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L. Whitelaw
Reno, Nevada United States
WHITELAW/ WAITE/ CHANDLER/ BRADFORD We have an extensive family tree dating to the Colonial Period for Waite/Chandler/Bradford. Edward Whitelaw came from Scotland, married Theodocia Waite ab. 1842 and settled in Gobles, Michigan. His sons (James, Chester, Marshall) and daughter, Harriet (m. Taylor) then migrated to Kansas. His other children stayed in Michigan. If you have any further information on Edward - particularly where in Scotland, please let us know. Please check the family tree below to see if you or your relatives are there! We would love to hear from you if you have any information to include or if we can help with your family tree. A large Waite and Chandler tree will be added soon.

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Laureen L Whitelaw - InterneTree

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