d. date unknown)


Foster, Henry(d. date unknown)
Foster, Miles(d. date unknown)
Foster, Miles(d. date unknown)


Fouts, Ben(d. date unknown)


Freeland, Barbery A.(b. 1852, d. date unknown)
Freeland, Catherine(b. 1845, d. date unknown)
Freeland, Elizabeth(b. December 02, 1853, d. November 11, 1918)
Freeland, Henry(b. 1848, d. date unknown)
Freeland, James M.(b. 1855, d. date unknown)
Freeland, Lewis(b. 1822, d. date unknown)
Freeland, Maddaleana(b. 1822, d. date unknown)
Freeland, Ransom(b. 1850, d. date unknown)
Freeland, Samson(b. 1858, d. date unknown)


Garrison, John Edward(d. date unknown)
Garrison, Willie Mae(d. date unknown)


Gee, Dallas
Gee, Paulette Chester


Gilleland, Samuel Washington(b. 1858, d. date unknown)


Goode, J.C. Wesley


Goss, Minnie(d. date unknown)


Greenway, Arvel
Greenway, Carlton
Greenway, Curtis
Greenway, Ginney Chester
Greenway, Inell(b. June 14, 1916, d. September 02, 1958)
Greenway, Tom(d. date unknown)


Grizzle, Alma Cochran


Grogan, Mary Ann(b. May 23, 1836, d. January 13, 1873)
Grogan, Susan Elizabeth(b. August 25, 1832, d. September 25, 1900)
Grogan, Will(d. date unknown)


Guorley, Laura Waters Greenway(b. May 1896, d. date unknown)
Guorley, S.(d. date unknown)


H, Joseph(b. Abt. 1849, d. date unknown)


Halloway, Flora Chester


Hanlin, Brenda M.


Harbin, Alice(b. Abt. 1690, d. 1724)
Harbin, Balaam S.(b. February 25, 1828, d. October 13, 1916)
Harbin, Barbara Matilda(b. November 28, 1858, d. June 28, 1895)
Harbin, Benjamin H.(b. October 30, 1832, d. March 01, 1912)
Harbin, Charley J.(b. January 18, 1862, d. date unknown)
Harbin, Elizabeth (Ann)(b. 1720, d. date unknown)
Harbin, James(b. May 05, 1821, d. August 07, 1895)
Harbin, James J.(b. February 14, 1860, d. date unknown)
Harbin, John(b. February 08, 1825, d. July 25, 1863)
Harbin, John W.(b. 1867, d. date unknown)
Harbin, Joseph Nathaniel "Nat"(b. April 25, 1861, d. October 13, 1925)
Harbin, Mahala S.(b. December 26, 1866, d. December 06, 1943)
Harbin, Malinda(d. date unknown)
Harbin, Mary(d. date unknown)
Harbin, Mattie(b. July 29, 1901, d. December 31, 1986)
Harbin, Mertie Aberdine(b. May 20, 1885, d. December 09, 1977)
Harbin, Nathaniel(b. 1740, d. 1837)
Harbin, Nathaniel B.(b. October 30, 1790, d. February 20, 1866)
Harbin, Nathaniel W.(b. March 29, 1830, d. July 24, 1862)
Harbin, Rebecca(b. December 13, 1857, d. September 27, 1863)
Harbin, Samuel B.(b. 1765, d. 1819)
Harbin, Samuel B.(b. June 26, 1819, d. December 19, 1901)
Harbin, Sarah(d. date unknown)
Harbin, Susan(b. August 01, 1823, d. August 17, 1885)
Harbin, Tyre(b. March 13, 1826, d. October 07, 1898)
Harbin, Tyre J.(b. December 1869, d. date unknown)
Harbin, William(b. 1690, d. 1733)


Harkins, Barbara Ann Waters


Harris, Anna Laura Owens
Harris, Buster(b. July 03, 1912, d. date unknown)
Harris, Denver
Harris, Felton Morris
Harris, Judy Ann Thurmond
Harris, Owen
Harris, Ryan Christopher
Harris, Theresa(d. date unknown)


Hawkins, Mary(d. date unknown)


Hester, Eula Chester


Hicks, Ora Bearden


Holbert, Louisa Rebekah(d. date unknown)


Homer, Maynard, Waters Includes Pictures


Howard, Clarissa Malinda (Lindy)(b. June 07, 1855, d. June 27, 1929)


Hughes, Andrew Oliver(b. 1815, d. 1891)


Hunter, Mary(d. date unknown)


Hutchison, Wanda Marie Thurmond


Infant, Freeland(b. 1860, d. date unknown)


