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The Family of Kenneth Richardson Wells

Updated April 7, 2011

Kenneth Richardson Wells
4107 Old Dominion Road
Orlando, Florida 32812
A-United States

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I am researching the the WELLS family from Trenton, TN, North Carolina and Virginia. I am also interested in finding any information about the family of FRUZANNA LEA who married MILES WELLS, SR. in Caswell County, NC about 1780.

Other family lines that I am researching include RAINEY, CURREY, NIMMO, RICHARDSON, GRAYER, GARDNER, VOGEL, DAUTEL. Any information would be appreciated. I am also willing to share the information that I have.

Note that the Jacob WELLS line is from my maternal side of the family. Also there is some evidence that the WELLS family name from my paternal side was orignially WILLS.

Please understand that I make no claim to the accuracy or correctness of the information presented on this site. Much of the information presented is presented only because it has been used by others. While there has been no effort to deceive many unproven references have been included.

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Family Photos

  • "The Little Princess" (23 KB)
    Maria Lastenia Santamaria (Wells), San Pedro Sula, Honduras, 1954.
  • Martha Allena Currey (26 KB)
    Martha Allena Currey at age 15. Born Trenton, TN, March 3, 1851. Husband John D. McEwen.
  • John D. McEwan (34 KB)
    John D. McEwan at age eight. Born August 19, 1850. Married Martha Allena Currey.
  • Mary Elizabeth Richardson and Dogs (40 KB)
    (Mother) Mary Eliabeth Richardson and "Brown" and "Blue", about 1930, Fort Pierce, Florida.
  • Benjamin Richardson and his Goats (25 KB)
    (Grandfather) Benjamin Franklin Richardson and his goats. Taken May 24, 1942 at his home on Indian River Drive, Fort Pierce, Florida.
  • Benjamin Franklin and Rhodella G. Richardson (37 KB)
    Benjamin Franklin Richardson and Rhodella Gardner Richardson (grandfather and grandmother) Taken before 1920 probably near Gardi, GA.
  • The Richardsons (37 KB)
    Part of the Richardson Clan in Eutis, Florida. The back of the photo is inscribed, "Aunt Ellen Mrs. Richardson's sister Mrs. r. Mr. R. Estille". From left to right these people are probably Sarah Ellen Scott (Harper), sister of Mary Alwilda Scott (Richardson), her husband James Wesley Richardson, Sr. and their daughter Alma Estella Richardson (Wingate).
  • The Rev. John Gardner & Family (24 KB)
    The Rev. John Gardner and Mary Miley Carter and two of their great grand children about 1909. Given by Solomon Nichols of Baxley, GA, 1988.
  • Gordon Bralesford Richardson (25 KB)
    Gordon B. Richardson (Granduncle), son of James Wesley Richardson and Mary Alwilda Scott, Jacksonville, FL.
  • Dr. Alfonso Santamaria h. and friends (43 KB)
    Alfonso Santamaria, Jr. (Father of wife) The picture was take in the early 1940's in Mexico City while he was attending the Univesity of Mexico's School of Denistry. The people in the photo are Alberto Castaneda (a good friend) and Adan Boza (his cousin).
  • Orlando, Florida during the early 1900's (27 KB)
    Orlando, Florida during the early 1900's showing Lake Eola and the old Court house.
  • Ruby Lee and Elva Mae Richardson (22 KB)
    Ruby Lee and Elva Mae Richardson (Aunts), daughters of Bejamin Franklin Richardson and Rhodella Gardner.
  • Alfonso Santamaria, h. (34 KB)
    Alfonso Santamaria, Jr.(Father of wife) Taken in San Pedro Sula, Honduras in the late 1920's.
  • Nana (33 KB)
    (Grandmother) Elsie Mae Vogel (Wells/Porter)"Nana" and her grandchilden, Orlando, Florida, 1951. From back to front and left to right: Robert Leyden, Connie Leyden, Edwin Wells Newman, Alice Curry Wells, Margaret Newman and Kenneth Richardson Wells.
