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I am researching the family trees of the (1) Weekley, Weekly, Weakley, Ankrum, Bosworth, Maxwell & Hughes on my fathers side. (2) Rowley, Riley, Parsons, McGlothlin, King on my Mothers side. (3) Shanklin, Hope, Hudnall, Wood and Smith on my wifes side.

The Weekley side of the family that I am following are from Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia then as they migrated westward to Co., NE, CA and northward. They go back to Thomas Weekley, Sr. in Fredrick, MD. who served in the Revolutionary War then moved westward into Green (Washington) County PA on Ten(10)Mile Creek some 70 miles south of Pittsburgh, then into Tyler Co., VA now WV.

My DNA ties me with a couple other Weekley genealogists to Thomas Weekley, Sr.

The Rowleys go back into England with Henry Rowley born 1598 in later years moved to Plymouth, Mass.USA. Henry's family grew and migrated northeast and westward, but leaving a 4 to 5 generation gap between his families and William Henry, Thomas and Isaac Rowley. These guys all came down the Ohio River to settle with William Henry Rowley and his family who inter married with the Buffington Family on Buffington Island, then most of them moving into Jackson County, WV. Isaac and I think Thomas went directly into the fields of Ohio to settle Gallia County. William "Bill" Rowley eldest of William Henry continued south on the Ohio and settled into Scioto Co., Ohio.
After about 30 years or so many begin migrating westward again, into Illinois, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska and over the Rockies into California.

Much of my inspiration comes for my Great Uncle, Homer King Rowley and his wife (2) who spent hours traveling, researching, leg work and midnight hours to publish his book "Rowley-King Family 1630 thru 1980". Completed years before Genealogy was a known task and most people did not know what genealogy meant. He did not have a computer but a portable manuel typewriter, no fancy digital color camera as we have today. Others such as my mother Mabel Rowley Weekley and her book "To My Children" also my father James Oliver and Grandfather Okey J. Weekley as they would argue when we visited on the farm about our ancestories and the spelling of our name. Who put the "e" in or took it out of Weekl(e)y and who wants to be called "a Weak person."

I have in excess of 10,500 individuals in 18 generations and some 1,813 surnames, 3,752 marriages and the earliest birthdate is that of Sir John Palmer in 1548 found in this genealogy. Only 2,000 names are listed here as required.

I listed most of the Weekley, Weekly, Rowley,names here but many of the wives maidens names had to be left out. Complete trees of my genealogy are not available here.

I started my genealogy in 1988 on my first computer a 286 with a 40 mb hard dirve and no (0) Ram. My first software was "Expert for Roots". I begin my task with bible notes, several sheets of paper with notes, charts, diagrams of ancestory from my father, grandfather, Aunts also Homers genealogy book, my mother's book "To my Children" which tells stories of life in the early 1900's that I tried to include.

I have logged tons of data from my parents, grandparents, aunts, Uncles and cousins before they died - a wealth of information. I have about 168 sources listed.

Keep in mind that sources such as tombstones, bible notes, Census reports, County vital records as birth, death and marriage records will have mistakes in them. Spelling of names are the number one problem. When you view a tombstone and a spouces name is added with their date of birth but their death is not listed, they are not there, in most every case.
Weekley - Rowley Familys of NY,MD, PA,OH, WV, CO,NE, AZ & CA
Updated May 25, 2012


