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Ancestors of Thomas Burnett Wiens

Generation No. 6

      32. Franz Peter Wiens, born Feb 25, 1773 in Marienburg, Prussia; died Jul 20, 1838 in Russia. He was the son of 64. Peter Wiens and 65. ?. He married 33. Katharina Friesen Mar 16, 1794 in Marienburg, Prussia.

      33. Katharina Friesen, born Jul 15, 1775; died Oct 3, 1845 in Russia.

Notes for Franz Peter Wiens:
The Elbing 1811 Census, we find a Franz Wiens in Krebsfelde (or Krebsfeldt), Kreis Elbing:

H W Males Females
23.Franz Wiens 41 37 15,7 13,11,9,5,2

The wife's and children's ages are a perfect match. If the 1811 Census is correct, however, Franz was born in 1770 rather than 1773.


Children of Franz Wiens and Katharina Friesen are:
  i.   Franz Franz Wiens, born Mar 16, 1796 in Fuerstenauerfeld, Prussia; died Oct 3, 1845; married Katharina Rempel Jan 2, 1824.
  ii.   Katharina Wiens, born Feb 25, 1798 in Marienburg, Prussia.
  iii.   Margaretha Wiens, born Mar 4, 1800 in Marienburg, Prussia.
  iv.   Helena Wiens, born Mar 4, 1802; died Apr 17, 1815.
  16 v.   Peter Franz Wiens, born Mar 26, 1804 in Marienburg, Prussia; died Nov 5, 1893 in Sparrau, Molotchna Colony, Ukraine; married Marie Penner.
  vi.   Heinrich Wiens, born Mar 17, 1806 in Marienburg, Prussia; died 1806.
  vii.   Maria Wiens, born Mar 7, 1807 in Marienburg, Prussia; died May 24, 1816.
  viii.   Anna Wiens, born Mar 9, 1810 in Marienburg, Prussia; died Sep 14, 1876 in Margenau, Molotschna, South Russia; married (1) Abraham Braun; married (2) Abraham Groening Oct 29, 1831; married (3) Jacob Dietrich Wiebe Oct 28, 1834; married (4) Herman Peters Jun 18, 1856.
  Notes for Abraham Braun:
Living Individual - Details withheld

  ix.   Agatha Wiens, born May 11, 1811 in Marienburg, Prussia; died Jun 14, 1811.
  x.   Heinrich Wiens, born Mar 22, 1815 in Marienburg, Prussia; married <Unnamed>.
  xi.   Wilhelm Wiens, born Abt. 1821.

      40. Franz Harder, born Oct 25, 1805. He married 41. Aganetha Harder Jan 7, 1827.

      41. Aganetha Harder, born Nov 5, 1806.

Notes for Franz Harder:
Note: from same church register in which his son later appears, the
info given is as follows:
B1843-A034 Harder, Franz b 1805/10/25 m 1827/01/07 Harder,
Aganetha 1806/05/11

Child of Franz Harder and Aganetha Harder is:
  20 i.   Franz Harder, born Apr 25, 1829 in Schonfeld, Chortiza, Ukraine; died 1894 in York County, NE; married Elizabeth Schmidt.

      42. Martin Schmidt.
Child of Martin Schmidt is:
  21 i.   Elizabeth Schmidt, born 1835 in Schonwiese, Chortiza, Ukraine; died 1915 in Oregon; married Franz Harder.

      44. Johann "Hans" Heinrich Ediger, born Aug 5, 1775 in Montauerweide, W. Prussia; died Jan 16, 1835 in Schardau, S. Russia. He was the son of 88. Heinrich Ediger. He married 45. Elizabeth Ewert Apr 21, 1815 in Zieglershuben, W. Prussia.

      45. Elizabeth Ewert, born Apr 9, 1789 in Rosenkrantz; died Nov 27, 1864 in Schardau, S. Russia.
Children of Johann Ediger and Elizabeth Ewert are:
  i.   Solomon Ediger, born Apr 29, 1816 in Zieglershuben, W. Prussia; died Jul 7, 1891 in Lehigh, KS; married Augustina Heinrichs Nov 26, 1840.
  ii.   Heinrich Ediger, born Nov 20, 1819 in South Russia; died Nov 7, 1901 in Inman, KS.
  iii.   David Ediger, born Dec 14, 1821 in Alexanderthal, S. Russia; died Jan 5, 1916 in Buhler, KS.
  iv.   Elizabeth Ediger, born Apr 21, 1823 in Alexanderthal, S. Russia; died Feb 26, 1900.
  22 v.   Cornelius A. Ediger, born May 11, 1827 in Alexanderthal, S. Russia; died Apr 30, 1898 in Henderson, Nebraska; married Aganetta Dahl Nov 8, 1849.