  • William M. Gillette and Nellie Richardson (20 KB)
    William Mathis Gillette and Nellie Alwilda Richardson (Husband of grandaunt and grandaunt), married December 18, 1905.
  • Algernon Sidney Currey Jr., Trenton, TN (19 KB)
    Algernon Sidney Currey, Jr.(Great granduncle)Born May 10, 1853, Trenton, TN.
  • R. A. Wells and his Sisters (44 KB)
    (Father and aunts) Robert Archer Wells, Jr. and his sisters, Muriel Wells (Newman) and Alice Curry Wells (Leyden), Orlando, Florida, 1951.
  • Leona Richardson (28 KB)
    Leona Richardson (1st Cousin once removed) Born 1904, Fernandina Beach, FL. Father Henry Sinclair Richardson, mother Mollie Roberson.
  • Jennie E. Currey, Nashville, TN (57 KB)
    Jennie E. Currey (2nd great aunt), Taken September 25, 1882, Nashville, TN.
  • Lanie Cadillia Richardson (30 KB)
    Lanie Cadillia Richardson (Grandaunt), born January 22, 1891 in Florida. Father James Wesley Richardson, Sr., mother Mary Alwilda Scott.
  • Hoyt Williams, Will Haven & "Archer" Wells (65 KB)
    Hoyt Williams, Will Haven and Robert Archer Wells Sr.(Grandfather), Jackson, TN 1900.
  • Mary Richardson and David Alverson (23 KB)
    Mary Richardson and David Louis Henry Alveson (Grandaunt and husband). Mary born May 10, 1896.
  • Alma Estella Richardson (28 KB)
    Alma Estella Richardson (Grandaunt), born October 7, 1893 the daughter of James Wesley Richardson and Mary Alwilda Scott. Orignally a picture of Alma and her husband Neil Wingate. Neil was cut out by her brother Benjamin because he did not like him.
  • Nellie Wingate (23 KB)
    Nellie Wingate (1st Cousin once removed), daughter of Alma Estella Richardson and Neil Wingate.
  • James Wesley Richardson, Jr. (23 KB)
    James Wesley Richardson, Jr. (Great Uncle), born March 29, 1888 in Gardi, GA., father James Wesley Richardson, Sr., mother Mary Alwilda Scott.
  • Alice & Norman Leyden (18 KB)
    (Aunt and husband) Alice Currey Wells and Norman Leyden on their wedding day March 28, 1942, Jacksonville, Florida. (See web link for Norman Leyden)
  • San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Central America (43 KB)
    Boulevar Lempira, San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Central America during the late 1950's.
  • Algernon Sidney Currey & Martha Ann Nimmo (73 KB)
    Algernon Sidney Currey and Martha Ann Nimmo (2nd great grandfather and 2nd great grand mother), married April 21,1842 in Trenton, TN. Wedding picture.
  • Robert Archer Wells, Jr. age 28 months (21 KB)
    (Father)Robert Archer Wells, Jr., age 28 months, May 1922, Prairie Road, Scooba, Mississippi.
  • Allen Caldwell Nimmo (36 KB)
    Allen Caldwell Nimmo (3rd great grandfather), born November 22, 1785, TN.
  • Robert A. Wells, Jr., Kassel Germany 1945 (117 KB)
    (Father) Sgt. R.A. Wells, Kassel Germany 1945. Served in an anti aircraft artillery company during the war. Conducted a supply train into Soviet occupied Berlin becoming one of the first Americans to enter that city.
  • Lastenia Zeron (24 KB)
    Lastenia Zeron (grandmother of wife), born October 10, 1892, Honduras, Central America.
  • Eugene Dautel (28 KB)
    Eugene Dautel, Chester, PA
  • R. A. Wells, Sr. and cousin Grace Currey (22 KB)
    (Grandfather and his cousins) Robert Archer Wells, Sr. top left and Grace Currey top right. About 1900, Trenton, Tn.