Keith E. Weekley
6600 Folger Drive
CHARLOTTE, NC 28270-5942
A-United States

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Family Photos

  • Babcock State Park, WV (20 KB)
    Sister in laws, Charlotte and Midge Rowley standing ukn child,Cousins,Joann Rowley,sitting,Charlene and Betty Weekley,squatting, Jack, Ralph Rowley Jr., Keith Weekley with hat. 1950 - 1953
  • Davis, Margarett, Gloria Jean, Donna Gail Simmons (15 KB)
    Margaret Smith Davis, Gloria Jean Davis Simmons; Donna Gail Simmons McCoy and her daughters Stacy and _____
  • Helen, Linda & Jimmy Hope @ Grad. (18 KB)
    Helen and Jim Hope with their daughter Linda in her graduation gown from High School in Michigan.
  • Margarett by Grandma Smith on right. (40 KB)
    Margaret Smith Davis the sister to George Smith and aunt to Sarah Julia Smith Shanklin and great Aunt to Patricia Louise Shanklin Weekley
  • Austin, Chuck, Candice & Judy (27 KB)
    11-19-2005 for Celebration of Aileen's Life in Huntington, WV. Chuck,his daughter Candance and wife Judy Hughes Austin around 2004
  • Shirley - far left (25 KB)
    Shirley with brother, step father, mom and Susanne
  • The Weekley's in Sharples and Gallagher, WV (58 KB)
    1. Marilyn, Betty,Connie, Bob (2. Betty, Ailene, Terry, Charleen. (3). Betty, Marilyn, Connie, Charleen (4) Bonnie Lou, Charlene, Aileen, Bob, Donald L., Keith, Elizabeth Ann, Betty farm1939
  • Weekley girls (58 KB)
    Aileen, Charlene and Betty sitting on the bank for a picture around 1940.
  • Andra w/big sister Carla (22 KB)
    The Greene Girls in Woodbridge, VA, daughters of Ronald and Constance Lee Weekley Greene.
  • Hughes, Ruth Pauline (31 KB)
    Mike son of Jean, Wilma Jean Hughes Higgins; Ruth Pauline Hughes Beavers; Lureda Mae Hughes Duncan-Fisher.
  • Beavers, Richard, Ruth Pauline Hughes w/ Sharleen, (49 KB)
    Richard and Ruth Hughes Beavers with two daughters Sharleen & Wendy Kay Beavers.
  • Entrance Pine Grove-Ludwig Cemetery (39 KB)
    On Ridge above Trace Fork on one side and Rt.33 on the other
  • Austin, Chuck, Candice & Judy (27 KB)
    11-19-2005 for Celebration of Aileen's Life in Huntington, WV. Chuck, daughter Candance and Wife, Judy Hughes Austin
  • Paul Devaney & gang (28 KB)
    Paul with Charlene, DJ, Rick and Mother-in-law Mabel Elizabeth Rowley Weekley.
  • Bosworth, Francis Marion (21 KB)
    Francis M. and Nancy Barcus Bosworth buried at the Morgan - Pleasant Hill Cemetery on CR-11 about 4 miles out of Ripley.
  • Pine Grove Church of Christ (57 KB)
    Pine Grove Cemetery, Pleasants Co., WV at the Pine Grove Church of Christ
  • Weekley, Joseph (Pete) Raymond Weekley Family (27 KB)
    J. Raymond, Bonnie, Donald & Mildred at the Farm near Ravenswood
  • McGlothlin Cline, Elizabeth (14 KB)
    Elizabeth McGlothlin Cline, wife of charles and lived in Arizona where Mabel and Oliver went to visit.
  • Sarah Rowley, son George, wife family (9 KB)
    Sarah Maggie Rowley Bosworth, seated left, son George, Wife Hazel Waswurth seated & daughters.
  • Aileen at Mothers (Mabel E. Rowley Weekley) Gradua (24 KB)
    Aileen Weekley Hughes at her Mothers graduation at Morris Harvey College abt. 1962. Mabel Elizabeth Rowley Weekley the first to graduate in our family followed by Keith 65, then Aileen abt. 68 from WV Tech. Aileen also went to Marshall University and got her Master's Degree.