Ingram, Marvin Alexander(b. May 02, 1908, d. January 23, 1970)


James, Alice(d. date unknown)


Jay, Thomas(b. 1820, d. date unknown)


Jefferson, Nancy(d. date unknown)
Jefferson, Nancy(d. date unknown)


Jenkins, Elaine Harris


Johnson, Caree(d. date unknown)
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, Jane Cape(d. date unknown)
Johnson, William Linza(d. date unknown)


Jones, Dorothy Greenway


Josephine, UNKNOWN(b. 1856, d. date unknown)


K, Mary(b. Abt. 1844, d. date unknown)


Keith, Malenda(d. date unknown)


Lewis, David Jason
Lewis, Tammy Lee Stover


Lingerfelt, George W(b. 1857, d. 1893)


Long, Flora(d. date unknown)


Looney, Eula Ella Ayers
Looney, Luther(d. date unknown)


Lowery, John(d. date unknown)


Lowman, Cheryl Elizabeth
Lowman, Clara Lucile Thurmond
Lowman, Denna Elaine
Lowman, Gail Bishop
Lowman, James Lloyd(b. January 11, 1943, d. January 11, 1943)
Lowman, John Washington(d. date unknown)
Lowman, Laura
Lowman, Lisa Ann
Lowman, Raymond Lee
Lowman, Robert Dean
Lowman, Wanda Elaine O'Bryant
Lowman, William Coy


Lucille, Agnes


Luther, Rebecca(d. date unknown)
Luther, Rebecca(d. date unknown)


Manning, Nancy Minerva(b. August 30, 1840, d. January 15, 1919)


Mason, Wade O.


Matthews, Armanda Malinda "Mandy"(b. November 06, 1874, d. December 10, 1957)
Matthews, Billy(d. date unknown)
Matthews, Caroline(d. date unknown)
Matthews, Ephriam(d. date unknown)
Matthews, Ida(d. date unknown)
Matthews, James(d. date unknown)
Matthews, Johnny(d. date unknown)
Matthews, Mattie(d. date unknown)
Matthews, Oma(d. date unknown)
Matthews, Sam(d. date unknown)


Mauldin, Barbara Burdine(b. November 14, 1799, d. November 21, 1873)
Mauldin, UNKNOWN


McClure, Essie


McDoner, Lorenzo(d. date unknown)


McElroy, Sophia(d. date unknown)


McIntyre, Bill(d. date unknown)
McIntyre, Talmar(d. date unknown)
McIntyre, Treacia Strickland(b. March 10, 1909, d. date unknown)


Miller, Essie Mae Ayers
Miller, Robert F.


Mills, John(d. date unknown)


Mincey, Aaron(b. 1773, d. February 28, 1848)
Mincey, Aaron(b. September 28, 1800, d. date unknown)
Mincey, Abel(b. December 30, 1818, d. date unknown)
Mincey, Aduliy(b. April 08, 1814, d. date unknown)
Mincey, Cartney(b. May 22, 1805, d. date unknown)
Mincey, Eliza E.(b. January 25, 1829, d. date unknown)
Mincey, Elizabeth(d. September 23, 1897)
Mincey, Francis(b. 1856, d. date unknown)
Mincey, Harriet(b. 1830, d. date unknown)
Mincey, Isaac(b. December 26, 1803, d. date unknown)
Mincey, Isaac N(b. 1830, d. May 1864)
Mincey, John(b. 1834, d. date unknown)
Mincey, John William(b. 1833, d. 1904)
Mincey, Kinchen(d. date unknown)
Mincey, Mahala(b. October 11, 1799, d. date unknown)
Mincey, Nancey(b. January 19, 1806, d. date unknown)
Mincey, Nathan(b. April 28, 1816, d. date unknown)
Mincey, Rachel(d. date unknown)
Mincey, Rachel Emeline(d. date unknown)
Mincey, Sarah(d. date unknown)
Mincey, Sarah(b. June 20, 1858, d. April 14, 1941)
Mincey, Timsey(b. December 28, 1812, d. date unknown)
Mincey, Van Buren(d. date unknown)
Mincey, Vivian(b. 1929, d. December 09, 1980)
Mincey, Welthy(b. April 13, 1810, d. date unknown)


Mize, Sally Ayers(d. date unknown)


Morris?(d. date unknown)


Nahlik, Deborah Jean Thurmond


Odum, Lizzy(d. October 1979)


Orr, Frank(d. date unknown)


Palmour, Narcissa(b. May 30, 1822, d. January 22, 1897)


