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Jeremy White - 20 generations of ancestors

      2784. Thomas Barnum, born Jul 9, 1663 in Norwalk, CT; died 1730 in Danbury, CT. He was the son of 5568. Thomas Barnam and 5569. Hannah Hurd. He married 2785. Sarah Beardsley.

      2785. Sarah Beardsley She was the daughter of 5570. Samuel Beardsley and 5571. Abigail Clark.
Children of Thomas Barnum and Sarah Beardsley are:
  1392 i.   Thomas Barnum, born 1696 in Danbury, CT; died 1762; married Deborah Cornell.
  ii.   Ephreim Barnum, born Jun 10, 1710; died Aug 1775.
  iii.   Ebenezer Barnum, born 1712.
  iv.   Joshua Barnum, born 1714.
  v.   Sarah Barnum
  vi.   Esther Barnum
  vii.   ? Barnum
  viii.   Mary Barnum

      2788. James Benedict He was the son of 5576. Thomas Benedict.
Child of James Benedict is:
  1394 i.   Thomas Benedict.

      2816. George Mount, born Mar 1626/27 in Boughton Aluph, Kent, England; died 1705 in Middletown, Monmouth Co, NJ. He was the son of 5632. Richard Mount and 5633. Joan Owre. He met 2817. Katherine Boune 1662 in Providence, RI.

      2817. Katherine Boune, born Abt. 1636.

Notes for George Mount:
Disagreement as to whether his dates are 1635-1705 (family genealogy) or 1626-1703 (J. Stillwell). However, WFT Vol 6, 4396 gives May 18, 1626 in Boughton, England.
Also have b. March 1626/27 in Boughton Aluph, Kent d. 1705 in Middletown, NJ
from the very accurate

George Mount, an ironsmith, arrived from England circa 1660 (one source says he was married in Rhode Island in 1662), first settled in Rhode Island; then went to Monmouth County, N.J. Did ornamental ironwork.

In Monmouth County, he was one of the founders of the first Baptist church in the state. In 1667 land was purchased from the Indians by 12 men and 34 associates.
Among the Baptists were:
George Mount
Jonathan Bown
John Bown
John Cox

Of the Mounts in the US, one group is decended from George Mount who was in Rhode Island, then moved to Monmouth County, New Jersey. (Our family)

The other Mounts landed in North Carolina. All Mounts appear to be related to one or the other.

We have a George Mount arriving in Massachussets in 1662 from England. If accurate, that is probably him. Probably went MA then R.I, then Middletown, N.J. Now that we have a marriage location of Providence, RI, this would appear to be him.

The decendents of George Mount are documented in J. Stillwell, "Historical and Genealogical Miscellany", Vol IV

  Notes for Katherine Boune:
It's possible the name is the same name as 'Bown'

George Mount's wife's first name was Katherine. Her last name is not conclusively known. There has been speculation that it was Borden or Grover, but Stillwell argues that it could not be either of these. Therefore, I'm going with Boune, but I don't know what the source for that is.

We have a birthdate for her of 'About 1636' However, this is for a listing of 'Katherine Grover', and I don't know whether this potential birthdate is for a real Katherine Grover, or for the wife of George Mount, who was not named Grover.

WFT Vol 6, 4396 also lists 'About 1636', but for Katherine Borden. Therefore, I'm going with the date, as it appears to be linked to George's wife.

Children of George Mount and Katherine Boune are:
  i.   Katherine Mount, born Abt. 1663.
  1408 ii.   Richard Mount, Sr., born 1665 in Providence, RI; died 1725 in Cranbury, NJ; married Rebecca Wall Bef. 1687 in Freehold, NJ.
  iii.   Matthias Mount, born Abt. 1667; died 1695; married Mary Wall.
  Notes for Mary Wall:
Unknown how Rebecca Wall was related to Mary Wall

      2818. Walter Wall, born Abt. 1638; died 1686 in New Jersey. He married 2819. Annetjke.

      2819. Annetjke, born Abt. 1640.

Notes for Walter Wall:
Grandmommy's chart has him born in 1619 in England, but that would make him 48 when his first son was born, rather than 29.

This date (Abt. 1638) is from the WFT

  Notes for Annetjke:
6, 4396 gives her name as 'Ann Wall' but the last name could well be a mistake.
Child of Walter Wall and Annetjke is:
  1409 i.   Rebecca Wall, born Abt. 1667; married Richard Mount, Sr. Bef. 1687 in Freehold, NJ.

