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Ancestors of Thomas Burnett Wiens

Generation No. 5

      16. Peter Franz Wiens, born Mar 26, 1804 in Marienburg, Prussia; died Nov 5, 1893 in Sparrau, Molotchna Colony, Ukraine. He was the son of 32. Franz Peter Wiens and 33. Katharina Friesen. He married 17. Marie Penner.

      17. Marie Penner, born Dec 24, 1810 in Tiegenhof, Prussia; died Jan 1, 1898 in Sparrau, Molotschna, South Russia.

Notes for Peter Franz Wiens:
From Adalbert Goertz' Migration of Mennonites from West Prussia to Russia 1820 - 1841 (on-line), we find a Peter Wiens migrating from Kreis Elbing to Molotschna in 1824, with a total of four people and no children. We don't know for sure that this is Peter Franz. Franz Peter and his wife, and brother Franz Franz and his wife (note: married at the beginning of 1824) also end up in Sparrau, arriving in 1826 and 1827 respectively, according to 1835 Molotchna Census. Sparrau is incorporated in 1828. Possibly Peter Franz migrated first, paving the way for his father and brother to follow.

  Notes for Marie Penner:
Adina Robinson says grandfather's mother was a Penner (p, 2)
Marie Penner would have been 1 year old or less in 1811, at which time we find in Kreis Elbing in Oberkerbswald (evKB Neukirch) one Daniel Penner with a daughter aged 1, and one Heinrich Penner (also evKB Neukirch) with a similar 1-year-old daughter in Wickerau.

Children of Peter Wiens and Marie Penner are:
  i.   Maria Wiens.
  ii.   Peter Wiens, born Abt. 1835 in Sparrau, Molotschna, South Russia.
  8 iii.   Jacob B. Wiens, born Oct 9, 1839 in Sparrau, Molotschna Colony, Ukraine; died Aug 31, 1902 in Henderson, Nebraska; married Maria Friesen Apr 9, 1863 in Sparrau, Molotcha Colony, Ukraine.
  iv.   Franz Wiens, born Aug 1, 1842; married Helena Friesen Nov 15, 1866.
  v.   Heinrich Wiens, born Abt. 1844 in Sparrau, Molotschna, South Russia.
  vi.   Abraham Wiens, born Abt. 1846 in Sparrau, Molotschna, South Russia; married ? Wiebe.
  vii.   Anna Wiens, born Abt. 1851.
  viii.   Sara Wiens, born Abt. 1852.

      20. Franz Harder, born Apr 25, 1829 in Schonfeld, Chortiza, Ukraine; died 1894 in York County, NE. He was the son of 40. Franz Harder and 41. Aganetha Harder. He married 21. Elizabeth Schmidt.

      21. Elizabeth Schmidt, born 1835 in Schonwiese, Chortiza, Ukraine; died 1915 in Oregon. She was the daughter of 42. Martin Schmidt.
Children of Franz Harder and Elizabeth Schmidt are:
  10 i.   Martin Harder, born Aug 24, 1849 in Schonfeld, Chortiza; died May 8, 1924 in Hillsboro, KA; married Anna Ediger Dec 26, 1881.
  ii.   Aganetha Harder, born Jun 29, 1857.
  iii.   Sarah Harder, born Jun 29, 1859.
  iv.   Elisabeth Harder, born Jun 27, 1864.
  v.   Franz Harder, born Jun 27, 1864.

      22. Cornelius A. Ediger, born May 11, 1827 in Alexanderthal, S. Russia; died Apr 30, 1898 in Henderson, Nebraska. He was the son of 44. Johann "Hans" Heinrich Ediger and 45. Elizabeth Ewert. He married 23. Aganetta Dahl Nov 8, 1849.

      23. Aganetta Dahl, born Aug 28, 1827 in Klippenfeld, Molotschna, Ukraine; died Apr 28, 1897 in Henderson, Nebraska. She was the daughter of 46. Heinrich Paul Dahl.
Children of Cornelius Ediger and Aganetta Dahl are:
  i.   Aganetha Ediger, born Sep 11, 1850 in Alexanderthal, S. Russia; died Dec 12, 1929 in Henderson, NE; married Isaak Goertzen.
  ii.   Cornelius Ediger, born Aug 10, 1853.
  iii.   Catherine Ediger, born Aug 9, 1859.
  11 iv.   Anna Ediger, born Mar 10, 1863 in Elizabeththal, Ukraine; married Martin Harder Dec 26, 1881.
  v.   Heinrich Ediger, born Aug 7, 1866.
  vi.   Helena Ediger, born Aug 6, 1868.
  vii.   Johan Ediger, born Aug 6, 1871.

      24. Swan Pritchett Burnett, born Oct 24, 1779 in Rutherford Co., NC?; died Dec 2, 1837 in Del Rio, TN. He was the son of 48. Thomas Burnett and 49. Elizabeth Littleberry. He married 25. Frances Bell Sep 19, 1801 in Burke Co., NC.