  • The Devaneys & Mabel (28 KB)
    Mother Mabel Weekley with Rick, DJ, Charlene and Paul Devaney
  • McGlothlin Sisters (24 KB)
    Beth (Elizabeth); Jack (Jessie); Faye and Billie (Nancy) at Billie's home in 1955.
  • Bernice & Charles - 1945-6 (43 KB)
    Bernice Weekley Cross Grose with her son Charles Cross around 1945 on her fathers farm on Lick Run, Jackson Co., WV
  • Entrance Pine Grove-Ludwig Cemetery (39 KB)
    Pine Grove/Ludwig Cemetery, Jackson Co., WV on ridge above Trace Fork and Sycamore Creek
  • Great Great Grandpa Isaac Weekley (46 KB)
    Charlene Weekley Devaney and Jimmy Weekley at Weekley 2006 reunion in Charlotte, NC.All were born in WV except James Oliver Williams in background who was born in Cleveland, son of Marilyn Weekley Williams
  • McGlothlin's (23 KB)
    Jessie, ukn, Hoyt Hartley, Faye, Charles Cline, Beth, Billie & Lonnie Sams.
  • John Wesley Bosworth (45 KB)
    Tombstone at Mt. Hope Cemetery Jackson Co., WV
  • Weekley Family 2006 (185 KB)
    Lisa Weekley Starnes, DeAnn Weekley, Taylor Starnes, Keith, Patty Shanklin Weekley, and Patty's mother Sarah Julia Smith Shanklin
  • Riverview - Rowley Cemetery, Scioto Co., Oh (65 KB)
    William "Bill" Rowley and wife Nancy with some of his children and descendants
  • The Devaney Bunch (53 KB)
    Taken at the Hughes in South Point for Mabel Weekley's Birthday
  • Sarah Julia Smith at church waiting on future Hub (38 KB)
    Sarah Julia Smith waiting at church to marry Truman A. Shanklin in 1938
  • Flatwoods United Methodist Church & Cemetery (32 KB)
    Flatwoods Untied Methodist Church and Cemetery on Crooked Run Road CR - 12 about 3 tenths of a mile off CR-18, Flatwood Road. This is the "Little Church in the Vail" I always visioned.
  • Marjorie Jean Weekley (27 KB)
    Jennie, sexie and good looking - taken abt. 1985.
  • Emma A. Weekley "Lamp" (78 KB)
    Emma Alda Weekley Lamp, at Mt. Calvary Cemetery south of Ripley, WV. beside Marion R. and Elizabeth Wagner Weekley her parents.
  • Mt. Hope Cemetery (24 KB)
    Cemetery flag pole on ridge above Joes' Run, Jackson Co.., WV
  • The Devaneys & Mabel (28 KB)
    Mother Mabel Rowley Weekley with Rick, DJ, Charlene and Paul Devaney - abt. 1986
  • Weekley, J. Raymond Family (27 KB)
    Joseph Raymond, Bonnie, Donald & Mildred at the Farm near Ravenswood - in the 1930's
  • Snyder, Patsy Loisianna Casto (20 KB)
    Standing: Frances E. Snyder Comer, Violet Snder Parsons, Flora Jean Snyder Reynolds. Sitting: Leona Pearl Snyder Reed, Verna Rowley Snyder & Patsy Loisianna Snyder Casto kneeling.
  • Flanigan, Marjorie Jean, Marilyn, Patty (22 KB)
    l-r. Marilyn E. Weekley Williams, Marjorie J. Weekley Flanigan and my wife Patricia Louise Shanklin Weekley.
  • Anderson, Arthur&Florence (56 KB)
    Arthur Anderson and Florence Parsons Anderson around 1900. Little boy is said to by Will Cooker?
  • Mabel Weekleys birthday- 1984 (50 KB)
    George, Roger, Jennie, Emery Grose, Dorothy, Edith Cottrell Weekley and Bernice Weekley Groas. at Aileens for Mabel Rowley Weekley's 80th birthday 1984.
  • Shanklin (46 KB)
    parents of Truman A. Shanklin at the Pratt - Hansford Cemetery, Kanawha Co., WV
  • The Hughes (57 KB)
