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Ancestors of Sandra Caroline Sorrells

      412. David Strain. He was the son of 824. John Strain.
Child of David Strain is:
  206 i.   Andrew Strain, born Bef. 1755; died 1826 in Haywood County, North Carolina; married Mary Reed.

      414. Robert Reed. He married 415. Nancy Cathey.

      415. Nancy Cathey.
Child of Robert Reed and Nancy Cathey is:
  207 i.   Mary Reed, born Abt. 1750; died August 24, 1841 in Haywood County, North Carolina; married Andrew Strain.

      420. John Stuart Young, born December 28, 1734. He was the son of 840. John Young and 841. Martha Stuart. He married 421. Mary Jane Montgomery.

      421. Mary Jane Montgomery. She was the daughter of 842. Humphrey Montgomery and 843. Bridget.
Children of John Young and Mary Montgomery are:
  210 i.   William Young, born Abt. 1772; died April 29, 1825; married Mary Bryson in South Carolina.
  ii.   Rosannah Young, born Abt. 1789; married Elisha Hyatt.
  iii.   Jane Young, married Thomas Rogers.
  iv.   Joseph Young, born 1783 in Pendleton District, South Carolina; died November 1848 in Macon County, North Carolina; married Arizona Hyatt Abt. 1812.
  v.   James Young.
  vi.   Samuel Young.
  vii.   Enoch Young.
  viii.   John Young.
  ix.   Rebecca Young.
  x.   Polly Young.
  xi.   Sarah Young.
  xii.   Eleanor Young.

      422. William M. Bryson, born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; died September 19, 1817. He was the son of 844. William Bryson and 845. Isabella Holmes. He married 423. Susannah Bogle.

      423. Susannah Bogle, died July 13, 1811.
Children of William Bryson and Susannah Bogle are:
  211 i.   Mary Bryson, born Abt. 1775; died April 14, 1835; married William Young in South Carolina.
  ii.   William Bryson, Jr., born January 26, 1779; died June 26, 1852; married Sarah Jones.
  iii.   Isabella Bryson, born Abt. 1780.
  iv.   Elizabeth Bryson, born Abt. 1781.
  v.   Joseph Bogle Bryson, born Abt. 1783; married Judith M. Allen.
  vi.   John Bryson.
  vii.   Martha Bryson.
  viii.   Susannah Bryson.
  ix.   Margaret Bryson.
  x.   Jane Bryson.

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