Parks, B.A.(d. date unknown)
Parks, Rachel(d. date unknown)
Parks, Sara(b. 1745, d. 1848)
Parks, Teresa(d. date unknown)


Parr, Charlie
Parr, Cleo
Parr, Doc(d. date unknown)
Parr, Joe
Parr, Lenora Strickland(b. March 10, 1894, d. date unknown)
Parr, Lilly
Parr, Neal


Payne, Abigail(b. 1756, d. July 02, 1836)
Payne, Dora(d. date unknown)
Payne, Sarah Ann(b. June 11, 1825, d. date unknown)


Perry, Jim(d. date unknown)


Pollard, Mary(d. date unknown)


pritchard, carmen ashley


Pruett, Ollie Davis


Quarles, Gloria


Reed, Frankie(d. date unknown)
Reed, Samantha Jane Richards(d. date unknown)
Reed, Samuel J.(d. date unknown)


Reeves, Lelia


Rice, Militia (Millia)(d. date unknown)


Robinson, Martha Jane(b. March 23, 1840, d. September 26, 1891)


Roper, Etta(d. date unknown)
Roper, Harret(d. date unknown)




Sanders, Preston


Savannah, UNKNOWN(b. 1854, d. date unknown)


Shelton, Hattie E.(b. October 15, 1893, d. June 29, 1941)
Shelton, Ralph(d. date unknown)
Shelton, Richard(d. date unknown)


Simpson, Helen


Singleton, Billie Ray
Singleton, Dorothy Mae Thurmond
Singleton, John Timothy(b. June 14, 1962, d. 2004)
Singleton, Scott Anthony


Slaton, George Brice
Slaton, Ruby Alene Thurmond Anderson(b. October 04, 1924, d. October 28, 1982)


Smith, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Smith, H. Cliff(d. date unknown)
Smith, Manson(d. date unknown)
Smith, Milton(d. date unknown)
Smith, Rosa Ayers(d. date unknown)


Sosebee, Hill(d. date unknown)


Southern, Opel Waters


Spriggs, Alex Jefferson(b. September 11, 1818, d. October 14, 1893)


Sr., John Harbin(b. August 20, 1711, d. 1797)


Stanton, Mary Rachel(b. 1778, d. September 23, 1848)


Stepp, Calley(d. date unknown)


Stiles, Charles Henley(b. 1847, d. 1933)


Stone, Benjamin(d. date unknown)
Stone, John(b. 1816, d. date unknown)
Stone, Mary(d. date unknown)
Stone, Nancy ?(b. 1825, d. date unknown)
Stone, Rachel(b. January 31, 1844, d. February 08, 1929)
Stone, Sarah(d. date unknown)


Stover, Kathleen Chester
Stover, Lee Junior


Strickland, Alice(b. 1889, d. date unknown)
Strickland, Dessie Miller(d. date unknown)
Strickland, Effie Sosebee(d. date unknown)
Strickland, Hattie Anthony(d. date unknown)
Strickland, Homer(b. May 04, 1899, d. date unknown)
Strickland, James(b. September 28, 1904, d. June 25, 1905)
Strickland, Joel(b. September 30, 1887, d. 1959)
Strickland, John(b. 1885, d. date unknown)
Strickland, Joseph Harrison(b. July 31, 1859, d. July 20, 1959) Includes Pictures
Strickland, Julius(d. date unknown)
Strickland, Kary(b. December 02, 1900, d. date unknown)
Strickland, Leavada(b. May 06, 1891, d. February 14, 1960) Includes Pictures
Strickland, Madison "Mat"(d. date unknown)
Strickland, Mamie Goss(d. date unknown)
Strickland, Mat(b. December 25, 1878, d. date unknown)
Strickland, Myrtle Crumbley
Strickland, Sally Gunter(d. date unknown)
Strickland, Thomas(b. June 09, 1906, d. date unknown)


Styles, Cleo Waters(d. date unknown)


Summerour, Bev(d. date unknown)


T.Waters, Henry(b. 1860, d. date unknown)


Talley, Malinda(b. December 13, 1823, d. February 05, 1898)


Taylor(d. date unknown)


Thomas, Catherine(d. date unknown)


