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Ancestors of Nancy Leonard White

      1844. Peter Cheney, born 1639 in Newbury, Essex Co MA; died January 1694/95 in Newbury, Essex Co MA. He was the son of 3688. John Cheney and 3689. Martha Parrat. He married 1845. Hannah (Noyce) Noyes May 14, 1663 in Newbury, Essex Co MA.

      1845. Hannah (Noyce) Noyes, born October 31, 1643 in Newbury, Essex Co MA; died January 5, 1704/05 in Newbury, Essex Co MA.
Child of Peter Cheney and Hannah Noyes is:
  922 i.   Eldad Cheney, born October 24, 1681 in Newbury, Essex Co MA; died December 28, 1780 in Bradford, Essex Co MA; married Mary Walker December 31, 1707 in Newbury, Essex Co MA.

      1846. Shubael Walker, born Abt. 1641 in Lynn, Essex Co MA; died January 1688/89 in Bradford, Essex Co MA. He married 1847. Patience Jewett May 29, 1666 in Bradford MA.

      1847. Patience Jewett, born March 5, 1644/45 in Rowley, Essex Co MA.
Child of Shubael Walker and Patience Jewett is:
  923 i.   Mary Walker, born October 30, 1669 in Bradford, Essex Co MA; died March 4, 1732/33 in Bradford, Essex Co MA; married Eldad Cheney December 31, 1707 in Newbury, Essex Co MA.

      1856. Andrew Spaulding, born November 19, 1652 in Chelmsford MA; died May 5 in 1713. He was the son of 3712. Edward Spaulding and 3713. Rachael. He married 1857. Hannah Jefes April 30, 1674 in Chelmsford MA.

      1857. Hannah Jefes, born Abt. 1654; died January 21, 1729/30 in Chelmsford MA. She was the daughter of 3714. Henry Jefes.
Child of Andrew Spaulding and Hannah Jefes is:
  928 i.   Andrew Spaulding, born March 25, 1678 in Chelmsford MA; died November 7, 1753 in Chelmsford MA; married Abigail Warren February 5, 1700/01 in Chelmsford MA.

      1872. John Heald, born March 1636/37 in Alderly, England; died June 17, 1681 in Concord MA. He was the son of 3744. John Heald and 3745. Dorothy Royal. He married 1873. Sarah Dean June 10, 1661 in Concord MA.

      1873. Sarah Dean, born December 12, 1642 in Concord MA; died July 22, 1689 in Concord MA. She was the daughter of 3746. Thomas Dean and 3747. Elizabeth.

Notes for John Heald:
John is on a list of soldiers in 1675 during the outbreak of King Phillip's War and is listed as a Sergeant.

More About John Heald:
Fact 1: baptism date
Child of John Heald and Sarah Dean is:
  936 i.   John Heald, born September 19, 1666 in Concord MA; died November 25, 1721 in Concord MA; married Mary Chandler December 18, 1690 in Concord MA.

      1874. Roger Chandler He married 1875. Mary Simonds.

      1875. Mary Simonds
Child of Roger Chandler and Mary Simonds is:
  937 i.   Mary Chandler, born January 7, 1671/72 in Concord MA; died August 14, 1759 in Concord MA; married John Heald December 18, 1690 in Concord MA.

      1912. Jabez Fairbank, born November 8, 1670. He was the son of 3824. Jonas Fairbank and 3825. Lydia Prescott. He married 1913. Mary Wilder.

      1913. Mary Wilder
Child of Jabez Fairbank and Mary Wilder is:
  956 i.   Joseph Fairbank, born 1693 in Lancaster (Harvard) MA; died December 6, 1772 in Harvard MA; married Mary Brown April 21, 1718.

      1920. John Grosvenor, born January 2, 1640/41 in The Friars; died September 27, 1691 in Roxbury MA. He was the son of 3840. William Gravenor, Gent and 3841. Susanna Paston. He married 1921. Esther Clarke Abt. 1672 in Watertown MA.

      1921. Esther Clarke, born 1651 in Watertown MA; died June 15, 1738 in Pomfret CT.

Notes for John Grosvenor:
Birth place: The Friars, St Leonard Parish, Bridgenorth, Shropshire, England
Child of John Grosvenor and Esther Clarke is:
  960 i.   Ebenezer Grosvenor, born October 9, 1684 in Roxbury MA; died September 20, 1730 in Pomfret CT; married Anna Marcy December 26, 1707 in Woodstock CT.

      1924. William Cheney, born June 30, 1663 in Cambridge. Middlesex Co MA; died March 25, 1695 in Roxbury, Suffolk Co MA. He was the son of 3848. Thomas Cheney and 3849. Jane Adkinson. He married 1925. Rebecca Newell May 24, 1686 in Roxbury, Suffolk co MA.

      1925. Rebecca Newell, born April 14, 1663 in Roxbury, Suffolk Co MA; died August 27, 1717 in Roxbury , Suffolk Co MA.
Child of William Cheney and Rebecca Newell is:
  962 i.   Abiel Cheney, born May 21, 1695 in Roxbury, Suffolk Co MA; died March 20, 1785 in Pomfret, Windham Co CT; married Mariah Waldo May 3, 1720 in Pomfret, CT.

      1926. Daniel Waldo He married 1927. Susanna Adams November 20, 1683 in Chelmsford, Middlesex Co MA.

      1927. Susanna Adams, born 1661 in Chelmsford, Middlesex Co MA; died March 16, 1740/41 in Pomfret, Windham Co CT. She was the daughter of 3854. Samuel Adams and 3855. Rebecca Graves.
Child of Daniel Waldo and Susanna Adams is:
  963 i.   Mariah Waldo, born February 10, 1695/96 in Chelmsford, Middlesex Co MA; died December 2, 1787 in Pomfret, Windham Co CT; married Abiel Cheney May 3, 1720 in Pomfret, CT.