  • Irvin and Neva Mae Richardson (18 KB)
    Irvin and Neva Mae Richardson (32nd Cousins 1x), children of James Wesley Richardson, Jr. and Lela Conner.
  • Sarah Meriwether Grayar (22 KB)
    Sarah Meriwether Grayar Wells (2nd great grandmother), born April 7, 1823, Trenton, TN.
  • Teacher and classmates of Ada Currey (37 KB)
    Teacher and classmates of Ada Currey. 1. Isaac Burrow, teacher, 2. Belle Hess, 3. Ada Currey, 4. Gussie Raines, 5. Kate Walker. About 1900, Trenton, Tn.
  • Ernest Gladstone Richardson (28 KB)
    Ernest Gladstone Richardson (32nd cousin 2x removed, born Janurary 27, 1899. Parents James Wesley Richardson and Mary Alwilda Scott.
  • William P. Jones (22 KB)
    William P. Jones (husband of the 2nd great grandaunt), husband of Jennie Currey, daughter of Robert Brownlee Currey.
  • Jesse Iverson Wells (66 KB)
    (2nd Great Grandfather) Jesse Iverson Wells, born November 12, 1816, Caswell County, NC. Wife Sarah Meriwether Grayar.
  • James and Dorothy Richardson (20 KB)
    James Velma Richardson and Dorothy Rutenberg (Uncle and wife), married September 11, 1947.
  • Emily Donaldson (22 KB)
    Emily Donaldson (Wife of 2nd great-uncle), wife of Dr.George Washington Currey, son of Robert Brownlee Currie.
  • Clarence Wells (25 KB)
    Clarence Wells, Chicago 1929. Son of James Grayar Wells, Sr.
  • Billy Franklin Richardson (25 KB)
    Billy Franklin Richardson (Uncle), born July 5, 1923, parents: Benjamin Franklin Richardson and Rhodella Gardner.
  • Grace Estelle Currey (25 KB)
    Grace Estelle Currey (great grandaunt) (right)daughter of Algernon Sidney Currey and Martha Ann Nimmo. Born January 14, 1860.
  • Grace Bell Keith & "The Buick" (26 KB)
    (Wife of grand uncle) Clarence Grayar Wells, son of James Grayar Wells, Sr. Chicago, May 1929.
  • Varnadoe Family (59 KB)
    Lavinia Gardner (Great Aunt), Samuel McWir Varnadoe (Husband of Great Aunt) and family. Married 1883, Wayne County, GA.
  • Dr. George Washington Currey (24 KB)
    Dr. George "Washington" Currey (2nd Great granduncle), brother of Algernon Sidney Currey, TN.
  • Beulah Varnadoe and C. Howell Matheny (29 KB)
    Beulah Varnadoe (Half 1st cousin once removed and husband), born 1896, Wayne County, GA, and husband C. Howell Matheny, born 1892.
  • Ada Belle Wells (22 KB)
    Ada Wells (1st cousin 3 times removed), dauthter of Andrew Jackson Wells. She was born September 8, 1871 in Calloway County, KY. She married Samuel Poindexter Hunt, March 14, 1894 in Henry County, TN.
  • Nathan Gardner, III (28 KB)
    Nathan Gardner, III (Great Uncle), born 1875, Wayne County, GA.
  • Louise (Gardner) (26 KB)
    Louise (Great Aunt), wife of James W. Gardner (Great Uncle), born 1873, Wayne County, GA.
  • Daughters of George W. Gardner (31 KB)
    Daughters of George W. Gardner (Great Uncle), son of Nathan Gardner and Francis Sikes.
  • Algernon Sidney Currey , Nashville, TN (12 KB)
    Algernon Sidney Currey (2nd great grandfather) Born January 14, 1820 Nashville, TN. Died November 5, 1891 in Trenton, TN.
  • James Madison Wells, Jr. (38 KB)
    (1st Cousin 3 times removed) James Madison Wells, Jr. son of James Madison Wells, Sr. and Sarah Ann Whaley born January 13, 1848.
