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Descendants of Humphrey Bass

Generation No. 3

       3. Samuel3 Bass (Samuel2, Humphrey1) was born in Saffron Waldon, Essex, England, and died 1653. He married Mary Howard.

       Child of Samuel Bass and Mary Howard is:

  11 i.   Mary4 Bass.
       6. John3 Bass (Samuel2, Humphrey1) was born September 18, 1630 in Roxbury, Norfolk, MA, and died September 12, 1716. He married (1) Hannah Sturtevant. He married (2) Ruth Alden May 12, 1657, daughter of John Alden and Priscilla Mullins.

Notes for John Bass:
Other note says he was born in 1630, and ca. 1633. John was a wheelright. He made a will dated June 25, 1716.

Notes for Hannah Sturtevant:
Hannah was a widow.

       Children of John Bass and Ruth Alden are:

  12 i.   John4 Bass, born November 26, 1658 in Braintree, Norfolk Co., MA; died September 30, 1724. He married (1) Abigail Adams. He married (2) Rebecca Saville.

  13 ii.   Samuel Bass, born March 24, 1659/60; died 1751. He married (1) Mercy Marsh. He married (2) Mary Adamsm. He married (3) Bethia Nightingale.

  14 iii.   Ruth Bass, born January 28, 1661/62; died June 1699. She married Peter Webb.

+ 15 iv.   Joseph Bass, born December 5, 1665; died 1733.

+ 16 v.   Hannah Bass, born June 22, 1667.

  17 vi.   Mary Bass, born February 11, 1668/69.

  18 vii.   Sarah Bass, born March 29, 1672. She married Ephraim Thayer January 7, 1691/92.

  Notes for Sarah Bass:
Sarah and Ephraim Thayer had 14 children. Also a listing for Sarah Bass and Josiah Thayer, m. Feb 7, 1690. They had 9 children. (?)

       8. Thomas3 Bass (Samuel2, Humphrey1) was born 1635 in Roxbury, Norfolk, MA, and died January 8, 1719/20 in Weymouth, Norfolk Co., MA. He married (1) Sarah Wood October 4, 1660 in Medfield, Norfolk, MA, daughter of Nicholas Wood and Mary Pidge. He married (2) Susanna Bates November 30, 1680, daughter of Elder Bates and Susanna.

Notes for Thomas Bass:
Thomas is also said to have died in Braintree.

"Thomas lived in Braintree until 1657, when he removed to Medfield later called Sherborn. In 1674 a deed shows him in 'Bogestown near the town of Medfield' on land given him by his father Samuel. Here it appears he had 3 children born; a daughter Sarah, and Abigail, dates of the first two not given. About 1670 he returned to Braintree and became Deacon of the church. Braintree and Boston records fail to reveal anything of his girls except for Sarah. Thomas lived in Braintree Mass. and was in King Philip's War. []

(source: Descendants of Deacon Samuel & Ann Bass, Charissa Taylor Bass and Emma Lee Walton, 1940. Mayflower Planters, Leon C. Hills, pub 1939 & 1975.)

Philip (Native American chief) (died 1676), sachem, or chief, of the Wampanoag tribe of Native North Americans and the second son of the Wampanoag chief Massasoit, who for nearly 40 years had been the first and staunchest ally of the Pilgrim settlers of Plymouth, in what is now Massachusetts (see PILGRIMS). Originally named Metacomet, he was called Philip by the English settlers. In 1662 Philip succeeded his brother and formally renewed the treaties of his father, which he honored for some years. The colonists, however, made continual encroachments on native lands. In retaliation Philip formed a confederation of tribes and in 1675 led an uprising now known as King Philip's War. They burned towns and killed many of the inhabitants. In return the colonists captured Native American women and children, destroyed crops, and promised impunity to Native American deserters. In December 1675 the colonists won a major victory. During the spring of 1676 the Native Americans held out, but their numbers steadily diminished, and in August, Philip was killed. The war then ended, and resistance to further colonial settlements in southern New England ceased. "Philip (Native American chief)," Microsoft (R) Encarta. Copyright (c) 1994 Microsoft Corporation. Copyright (c) 1994 Funk & Wagnall's Corporation.

Notes for Sarah Wood:
Also noted that Sarah was baptised April 30, 1643.

Notes for Susanna Bates:
Thomas' second wife, Susanna, was first married to Nathanial Blanchard. Nathanial's father, Thomas Blanchard is believed to be a French Hugenot. [source: Max K. Huff -]

       Children of Thomas Bass and Sarah Wood are:

  19 i.   Daughter4 Bass.

  20 ii.   Sarah Bass. She married Josiah Thayer 1690.

  21 iii.   Abigail Bass, born January 2, 1666/67.

  22 iv.   Samuel Bass, born 1669; died December 30, 1690.

  Notes for Samuel Bass:
Samuel died of smallpox in Aug (?). Said to have married Mercy Marsh (?)

  23 v.   Mary Bass, born April 20, 1672.

+ 24 vi.   John Bass, born March 26, 1675 in Braintree, Norfolk Co., MA; died October 10, 1753 in Scotland, Windham Co., Connecticut.

  25 vii.   Mehitabel Bass, born 1678; died 1679.

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