Thurmond, Alice Leila Smith(b. December 08, 1901, d. March 15, 1983)
Thurmond, Arthur Earnest(b. December 14, 1896, d. date unknown)
Thurmond, Buster(b. June 21, 1919, d. May 16, 1988)
Thurmond, Elco "Kit"
Thurmond, Elizabeth Gooch(d. date unknown)
Thurmond, Elvie(b. March 23, 1905, d. date unknown)
Thurmond, Floyd(d. date unknown)
Thurmond, James Fulton(b. August 04, 1901, d. date unknown)
Thurmond, Jenny(d. date unknown)
Thurmond, Jerry Roscoe
Thurmond, Jesse Mercer(d. date unknown)
Thurmond, Leland(b. June 28, 1909, d. date unknown)
Thurmond, Lence(d. date unknown)
Thurmond, Loah(b. August 18, 1906, d. date unknown)
Thurmond, Lula Crane(b. July 03, 1873, d. January 02, 1927)
Thurmond, Minnie Grace Reed(b. December 20, 1925, d. September 25, 1953)
Thurmond, Myrtle(b. February 06, 1890, d. date unknown)
Thurmond, Paula Sue(b. February 09, 1968, d. March 17, 1997)
Thurmond, Ralph Beaumont(b. February 21, 1892, d. date unknown)
Thurmond, Raymond Roscoe(b. July 21, 1894, d. December 31, 1933)
Thurmond, Sam(d. date unknown)
Thurmond, Terrell "Duck"
Thurmond, Vance(b. November 12, 1860, d. January 26, 1936)
Thurmond, Veland "Dick"(b. November 11, 1912, d. date unknown)
Thurmond, Vera Elizabeth(b. January 28, 1904, d. date unknown)
Thurmond, Virgie Yvonne Edmundson
Thurmond, William Jennings Bryan(b. April 11, 1899, d. date unknown)


Tow, Bertha Lou


Trible, Nancy(d. date unknown)


Trouton, Frances Cornelia(d. date unknown)


Turner, Andrew(d. date unknown)
Turner, Cora(d. date unknown)
Turner, Jackson(d. date unknown)
Turner, Kansas(d. date unknown)
Turner, Minervia(d. date unknown)
Turner, Missouria(d. date unknown)
Turner, Nancy(d. date unknown)


Vaughn, Gloria Ann Ayers
Vaughn, Van


Wallace, Jane(d. date unknown)