  • Elizabeth Wells (27 KB)
    (1st Cousin once removed) Elizabeth Wells daughter of Iverson Currey Wells by his first wife.
  • Cary Gaines Nimmo Currey (24 KB)
    Cary Gaines Nimmo Currey, (great-granduncle) son of Algernon Sidney Currey.
  • Some of the Wells Family in Chicago (35 KB)
    (Granduncle) Iverson Currey Wells top left, Clarence Grayar Wells top right, James Grayar Wells, Sr. lower left and the wife of Iverson Currey Wells, 1917 Chicago, IL.
  • Eastman G. Currey (25 KB)
    Eastman Currey (1st Cousin 3 times removed), son of John H.Currey, Sr.
  • Jessie Tullus Wells (30 KB)
    (1st Cousin 3 times removed) Jessie Tullus Wells, son of Andrew Jackson Wells, born December 10, 1864. Murray, KY
  • Grace Estelle Currey (26 KB)
    Grace Estelle Currey (Great Grandaunt) daughter of Algernon Sidney Currey.
  • Lieut. Peter Holt, with wife, son and daughter. (34 KB)
    (Yankee) Lieut. Peter Holt, Co. C. 2nd Ills. Cavalry, USA who saved my life by preventing Capt. Frank Moore of same Regt. killing me when a prisoner of war. Capt. Moore at same time ordered Eldad Church near Trenton, Tenn. burned and was done by his order. James Grayar Wells, 21st Tenn. Cavalry, CSA.
  • Benjamin Franklin Richardson & Rhodella Gardner (27 KB)
    Ben Richardson and Rhodella Gardner (Grandfather and grandmother) on their wedding day, about 1907, Gardi, GA.
  • Elsie Mae Vogel (Wells) (31 KB)
    (Grandmother) This picture was taken about 1925 shortly after she and her husband Robert Archer Wells, Sr. moved to Orlando, Florida.
  • Robert A. Wells Jr. and sister Muriel Wells (11 KB)
    Robert and Muriel Wells (father and aunt, photo taken about 1925 probably in Scooba, Mississippi.
  • Benjamin Franklin Richardson (22 KB)
    Benjamin Franklin Richardsn (Grandfather) and his team of oxen, Gardi, GA, about 1910.
  • Cordelia Rosella Williams (27 KB)
    Cordelia Williams (Great, great grandmother, born 1827 in South Carolina. Husband David Carter Richardson.
  • Joel Robert Poinsett (21 KB)
    (1st cousin 7 times removed) Joel Roberts Poinsett was the first United States Ambassador to Mexico appointed by President Andrew. During his stay in Mexico he found a beautiful shrub with large red flowers growing next to a road. He will always be remembered for introducing the poinsettia into the United States.
  • Mary Elizabeth Richardson, Fort Pierce, FL (15 KB)
    Mary Elizabeth Richardson (Mother) Photo probably taken in the early 1930's near Fort Pierce, FL.
  • Wilhelm Gottlieb Vogel (23 KB)
    Wilhelm Gottlieb Vogel (Great grandfather), born 1847, Stuttgart, Germany. Died 1910 Chester, PA. Wife Maria Rosina Dautel.
  • David Carter Richardson (28 KB)
    David Carter Richardson (Great, great grandfahter, born 1827 in South Carolina. Private 4th Georgia Calvalry, CSA. Present during the Battle of Olustee, Florida where Conferderate forces defeated a superior Yankee force trying to invade Florida.
  • Trenton, TN 1867 (208 KB)
    (Caption on back)Taken in Trenton, Tenn. 1867. Putting up posters for 1st. tent show at Trenton after war of 60s.
  • Marie Rosina Dautel (24 KB)
    Marie Rosina Dautel (Great grandmother) , born March 17, 1865, Wurttemberg, Germany. Died Chester, PA.
  • Nancy Welch (29 KB)
    Nancy Welch, 3rd wife of David Carter Richardson (Great, great grandfather), born 1844.