      2820. Thomas Cox, born 1620 in Herefordshire, England; died 1681 in Maspeth Kills, L.I., NY. He married 2821. Elizabeth Blackford Apr 22, 1665 in Maspeth Kills, L.I., NY.

      2821. Elizabeth Blackford, born Abt. 1622.

  Notes for Elizabeth Blackford:
Also have her name as 'Blashford' from Family Genealogy
4396, Vol 6, has her name as 'Elizabeth Blackford' b. abt. 1622
Child of Thomas Cox and Elizabeth Blackford is:
  1410 i.   James Cox, born Aug 18, 1672; died Oct 18, 1750; married Ann Rebecca Stillwell.

      2880. Thomas Hankinson, born 1672 in Plymouth (?), England; died 1724 in Monmouth Co, New Jersey. He was the son of 5760. William Hankinson and 5761. Jane Roderwick. He married 2881. Lydia Boune.

      2881. Lydia Boune

Notes for Thomas Hankinson:
WFT 2, 2574 talks of a Thomas Hankinson. However, highly unclear if it's the correct person, as he'd be only 12 when this all started. However, the death date of 1724 matches up. Maybe he was born earlier than we think? If it is the correct person, then:

This is an excerpt from "This Old Monmouth of Ours"page 105. "The coming to
Monmouth- The particular Hankinson family with which we are here dealing is
probably of Anglo-Saxon origin, the original name being Haneca. It is thought
to have come from Middlesex County, England, its coat of Arms being-Ar. a
fesse gu. fretty or betw. 3 ducks sa. The first of whom we have record is,
Thomas Hankinson, who settled in Monmouth County, New Jersey, about 1684 or 1685. He acquired a tract of land to the southward of the present Freneau,
which was of 200 acres. This he sold to Mark Salem in 1717, at which time
Thomas Hankinson is thought to have removed into the middle of the county,
where he is thought to have died about 1724. The tract on which he settled
first was at the head of Gravel Brook, the feeder of Lake Matawan, and
adjoined the Gordon tract and the Thomas Boels tract, which last comprised
what has been known in late years as the Whitlock and the William H. Horner
farms. No record of his children has been obtained. He had a son, Thomas, and
it is thought that there may have been other children, one of them a William."

Following, is a transcript of the deed for that first tract of land.

Deed, Thomas Hankinson from John Hamton, December 14, 1701.
In consideration of the sum of twenty four pounds current money of this
Province etc. etc.- - all that tract of land situate, lying, and being in the
County of Monmouth aforesaid containing after allowance for highways two
hundred and thirty acres Beginning where a small run comes into Gravell Brook
& running East & by South ninety two chains to the head of Hopp Brook thence
up the said brook runs forty chains thence West Northwest forty chains to the
head of Gravelly Brook and thence up the said brook to the place where it
began Bounded East by Hopp Brook West by Gravelly Brook North by Thomas Hart's land and South by land unappropriated.

Following, are transcripts of two other deeds I have been able to get copies

November 13, 1710, a deed was transferred from Benjamin Allen to Thomas
Hankinson. They were both Yeomen of the county of Monmouth in the Province of East Jersey. The price was L 300 N.Y. for 600 acres in Freehold, beginning at
The mouth of the Welsh run, NW down Manalapan Brook 124 chains to Manalapan River, up River to mouth of Clear Brook, W 6 1/2 chains, S 85 chains to an old Indian path, down path E Nly 38 chains, NE & ly E & 9 deg. more E ly along marked trees to Manalapan River, 48 chains to beginning. Also a piece of mow 10 chains in length and 4 chains in breadth beginning at mouth of Clear Brook and running down Manalapan River. It was signed by Benjamin Allen with his mark "BA". Witnesses were John Okeson, William Lawrence, and William Lawrence Jr. West Jersey Deeds BBB:48
August 20, 1713 Quit claim John Reid of Hortencie, Monmouth County having
bought a tract of land at Manalapan by ???? of () (?????) dated 2 Sep. 1696
part of which tract he sold to Benjamin Allen by ???? of ?? ??, which said
Allen sold to Thomas Hankinson by deed of ?? ?? (probably Nov. 13, 1710), who
is now in posession, and so that S. bds. may be ??? certainly known, -
remember that it runs from the place where Welsh run falls into Manalapan
brook S 63 W to the Indians marked trees on W. side of Manalapan River thence
c trees and Indian path to SW corner of said land. John Reid now quit claim to
Thomas Hankinson all that land between the Indian path and Thomas Hankinson.
Signed- John Reid, witnesses John Bowne and John Hamton before Thomas Gordon. [West Jersey Deeds BBB:50]