      25. Frances Bell, born Nov 25, 1782 in Iredell Co., NC; died Jul 24, 1858 in Del Rio, TN. She was the daughter of 50. Thomas Bell and 51. Jane Montgomery.
Children of Swan Burnett and Frances Bell are:
  i.   William Claudius Burnett, born May 26, 1802.
  ii.   Littleberry Burnett, born Aug 31, 1804.
  iii.   Thomas Montgomery Burnett, born Jan 13, 1807 in BUNCOMBE CO., NORTH CAROLINA; died 1840 in Cherokee Co, . Ala; married Charlotte Tilley.
  Notes for Thomas Montgomery Burnett:
The descendants of Thomas Montgomery Burnett have been researched by Evelyn Burnett (, who contributed the information below on this family.

  Notes for Charlotte Tilley:

1/2 cherokee indian

  iv.   Swan Pritchett Burnett, Jr., born Apr 2, 1809.
  v.   John Monroe Burnett, born Feb 3, 1811; married Lydia Peck.
  Notes for Lydia Peck:
Living Individual - Details withheld

  vi.   James Madison Burnett, born Nov 20, 1813; married Caroline Huff.
  vii.   Cynthia C. Burnett, born Sep 19, 1815.
  viii.   Elizabeth M. Burnett, born Nov 12, 1817.
  ix.   Jane Adeline Burnett, born Feb 16, 1820 in nr Asheville, NC; died Mar 7, 1882 in Bridgeport, TN; married Jehu Stokely Dec 1, 1836.
  x.   Narcissa Talitha Burnett, born Dec 17, 1821; died Oct 5, 1881; married (1) Andrew Huff Oct 4, 1838; married (2) Andrew C. Huff Oct 4, 1838.
  xi.   Joseph Jefferson Burnett, born Feb 7, 1824; married Mary Huff.
  xii.   Benjamin Franklin Burnett, born Apr 14, 1826 in nr Asheville, NC; died Mar 10, 1884 in Fort Gaines, GA; married Mary Castleberry.
  12 xiii.   Jesse Montreville Lafayette Burnett, born Sep 14, 1829 in Asheville, NC; died Aug 1, 1883 in Del Rio, TN; married (1) Evaline Huff 1853; married (2) Henrietta Sarah Cody Dec 26, 1861 in "Pleasant Ridge" Plantation, Henry Co., AL.

      26. Edmund Cody, born Sep 15, 1818 in Blakely, Early Co. GA; died Dec 12, 1863 in Henry Co., AL. He was the son of 52. Barnett Cody and 53. Fransinia McCormick. He married 27. Sarah Anthony Henderson Oct 6, 1840 in Blakely, Early Co. GA.

      27. Sarah Anthony Henderson, born Aug 2, 1823; died Apr 16, 1860 in Henry Co., AL. She was the daughter of 54. William Henderson.

Notes for Edmund Cody:
Studied for a year or more at Mercer University; became a Baptist minister. Family tradition declares that he dropped out of school because he was "eager only to have beside him her who had inspired him with buoyant feelings of energy and hope, had given activity to his thoughts, and life to the benumbed faculties of his soul, without whom he would despair and sink into nothing, his days full of gloom, his life irksome. (paraphrase of a letter written by him to "Dear Sarah"on Aug. 15, 1840, cited by E.C. Burnett.) The couple had thirteen children, including two sets of twins.

Moved about 1823 to a plantation of more than 1,600 acres in Henry County, Alabama, about 6-8 miles from Fort Gaines, GA., on the Alabama bank of the Chattahoochee River (plantation called "Pleasant Ridge", but post office in Franklin.)

Children of Edmund Cody and Sarah Henderson are:
  i.   Fransinia Catherine Cody, born Jul 11, 1841; died Jul 20, 1912; married Abner Embry McGarity Aug 2, 1860.
  Notes for Abner Embry McGarity:
Attended Bowdon College near Carroll County, GA, then Univ. of Nashville and Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, from which he obtained his M.D. Began practice in Henry County, AL in 1858, where he met and married Fransinia Catherine Cody. Was a surgeon in the Confederate service through nearly the whole of the war, first in the 21st Georgia, then 44th Georgia, and last in the 61st Alabama. In charge of the field hospital at the battle of Cedar Creek, Oct. 19, 1864, after which battle he was invited to breakfast with Gen. Sheridan when the hospital fell within Union lines due to the Confederate defeat. Cited by E.C. Burnett: "Dr. McGarity was a good man, treated the sick and wounded under his charge humanely and kindly. Always in a good humor and always ready to speak a kind word, he made true friends and no enemies in the 44th Georgia while connected with it." He was present at the death of his young brother-in-law William Cody. Managed the Cody estate 1865-67, after which it was sold and he moved to Cuthbert, GA., and in 1872 to Newnan, where , together with Capt. L. J. Laird, husband of Anne Elizabeth Cody, he prospered as warehouse and commission merchants (the firm collapsed six years later). Then he moved to Carrollton (Carroll Co.) in 1877 for a year, then Bowdon for three years; and in 1881 to Atlanta, where McGarity and Laird sold medical and law books before going finally into life insurance.