Waters, Abner E.(b. June 16, 1824, d. May 24, 1907)
Waters, Abram Andrew(b. February 1855, d. date unknown)
Waters, Andrew R.(b. January 14, 1900, d. date unknown)
Waters, Anna(d. date unknown)
Waters, Arthur J.(b. March 07, 1889, d. date unknown)
Waters, Arvil(b. October 17, 1885, d. February 08, 1909)
Waters, Azzie Fouts(d. date unknown)
Waters, Ben F.(d. date unknown)
Waters, Bertie L.(b. November 17, 1886, d. date unknown)
Waters, Betsey(d. date unknown)
Waters, Boyd(d. date unknown)
Waters, Carlton
Waters, Carrie(b. December 1893, d. date unknown)
Waters, Charles Fletcher(b. 1857, d. date unknown)
Waters, Charles N.(b. January 20, 1813, d. April 29, 1888)
Waters, Charlie R.(b. October 28, 1890, d. date unknown)
Waters, Christiana(b. 1795, d. date unknown)
Waters, Christine Trammel
Waters, Clayton
Waters, Clinton
Waters, Cora D.(b. August 11, 1904, d. date unknown)
Waters, Dale
Waters, Danny
Waters, Dara(b. August 11, 1904, d. date unknown)
Waters, Darlene Rachel Crane
Waters, David Wesley(b. 1834, d. date unknown)
Waters, Ed
Waters, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Waters, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Waters, Elizabeth Rebecca(b. 1844, d. 1904)
Waters, Elmer
Waters, Floyd
Waters, Francis(d. date unknown)
Waters, Francis(d. date unknown)
Waters, Francis(b. 1749, d. 1816)
Waters, Francis Marion(b. November 28, 1837, d. February 05, 1922)
Waters, George(b. 1858, d. date unknown)
Waters, Gyann Stover
Waters, Harry(b. 1858, d. date unknown)
Waters, Henry P.(b. 1836, d. date unknown)
Waters, Ira Silvey(b. July 1898, d. February 25, 1967)
Waters, James(d. date unknown)
Waters, James B.(b. 1840, d. 1918)
Waters, James C.(b. 1840, d. date unknown)
Waters, Joan
Waters, Joe
Waters, John(d. date unknown)
Waters, John(b. Abt. 1771, d. date unknown)
Waters, John(b. Abt. 1828, d. date unknown)
Waters, John Greenberry(b. May 18, 1861, d. April 08, 1912)
Waters, John W.(b. Abt. 1700, d. July 1776) Includes Notes
Waters, John W.(b. 1854, d. date unknown)
Waters, Joyce Ayers
Waters, Judith (Juda)(b. August 01, 1812, d. October 15, 1900)
Waters, Karen
Waters, Kathy
Waters, Kayla
Waters, Kenneth
Waters, Kent
Waters, Kim
Waters, Lafayette John(b. September 26, 1933, d. December 2008)
Waters, Larry Dean
Waters, Lela Chester
Waters, Louesa Fountain(b. May 20, 1826, d. date unknown)
Waters, Loy
Waters, Malinda Grogan(d. date unknown)
Waters, Marcus
Waters, Martha(b. 1865, d. date unknown)
Waters, Mary(d. date unknown)
Waters, Mary(b. 1867, d. date unknown)
Waters, Mary Ann(b. 1839, d. date unknown)
Waters, Mary Ann(b. 1842, d. date unknown)
Waters, Mary Anna(b. 1785, d. date unknown)
Waters, Mary Catherine(b. 1864, d. date unknown)
Waters, Maynard Homer(b. March 27, 1931, d. June 04, 2000)
Waters, Moses(b. Abt. 1761, d. date unknown)
Waters, Moses Asberry, Jr.(b. May 16, 1830, d. May 24, 1920)
Waters, Moses Asberry, Sr.(b. 1783, d. 1870)
Waters, Murrell
Waters, Mynor Lawton
Waters, Mynor Neal(b. 1910, d. 1963) Includes Pictures
Waters, Nancy(d. date unknown)
Waters, Nancy(d. date unknown)
Waters, Nancy(b. 1775, d. date unknown)
Waters, Nancy D.(b. August 11, 1820, d. date unknown)
Waters, Nancy J.(b. 1852, d. date unknown)
Waters, Nicholas Dwayne
Waters, Raymond L.(b. October 30, 1902, d. March 07, 1983)
Waters, Richard(d. date unknown)
Waters, Roger
Waters, Roger Lawton
Waters, Sarah(d. date unknown)
Waters, Sarah(d. date unknown)
Waters, Sarah(b. 1790, d. date unknown)
Waters, Sarah Jane(b. 1850, d. 1933)
Waters, Sarah Jane(b. 1853, d. date unknown)
Waters, Stella(b. May 21, 1888, d. November 06, 1953)
Waters, Susie
Waters, Thomas(d. date unknown)
Waters, Thomas(b. Bef. 1700, d. date unknown)
Waters, Thomas(b. Abt. 1771, d. date unknown)
Waters, Vearl
Waters, Weldon
Waters, Willa Dean
Waters, William(d. date unknown)
Waters, William(b. Abt. 1680, d. date unknown)
Waters, William(b. 1862, d. date unknown)
Waters, William Delton(b. December 15, 1942, d. December 12, 1963)
Waters, William Guy(b. January 02, 1902, d. date unknown)
Waters, William S.(b. November 22, 1816, d. 1866)


Watson, Herbert(d. date unknown)
Watson, Julia Anna Lucy Ayers(b. July 06, 1909, d. date unknown)


Watts, Thomas(d. date unknown)
Watts, Virginia Mary(b. Bef. 1758, d. 1820)


Wehunt, Artis (Click)
Wehunt, Isabell Chester(d. date unknown)
Wehunt, Mack(d. date unknown)
Wehunt, William(d. date unknown)


Whelchel, Anne(d. date unknown)


Willbourne, ?(d. date unknown)
Willbourne, Abigail Ayers(b. October 11, 1815, d. April 1872)


Wilson, Ollie Cochran


Worley, Artie Strickland(b. September 04, 1896, d. date unknown)
Worley, J.T.
Worley, John(d. date unknown)
Worley, Sim(d. date unknown)
Worley, Sim Edward


Wright, Anna(b. 1729, d. 1767)


WRIGHT, Benjamin(b. Abt. 1730, d. Bef. October 21, 1799)
WRIGHT, Elizabeth(d. Aft. 1768)


Wright, Francis(b. Abt. 1710, d. Bef. September 07, 1767)


WRIGHT, Isacc(b. Abt. 1740, d. 1807)
WRIGHT, John(b. Bef. 1746, d. Bef. June 25, 1810)
WRIGHT, Mary(b. 1726, d. date unknown)
WRIGHT, Moses(d. Aft. 1833)


Wright, Moses(d. date unknown)


WRIGHT, Thomas(d. 1768)


Yearwood, Barry Wayne
Yearwood, Marsha Denise Chastain
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