In "Old Times in Old Monmouth", the following is written. "March ye 21st,
Anno Dom. 1705-6. A record of a driftway, by Thomas Boleses (Boels) March ye
14th, 1705-6. Layd out a driftway, in Freehold, beginning at Samuel Redford's
fence, by ye highway, then running as ye mark't trees goes, cross ye lots of
Agustus Gordon and Thomas Boell; allowing to said Boell, two gates upon ye
said way, to ye head of a gully up on the north side of ye said Boell lot;
thence cross a branch of Holman's Bog to the bridge that lays by Lovchyell's
lot, so cross Lovchyell's lot, as ye way goes, through the brook by Thomas
Boell's Barn, so along ye path to Stone Hill, and to Thomas Hankinson's land,
along as the road goes, till it comes where ye old road went into ye field;
thence where the old road went, till it comes out of the field at the head of
the Spring by Hankinson's house; thence as the road now goes, till it comes to
Amboy road, allowing swinging gates upon this road, which are not to be hung
within ye space of ten years, but to lye open. Obadiah Bowne, Benjamin Borden,
Elisha Lawrence, John Hebron, commissioners. Entered March 21, Anno Dom.
In confideration of the sum of twenty four Pounds Currant money of the
Province to him in hand paid by the said Thomas Hankifson the receipt whereof
the said John Hamton doth hereby acknowledge and himself therewith fully
satiffied and contented and thereof ? of ? every part and parcel thereof doth
fully clearely and absolutely acquitt ? and discharge him the said Thomas
Hankinfon his heirs Executors Administrators afsigns and every of them for
Ever Hath Granted Bargained Sould Aliened Enfoofe Confirmed and by these
Presents doth fully Clearely and Absolutely Grant Bargain & Sell Aliene
Enfoofe and Confirme unto the saidThomas Hankinfon his heirs and afsignes
forever All that Tract of land Scituate Lying and being in the County of
Monmouth aforesaid Containing after Allowance for highways Two hundred and
thirty ackers Beginning where a Small Runn comes into Gravell Brook & Running
East & by South ninety two chains to the (head?) of Hopp Brook Thence up the
said brook Runs fourty chains thence Weft North West seventy? chains to the
head of Gravell Brook and thence up the said brook to the Place where it began
Bounded East by Hopp Brook West by Gravell brook North by Thomas Harts land
and South by land unappropriated Togeather with All and all manner of
Toodings? Pasture Meadows WoodsTrees Water Brooks Springs Ponds Pooles Pitts
Easements Proffitts Commodities Libertys Advantages Emoluments Henditaments
and apurtenances whatfoever to the same being or in any manner of ways
thereunto appertaining And All the Eftate Rights ??????? Pofsefsion Property
Claime and Demand whatsoever of him the said John Hamton as well in Law as in
Equity of in or unto the said tract of land Granted and Bargained Promifsed
with the apurtenances be fully and ??? to all intents purpofses and Con???????
whatsoever or the same ??? Granted and Confirmed to him the said John Hamton
by Pattent from ???? preston? bearing date the twentyth day of January 1687
to have & to hold the said tract of land and granted and bargained promifsed
with the apurtenances unto him the said Thomas Hankifson his heirs and afsigns
forever to the proper use benifitt and behoof? of him the said Thomas
Hankinfon his heirs and afsigns forever tender? the yearly? quit? rent? of
seven? pence? Sterling in England or the Value thereof and? the? same? shall?
become? due? &? payable? ????? to the said? Proprietor his? heirs? and?
afsigns? forever and the said Hamton for himself his heirs? afsigns? and?
administrators doth covenant? and aggree? to and with the said Thomas
Hankinson his heirs and afsigns Estate? ????? att the time of the sealing?
and delivery hereof? he the said John Hamton hath? himself? good? Right?
full power and Lawful authority to grant Bargain Sell & Confirm said Tract of
Land and granted and bargained promifsed with the apurtenances ?????? unto the
said Thomas Hankifson his heirs and afsigns forever in manner aforesaid A????
same now is free and from time to time and at all times hereafter shall remain
??? Clear to him the said Thomas Hankinfon his heirs and afsigns forever ????
and All manner of former gifts grants Bargains alienes leafses Mortgages and