  • The Steamboat Hotel in Chester, PA (22 KB)
    The Steamboat Hotel built in 1765. Last owners Wilhelm Vogel and wife Marie Dautel Vogel, my great grand parents.
  • James Wesley Richardson Sr. and Family (21 KB)
    The family of James Wesley Richardson Sr (Great grandfather) and his father David Carter Richardson. Taken at their home near Gardi, GA., early 1900's.
  • James W. Richardson (25 KB)
    James W. Richardson (2nd great uncle), brother of David Carter Richardson.
  • Y Dafarn Goch (76 KB)
    Y Dafarn Goch, the birthplace of the poet Goronwy Owen (1723-69), Llanfair Mathafarn Eithaf
  • James Wesley Richardson and Mary Alwilda Scott (27 KB)
    James and Mary Richardson (Great grandfather and great grandmother) near Eustis, Florida.
  • Laura America Richardson (24 KB)
    Laura America Richardson (great aunt), daughter of David Carter Richardson.
  • James Grayar Wells (28 KB)
    James Grayar Wells (Great grandfather), born 1846, Trenton, TN. Married Mary Ada Currey in 1868. Served as a private in the Confederate Cavalry towards the end of the Civil War. Editor of the "Trenton News".
  • Preston Robert Richardson (24 KB)
    Preston Robert Richardson (Great Uncle), son of David Carter Richardson. Photograph taken just before his marriage to Marianna Mock.
  • Reverend Aaron Riley Richardson (30 KB)
    Reverend Aaron Riley Richardson (Great Uncle) son of David Carter Richardson.
  • Jeanette Richardson (28 KB)
    Jeanette Richardson (Great Aunt), daughter of David Carter Richardson, born 1866.
  • Nellie Alwilda Richardson (25 KB)
    Nellie Alwilda Richardson, daughter of James Wesley Richardson.
  • Lanie Cadillia Richardson (29 KB)
    Landie Cadillia Richardson, daughter of James Wesley Richardson.
  • Robert Archer Wells, Sr. (888 KB)
    (Grandfather) Robert Archer Wells, Sr. (Archie)born July 30, 1881, Trenton, TN.
  • Tombstone of William F. Vogel (33 KB)
  • Benjamin Franklin Richardson (22 KB)
    Benjamin Franklin Richardson (Grandfather), born 1883, Gardi, GA. Wife Rhodella Gardner.
  • Martha Ann Nimmo, Jackson, TN (19 KB)
    Martha Ann Nimmo(2nd great grandmother) Born January 8, 1825, Jackson, TN. Husband Algenon Sidney Currey.
  • My camel Osama. (36 KB)
    Kenneth Wells at the pyrimids, Cairo, Egypt summer of 2005.
  • Elsie Mae Vogel (27 KB)
    Elsie Mae Vogel (Grandmother), born 1899, Chester, PA. Married Robert Archer Wells, Sr.
  • Robert Brownlee Currey (49 KB)
    (3rd great grandfather)Robert Brownlee Currey was born about 1774. He was married Feb. 4, 1792 to Jane Gray Owen. Children: Richard O., Algernon B. (d. 1815, 7 months old), Robert B. (b. 1817, d. 1860), William Hume (b. 1818, d. 1831), Algernon S., Washington J., John, and Elizabeth Jane. He served as Mayor, 1822-1824. Mayor Currey died on December 8, 1848 at his residence near Nashville.
  • Elsie Mae Vogel (27 KB)
    Elsie Mae Vogel (Grandmother) about age two, Chester, PA.
  • James Elisha Wells & Melinda Ann Summers (106 KB)
    (6th cousin 3 times removed)
  • Rhodella Gardner (21 KB)
    Rhodella Gardner (Grandmother), born 1893 in Gardi, GA. Married Benjamin Franklin Richardson.
  • Joshua Wells his mother, grandmother and aunt. (68 KB)
    (Grandson) Joshua Jiahong Wells (from right to left) his mother, Yuchiang Siegh, her mother and sister from Taiwan.