  13 ii.   Henrietta Sarah Cody, born Feb 20, 1843 in Blakely, Early Co., GA; died Dec 26, 1927 in Dandridge, TN; married Jesse Montreville Lafayette Burnett Dec 26, 1861 in "Pleasant Ridge" Plantation, Henry Co., AL.
  iii.   Barnett Hardeman Cody, born Feb 21, 1845; died Jul 23, 1863 in Gettysburg, PA.
  Notes for Barnett Hardeman Cody:
In school run byClarke and Fudge at Cuthbert, GA. when the state of Georgia seceded from the Union. Volunteered 3 July 1861 in "Henry Pioneers," a Henry County company which became Company G of Fifteenth Alabama regiment of Confederate Army. Promoted to Jr. Second Lieutenant in 4/30/1863 for gallantry at the battle of Sharpsburg, promoted to 2nd Lieutenant following action at Suffolk, Virginia, fell mortally wounded (actually one leg was shattered and amputated at the hip, and he died of typhoid) shortly after 2 PM on July 2, 1863 in the effort to take Little Round Top as member of General Law's brigade at Battle of Gettysburg. Died July 23rd under Union care. According to Colonel William C. Oates (in appendix to his account of the 15th AL Regiment, "War between the Union and the Confederacy"), he was "one of the finest soldiers I ever knew".

Letter from the same (then General) Oates dated July 11, 1902 to E.C. Burnett: "Barnett H. Cody went in my company to the war when only 16 years old. I appointed him fourth Corporal because he was so young and bright, and he was promoted through all the grades of non-commissioned office, and finally on my recommendation was made Lieutenant in his company. He was undoubtedly the finest soldier of his age I ever saw, and discharged every duty which was involved with cheerfulness and good spirits. I loved the boy for his manliness. He was mortally wounded at the battle of Gettysburg July 2, 1863 and died in a tent along side of my brother John A. Oates. Two more gallant and worthy boys never died together in any cause."

Above cited in "Letters of Barnett Hardeman Cody and Others, 1861-1864," with notes by Edmund Cody Burnett, in The Georgia Historical Quarterly, September and December 1939.

  iv.   William Henderson Cody, born 1847; died Abt. 1863 in Battle of Cedar Creek.
  Notes for William Henderson Cody:
Around Sept. 1864, jointed a body of recruits and proceeded to the front. Enrolled Sept. 21, 1864 in Company B (formerly Company A) of the 6th Alabama. On October 19 was killed in the first engagement in which he participated, at Bell's Grove in the Battle of Cedar Creek. According to Dr. A. E. McGarity, William joined the first body of troops that marked by the hospital toward the battle front. Very shortly afterward word was brought to the doctor that "that boy who was helping you a while ago is badly hurt." Thereupon Dr. McGarity left the hospital and followed the line of march until he found William, who had been shot through the bowels and was then breathing in spasmodic gasps. "Am I badly hurt?", he asked the doctor. "Yes, William, you are," Dr. McGarity replied. "Who's winning? " William then asked. "We are," the doctor replied. "Then I am satisfied," said William; and almost immediately breathed his last. [from E.C. Burnett]

  v.   Anne Elizabeth Cody, born Mar 6, 1850; died Apr 24, 1913 in Miami, FL ?; married Lewis Jefferson Laird.
  Notes for Anne Elizabeth Cody:
Mrs. J. A. Wynne of Miami, FL cited as surviving sister in obituary of sister Henrietta in Newport, TN Plain Talk in 1927.

  vi.   Keziah McCormick Cody, born Mar 7, 1852; died Nov 18, 1862.
  vii.   John Edmund Cody, born Feb 4, 1854; died Feb 8, 1866.
  viii.   Emma Rydona Cody, born Oct 24, 1855; died Nov 13, 1941 in Miami, FL; married Joseph A. Wynne.
  ix.   Paul McCormick Cody, born Oct 24, 1855; died Dec 24, 1926 in Bristol, TN.
  Notes for Paul McCormick Cody:
Cited as surviving brother in obituary of sister Henrietta in Newport, TN Plain Talk.

  x.   Zachariah Thornton Cody, born May 21, 1858; died Mar 7, 1935.
  Notes for Zachariah Thornton Cody:
Cited as surviving brother in obituary of sister Henrietta in Newport, TN Plain Talk.Reported as surviving brother attending Henrietta's funeral,

  xi.   Lula Cody, born Apr 5, 1860; died Sep 2, 1860.
  xii.   Lila Cody, born Apr 5, 1860; died Sep 6, 1860.

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