    The Hughes of South Point, Ohio. Judy is the third from right standing in back, pregnet with her daughter Candace Aileen Austin. 4th from right is Chuck Austin her husband then Raymond Hug
  • 4 generations (29 KB)
    4 generations, Rhonda Weekley Fliming, her baby, Rhonda's dad Ronny, and her grandmother Edith Cottrell Weekley while living near Atlanta, GA
  • Weekley, James Oliver (38 KB)
    James Oliver Weekley beside wife Mabel buried at Ravenswood Cemetery, Jackson Co., WV. Born 1906 - 1975
  • Ludwig, Louise (39 KB)
    Louise is the wife of A.F. Bayer who is not buried here but Louise is. This is the Pine Grove/Ludwig Cemetery, Jackson Co., WV.
  • The Franke's with Patty. (52 KB)
    Patty Shanklin Weekley with Susan Franke James, Mary Margaret Hope Franke and son Steven Franke in Sadonia, AZ.
  • Marjorie "Jeannie" Weekley (24 KB)
    Marjorie Jean Weekley Flanigan on farm with 1st cousin Marilyn Elizabeth Weekley Williams around 1945 .
  • Bowling, Betty (35 KB)
    Montgomery Memroial Gardens, Kanawha Co., WV in London, WV about 5 miles south of Montgomery on hillside above the Kanawha River.
  • Rhonda & Family (46 KB)
    Rhonda Weekley Fraley, son Jeff and husband Garrison
  • Connie Weekley & Jimmie (James) Dwight Hughes (29 KB)
    Two rug rats while living at Gallagher, Kanawha Co., WV around 1950 - 1953 - date doesn't make any difference their both older than my socks now.
  • Bonnie Weekley-far left & cousins (23 KB)
    L-r) Bonnie Lou, Charlene, Aileen, Bob, Donald Lee. (sitting) Keith, Elizabeth Ann, Betty in 1939 on grandfather, O.J.Weekley's farm on Lick Run
  • Shanklin Children, Patty, Margaret & David (39 KB)
    Patty Shanklin, Mary Margaret Hope (lived with them since 1938) and David Shanklin at Truman Shanklin's Esso station in Holly Grove, WV on Paint Creek. abt. 1952
  • McGlothlin Family 1922 (39 KB)
    Jessie, Ruth, Leslie Stanley, Ollis, billie, Doc, John, Audra, Beth, Dean, Georganna. Taken on October 1, 1922
  • Earl,Gladis, Mary-1930 (4 KB)
    Leonard Earl Weekley, Gladis Wilson and their only child, Mary Ann Weekley
  • Graham, Howard & Roberta (11 KB)
    Howard and Roberta "Bertie" Parsons Graham.
  • Bosworth Family of John Wesley & Margaret Rowley (23 KB)
    Carol, Molly , George, Cara, Effie, and gertrude, children of John Wesley and Sarah Margaret Rowley Bosworth.
  • Anna & Nora (18 KB)
    Anna Mary Weekley on father, William E. Weekleys farm with aunt Nora in Pleasants Co., WV
  • Cedar Run School - Lucy Rowley (26 KB)
    Lucy at Cedar Run School in Jackson Co., WV with Coit Rowley as Teacher, Mabel Rowley, Elizabeth & John McGlothlin are friends and cousins. abt. 1910
  • Jim,Danny, Paul,Peck,Will (45 KB)
    The Hope boys in Holly Grove, Kanawha Co., WV a long time ago.
  • Graham, Roberta "Bertie" (26 KB)
    "Roberta "Bertie" Graham at age 78"
  • Flatwoods United Methodist Church & Cemetery (32 KB)
    Flatwoods Untied Methodist Church and Cemetery on Crooked Run Road CR - 12 about 3 tenths of a mile off CR-18, Flatwood Road
  • Bernice , Aileen Weekley and Ray Hughes (21 KB)
    Bernice Weekley Grose with Aileen Weekley Hughes and Aileen's new husband Ramond J. Hughes at Bernice's home in Parkersburg, WV.
  • Rowley-Riverside Cemetery (81 KB)
    Sicotoville, Ohio
  • Mt. Hope United Methodist church (23 KB)
    The church at the Mt. Hope Cemetery

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