      1934. Rev. Peter Bulkeley, born November 3, 1641 in Odell, Bedfordshire England; died May 24, 1688 in Chlemsford MA. He was the son of 3868. Rev Edward Bulkeley and 3869. Lucian. He married 1935. Rebecca Wheeler April 16, 1667 in MA.

      1935. Rebecca Wheeler, born 1645; died 1718.
Child of Rev. Bulkeley and Rebecca Wheeler is:
  967 i.   Rebecca Bulkeley, born 1681 in Concord MA; died 1747 in Concord MA; married Jonathon Prescott July 9, 1701 in Concord MA.

      1984. James Hinds, born Abt. 1600 in England; died March 1652/53 in Southhold Long Island NY. He married 1985. Mary unknown.

      1985. Mary unknown

Notes for James Hinds:
The records of the First Congregational Church of Salem MA show James Hinds (Haines) was a member as early as Dec 25 1637. Exerpts from the "History and Genealogy of the Hinds Family" by Albert Henry Hindes, The Thurston Print, 1899.

James Hinds (Heynes, Haynes, Hindes) the emigrant came to this country, proably from England and landed in Salem Mass., as early as 1637, when he was admitted as a freeman. He married in 1638, and at an early day removed to Southold, L. I., where he died in March, 1652/3. Will of James Hindes or Haines made March 1, 1652:

"I, James Haynes being weake in bodie, but by divine Providence in p'fect memorie do make this my last will and testament:

Impris. I doe give and bequeath that small estate the Lord hath been pleased to lend me to my loving wife Mary Haynes my children being Smale for to bring them upp withall only my tooles that belong to my calling I give them all to my oldest sonn John Haynes.

2nd. My will is that my children continue with my wife till they be twenty one years of age, th' older laboring to be a help to bring upp the younger, unless Providence order it otherwise that she shall dispose of herselfe in marriage and then shall see or have cause to put any of them to some honest trade of calling.

I leave it to her & my loving friends Mr. John Youngs, Sen., & John Herbert my overseers to dispose of, or in case she should not dispose of herself in marriage, that she finds not herselfe able to govern them, or that it bee not advantagious to the family to keep them all at home, then I leave it to her, and my aforesaid overseers to dispose of them. In testimony hereof I have sett my hand the 1 March 1652. Southold.

Signed and delivered in the p'sence of us, Jo. Youngs. John Herbert"

Child of James Hinds and Mary unknown is:
  992 i.   John Hinds, born August 28, 1639; died March 1719/20 in Lancaster MA; married Mrs Mary Butler February 8, 1680/81 in Lancaster MA.
Generation No. 12

      3584. Thomas Harris, born April 12, 1605 in Deal, Kent Co England; died June 7, 1686 in Providence RI42. He was the son of 7168. ukn Harris. He married 3585. Elizabeth Leatherland Abt. 163243.

      3585. Elizabeth Leatherland44, born Unknown; died Unknown in Providence RI45.

Notes for Thomas Harris:
Thomas brother, William and sister Parnill, sailed for America on the ship Lyon from Bristol, England on December 1 1630. The ship arrived in early February, in or near what is now Boston. They first went to Massachusetts Plantation and later going from Salem to Providence RI with Roger Williams. On August 20 1637 (approximately), Thomas and twelve others signed the following compact: "We, whose names are hereunder, desirous to inhabit in the town of Providence, do promise to subject ourselves in active or passive obedience to all such orders or agreements as shall be made for public good of the body in an orderly way by the major assent of the present inhabitants, members of families incorporated together into a town of fellowship, and such others whom they shall admit unto themselves, only in civil things".

In 1652, 1653, 1654, 1655, 1656, 1657, 1661 and 1663 he was Commissioner. In 1654 he was Lieutenant, 1655, Freeman and 1656, Juryman. He was Deputy to General Court in 1664, 1666, 1667, 1672, and 1673. Member of the Town Council in 1664, 1665, 1666 and 1669. On February 19, 1665 he drew lot 7 in division of Lands, May 1667, he, as surveyor, laid out lands.

The above is an excerpt from: "A GENEALOGY and ANCESTRAL LINE of BETHUEL HARRIS, of Harrisville, N. H., AND HIS DESCENDANTS." By Albert Hutchinson, one of the descendants. Keene NH, March 1907.

The will of Thomas was proved June 3 1686, Executor, son Thomas and overseers Thomas Field and Samuel Whipple (sons-in-law). Recorded In Austin's Gen. Dictionary of RI.

In Thomas's will it is mentioned that a Richard Iles died Oct 29, 1639 in Charlestown MA and left 20 pounds to his two cousins, William and Thomas.

Mr Hutchinson's research was quite thorough for that era. His primary focus was on the DIRECT line from Thomas (1605) thru Katie E Harris STEWART and her 1st child, Meredith Carolyn Stewart. Maud Harris Spear continued collecting data from 1907 to 1957. Many family members have contributed data for all generations.

The bibliography from Mr Hutchinson's research was not included in the copy of his genealogy passed down to me. Historic Harrisville, Inc. in Harrisville NH may have more information on Mr Hutchinson's manuscript.

  Notes for Elizabeth Leatherland:
Elizabeth's surname may have been "Leatherland" per a history in the LDS Family History Center.
Child of Thomas Harris and Elizabeth Leatherland is:
  1792 i.   Thomas Harris, born 1645 in Providence RI; died February 27, 1710/11 in Providence RI; married Elnathan Tew November 3, 1664 in Newport RI.

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