all other troubles Charges and incumbrances whatsoever had made committed done
or ???????? to be done by him the said John Hamton or any other perfon
whatsoever by from or under him to alter change charge defeatt or make with?
same In Witnefs Whereof he the said John Hamtonhath hereunto set his hand &
seal the day and year first above written Jo Hamton
Signed Sealed and delivered in the presence of Jacob Tyffin Lane Monmouth Wm.
Lawrence Jun. June the 20th. 1708 They appeared before me William ??????????
Juftice of the Supreame Court of her Majestys Province of New Jersey. Wm.
Lawrence Jun. one of the witnefses to the above Deed and made oath ???? was
prefant att the ????????? the same and did see John Hamton sign and deliver
the same as his act and deed.
In the book "Old Times in Old Monmouth", on page 261- A court of Inquiry held
at Shrewsbury for the Countie of Monmouth, the 27th of August 1700. Lewis
Morris, President, Samuel Leonard, Jedediah Allen, Samuel Dennis, and Anthony
Pintard Justices. The Grand Jury of inquirie for the present service were
these: John Reid, Jeremiah Stillwell, John Slocum, Thomas Hewitt, Abiah
Edwards, John West, John Leonard, Alexander Adam, Thomas Webley, Patrick
Cannon, James Melven, Peter Embly, Samuel Hopenge (Hopping), William Layton,
and William Hoge.*(The greater part of this Grand Jury are new men. Lewis
Morris, no doubt, selected them through the Sheriff.) And having their
engagement and their charge given them by the President, withdrew with a
constable to attend them. The said Jury being called again, gave in the
following presentments: August ye 27th, 1700. We, jurors, present Richard
Salter, John Bray, James Stout, David Stout, Benjamin Stout, Cornelius
Compton, William Bowne, Thomas Taylor, Thomas Hankinson, Jacob Van Dorn, Arian
Bennett, Thomas Sharp, Benjamin Cook, Robert James, Thomas Estill, and Samuel,
a servant of Salter for riotously assembling, on the 17th of July, and
assaulting John Stewart, High Sheriff, and Henry Leonard, in the path near
the house of Alexander Adam, and beat and grievously wounded the said persons,
took their swords from them, carried them away and kept them, to the value of
five pounds money of this Province, in the breach of the peace and terror of
the Kings liege people. Signed in behalf of the rest by John Reid, Foreman.
A Court of Sessions begun and held at Shrewsbury, on the fourth Tuesday in
September, 1700. Lewis Morris President. Samuel Leonard, Samuel Dennis,
Anthony Pintard, Justices. The Court being opened, Alexander Forman being
bound by recognizance to appear at this Court, and be of good behaviour, made
his appearance, and nothing appearing against him, he was acquitted.
Eliezar Cottrell, being bound as above, made his appearance, and nothing
appearing against him, he was acquitted.
Arian Bennett and John Reid being bound by recognizance, dated the 1st day of
August, 1700, each in the sum of ten pounds, that Arian Bennett should appear
at this Court, and in meantime to be of good behaviour. Arian Bennett made his
appearance. But since taking that recognizance, the Jury of Inquiry for the
County, on the 7th of August, 1700, presented Richard Salter, John Bray, James
Stout, David Stout, Benjamin Stout, Cornelius Compton, William Bowne, Thomas
Taylor, Thomas Hankinson, Jacob Van Dorn, Arian Bennett, Thomas Estele, and
Samuel, a servant to the aforesaid Salter. And the aforesaid Arian Bennett,
for riotously assembling, on the 17th day of July, 1700, and assaulting John
Stewart, the High Sheriff, and Henry Leonard, on the path near the house of
Alexander Adams, and beat and grievously wounded the said persons, took their
swords from them, and carried them away and kept them, to the value of five
pounds, money of this Province, in breach of the peace, and terror of the
King's liege people. The said Bennett, in open Court, confessed, that 'he was
in company with the above named persons, when they beat the Sheriff. That they did beat and wound them and cracked their swords, but that he, Arian Bennett, was not aiding or assisting them with his own hands."

Child of Thomas Hankinson and Lydia Boune is:
  1440 i.   Thomas John Hankinson, born 1707 in Monmouth Co, NJ (?); died Sep 1783 in Shrewsbury, Mon. Co, NJ; married Helena Anderson 1728.

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