  • Alma Estella Richardson (24 KB)
    Alma Estella Richardson, daughter of James Wesley Richardson.
  • Rhodella Gardner Richardson &Viola Johnson (21 KB)
    Rhodella Gardner Richardson and Viola Johnson (Grandmother and friend) taken in the early 1920's, Florida.
  • Joshua's first birthday! (151 KB)
    (Grandson) Joshua Jiahong Wells first birthday party.
  • Mary Richardson (28 KB)
    Mary Richardson, daughter of James Wesley Richardson.
  • Nathan Gardner Jr. (19 KB)
    Nathan Gardner Jr. (Great grandfather), born 1846, Gardi, GA, wife Francis Sikes.
  • Mary Alwilda Scott (129 KB)
    Mary Alwilda Scott(great grandmother) About age 70. Married to James Wesley Richardson. Born 1861 Sylvania, GA. Died 1951 in Tavares, FL.
  • Ann Hill Currey (45 KB)
    Ann Hill Currey, cousin of grandfather, Robert A. Wells, Sr., Trenton, TN
  • R. A. Wells and gang (33 KB)
    Robert Archer Wells, Jr.(Father and his grandchildren) and his Gang! Taken about 1982. Grandchildren Robert Alfonso Wells, John Oliver Burden, David Wells Burden, James Eduardo Wells, Victoria Brewer, Elizabeth Burden, Christopher Wells. Orlando, Florida
  • Mary Elizabeth Richardson (25 KB)
    Mary Elizabeth Richardson (Mother), born 1920, St. Marys, Florida. High school graduation picture. Parents, Benjamin Franklin Richardson and Rhodella Gardner.
  • Elsie V. Porter "Nana" (133 KB)
    My grandmother born Elsie Mae Vogel and the former Elsie V. Wells. Born 1899
  • Maria Isabel Zeron (29 KB)
    Maria Isabel Zeron, San Pedro Sula, Honduras.
  • Robert Archer Wells, Sr. (18 KB)
    Robert Archer Wells (Grandfather), Sr., born 1881, Trenton, TN, married Elsie Mae Vogel.
  • Robert A. Wells, Jr. and his sisters. (110 KB)
    My father, Robert Archer Wells, Jr. and his sisters Alice Curry Wells (left) and Muriel Dautel Wells (right).
  • Nena Zeron (13 KB)
    Nena Zeron, San Pedro Sula, Honduras.
  • Grace Tallula Currey (26 KB)
    Grace Tallula Currey (1st cousin twice removed), daughter of Robert B. Currey grandson of Robert Brownlee Currey, Trenton TN.
  • Marcial Miralda (26 KB)
    Marcial Miralda and his daughter Concepcion Graceila (de Santamaria), take December 2, 1927, La Ceiba, Honduras.
  • Two Tramps (29 KB)
    Robert Archer Wells, Jr. and Muriel Wells (Newman)(Father and aunt) about 1925.
  • Justa (26 KB)
    "Justa", grandmother of Concepcion Graceila Miralda (de Santamaria), Honduras, Central America.
  • ConcepcionGraceila Miralda de Santamaria (35 KB)
    Concepcion Graceila Miralda de Santamaria, 1950, Honduras, Central America.
  • Concepcion Graceila Miralda de Santamaria (25 KB)
    Concepcion Graceila Miralda de Santamaria, Honduras, Central American.
  • Concepcion Graceila Miralda (de Santamaria) (25 KB)
    Concepcion Graceila Miralda (de Santamaria), December, 1927, Honduras, Central American.

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  • The Last Will and Testament of Jacob Wells (8 KB)
    The Last Will and Testament of Jacob Wells. This information was taken from the Private collection, papers of Albert Timothy Outlaw. Duplin County, NC. Microflimed by the NC Archives. Flim # P.149.3N
  • Inventory of the Estate of John Wells Decd. (28 KB)
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  • Goodspeed Biography of Algernon S. Currey (5 KB)
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