      46. Heinrich Paul Dahl, born 1793.
Children of Heinrich Paul Dahl are:
  i.   Helena Dahl.
  23 ii.   Aganetta Dahl, born Aug 28, 1827 in Klippenfeld, Molotschna, Ukraine; died Apr 28, 1897 in Henderson, Nebraska; married Cornelius A. Ediger Nov 8, 1849.

      48. Thomas Burnett, born 1755 in Virginia; died Oct 8, 1780 in Rutherford Co., NC?. He was the son of 96. ? Burnett. He married 49. Elizabeth Littleberry 1777.

      49. Elizabeth Littleberry.

Notes for Thomas Burnett:
According to family legend, Thomas was killed by Tories (Loyalists) on their way to Kings Mtn. 10-7-1780. His widow remarried John Gaspison (or Gasperson) in 1782 in Rutherford County, NC.

However, from "Bridges To the Past" by Brooks and Newton, a compilation of articles from Rutherford Co
NC newspapers, is found this letter from William Twitty to Lyman Draper, in the Draper Manuscripts. He is telling about the Battle of Kings Mountain. "The other Loyalist were Jesse Burnett, Thomas Burnett
(brothers) Thomas Capples, Moses Moore..."


Children of Thomas Burnett and Elizabeth Littleberry are:
  24 i.   Swan Pritchett Burnett, born Oct 24, 1779 in Rutherford Co., NC?; died Dec 2, 1837 in Del Rio, TN; married Frances Bell Sep 19, 1801 in Burke Co., NC.
  ii.   Littleberry Burnett, born Abt. 1780.
  Notes for Littleberry Burnett:
Has descendants in Georgia and elsewhere.

      50. Thomas Bell, born Apr 28, 1748 in Augusta Co, VA; died 1834 in Buncombe Co, NC. He was the son of 100. James Bell, Sr. and 101. Agness Hogshead?. He married 51. Jane Montgomery.

      51. Jane Montgomery, born Dec 15, 1751; died Sep 30, 1787 in Rowen Co, NC.

Notes for Thomas Bell:
Believed to have served in Revolutionary War from VA, battle of Point Pleasant which began along the Ohio River in Oct. 1774.

Child of Thomas Bell and Jane Montgomery is:
  25 i.   Frances Bell, born Nov 25, 1782 in Iredell Co., NC; died Jul 24, 1858 in Del Rio, TN; married Swan Pritchett Burnett Sep 19, 1801 in Burke Co., NC.

      52. Barnett Cody, born Jan 17, 1792 in Warren Co., GA; died Oct 13, 1859 in Henry Co., AL. He was the son of 104. Edmund Cody and 105. Catharine Donelson. He married 53. Fransinia McCormick 1813.

      53. Fransinia McCormick, born Apr 10, 1795 in Warren Co., GA; died 1878 in GA. She was the daughter of 106. John McCormick and 107. Sarah Moore.

Notes for Barnett Cody:
Actively engaged in business before taking up residence in 1833 on a plantation near Blakely, Early County, GA., and in 1849 to Henry Co., AL.. Lost most of her immediate descendants during the Civil War. Home destroyed by fire, with all its contents, in 1866.

Children of Barnett Cody and Fransinia McCormick are:
  i.   John B. Cody, born Abt. 1815; died 1839 in Augusta, GA.
  26 ii.   Edmund Cody, born Sep 15, 1818 in Blakely, Early Co. GA; died Dec 12, 1863 in Henry Co., AL; married Sarah Anthony Henderson Oct 6, 1840 in Blakely, Early Co. GA.
  iii.   Catherine Donelson Cody, born Abt. 1820 in Warren Co., GA; died Abt. 1852; married Edwin Lightfoot Abt. 1836.
  Notes for Edwin Lightfoot:
Residing in Early County, GA in 1840 Census; in 1850 recorded as Hotel Keeper, born in GA (he was also assistant marshall and census taker for Early County). Children taken into home of their uncle, Rev. Edmund Cody, after death of their parents.

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