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Ancestors of George William Paul Green

      36. Elijah Gillenwater, born in Amherst, VA; died Oct 1832 in Washington Co, VA. He was the son of 72. Thomas Gillenwater, Jr. and 73. Martha Gillenwater. He married 37. Elizabeth Clarke 16 Nov 1818 in Hawkins, TN.

      37. Elizabeth Clarke, born in Washington Co, VA. She was the daughter of 74. William Clarke and 75. Martha Nash(?).

Notes for Elijah Gillenwater:
[Willey Family Tree 16 Jan 2005.FTW]

Joan Carroll [CI:102:?2:CI][FN:page 6:FN] PAPERS page 6) provided this information. "The first survey shows on March 10, 1797, land grant of 700 acres on both sides of North Fork of Holston River, and on July 23 of the same year, 50 acres in Poor Valley. September 29, 1797 he witnesses a legal paper. John Owens gave him power of attorney in 1798." Elijah would have been in his thirties at this time. The only other Elijah known to be living in Hawkins County before 1800 was a nephew Elijah C. who was born circa 1786, the son of Elijah's brother Joel. The deed transactions obviously do not apply to the nephew who was still a minor. Mrs. Dale Hammarlund [CI:103:?3:CI]supplied this information: "....., he was an assistant "Foot Master" in the Rev. War. He is listed on the payroll of Capt. Wm.Tucker's Co. of Militia from Amherst Co., which company joined the army on 14 Jan 1781, and all were discharged 26 Mar 1781, serving 72 days. Elijah received a land grant of ten acres, issued 5 April 1782, in Carter Valley, then in Virginia. This later proved to be in Hawkins Co., TN. and was registered there 21 December 1808."

More About Elijah Gillenwater:
Tax List: 01 Apr 1815, Lee Co, VA, Southwest Division: 1 tract, 33 acres, valued at $100
Children of Elijah Gillenwater and Elizabeth Clarke are:
  18 i.   Shelah Gillenwater, born 04 Apr 1795 in Washington Co, VA (Near Holston, VA); died 17 Feb 1857 in Scott Co, VA; married Nancy Cocke 06 Nov 1818 in Scott Co, VA.
  ii.   Joseph Gillenwater, married Mary Ann Glandin 19 Dec 1848.
  iii.   Thomas Gillenwater, married Mary Mallory Wilkins.
  iv.   Joel Gillenwater
  v.   Myzorah Gillenwater
  vi.   Rachel Gillenwater
  vii.   Mary Gillenwater
  viii.   John Gillenwater
  ix.   Elijah Gillenwater
  x.   Wesley Gillenwater
  xi.   Nancy Gillenwater
  xii.   Joel Gillenwater

      38. David Clinton Cocke89,90,91, born Abt. 1748 in Yadkin Valley, North Carolina; died 10 Jul 1827 in Fort Blackmore, VA. He was the son of 76. Henry Cocke and 77. Katherine Holt. He married 39. Jemina Leach Abt. 1774.

      39. Jemina Leach, born 1748; died 15 Jan 1834 in Fort Blackmore, VA.

Notes for David Clinton Cocke:
[Willey Family Tree 16 Jan 2005.FTW]

Charles B. Coke in his genealogy of the Cocke family, states according to tradition that David "was born in the Yadkin Valley area of North Carolina and as a young man scouted the area of southwest
Virginia and became one of its earliest setlers." .


Taken from "History of DAVID COCKE of Virginia"
"The following information has been compiled from many sources and provided by many Cocke/Cox descendants who share a love for our lineage, especially Charles Urban, who unselfishly provides his research for all of his "new" cousins:
                        DAVID COCKE
Many researchers believe David Cocke was born in Yadkin Valley of NC, but the recent discovery of a will of David's father, Henry Cocke, written in Surry Co., VA in 1777, mentions David as under age at the time, indicating that he could not have been born before 1756. It is believed Henry and son, David, went to NC, probably during the Indian attacks that caused many to flee from the New River settlements, and then David returned to VA or lived in that part of NC that became VA. Records of Mrs. Cecil Cox Quillen and Mrs. Margaret Barron Taylor for membership in the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the family Bible of Dr. Robert Kilgore Cocke and submitted by Mrs. Taylor, indicate that David C. Cocke died 10 July 1827, married Jemima Leese, who died 15 Jan 1834."

David C. Cocke came to Stoney Creek, now Fort Blackmore, Virginia from Yadkin Valley, North Carolina. He came to hunt game and was taken by some Indians and held for some time, but got away and went back to NC. He told people what great game country it was and he, along with Carters, two Blackmore brothers, and some 20 or more people came to Fort Blackmore and built a fort to protect them from Indians. It was made up of carpenters, stone masons, farmers and a miller, ho was David C. Cocke. He built a mill on Stoney Creek. He had two mills and a large farm. Later he bought 515 acres that Blackmore left when he went to Nashville, Tn (about 1779).

From the obituary of a great-great-grandson: "The Cocke-Cox family came from England to Chesterfield County, VA, later came to Lynchburg and from there one or more went to Yadkin Valley in North Carolina. Later on to Fort Blackmore in Rye Cove, Scott County, Va. David C. Cocke stayed in Rye Cove, while others went to Kentucky. David C. Cocke built one of the first houses outside the stockade at Rye Cove."

David COX, is listed in the "Second Supplement of the DAR Patriot Index(New Ancestor List), Washington DC, National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, pg 15. It states: "David COX, born 1748, died 02-28-1828 married Jemima Leach, Patriotic Service in Virginia." Mrs. Quillen states in her application: "Patriot rendered aid in defense of Fort Blackmore - 1777."

20th Day of April 1787: Russell Co, VA, Court Records, Ordr Bk 1, pg 37, Lebanon, VA.: ......"Agreeable to an order of the County Lieutenant of the County I have ordered out David Cock and Richard Long who made oath that they have been five days on duty.........Certified by me, Charles Brickley, Captain."

copied from the family bible of Dr. Robert Kilgore COCKE

Contributed by Mrs. Margaret (Barron)TAYLOR.

David C. COCKE, died 10 July 1827, married Jemima LEESE
Jemima LEESE died January 15, 1834
HENRY COCKE born June 14, 1776, m. REBECCA FLANARY 1802
REBECCA FLANARY born April 19, 1787
W.M. COCKE (settled in Arkansas)
JOHN COCKE (unmarried)
DAVID L. COCKE, born Sept 10, 1787; died June 8, 1866 m. Jan. 22, 1807, REBECCA BOGGS, died Jan. 19, 1864 (settled at Stoney Creek, VA.)
JAMES S. COCKE (settled at Stoney Creek, VA.)

In a self-published book in 1980 "The Bradley-Cocke and Related Families" by Arnold L. Bradley.
Arnold writes: He gives an estimated birth date for David Clinton Cocke as 1764 - the oldest son who was to receive what his mother was left by Henry upon her death. This included Henry Sr's silver-hilted sword(I wonder where that is now?). Other siblings of David were Henry Jr.(born around 1765-1766) Elizabeth, Katherine, and Lemuel.

Henry Cocke(later Sr.) was born around 1741 in Southwart Parish, Surry Co. VA . He married Katherine Holt around 1762-1763. Henry died prior to 27 May 1777, as that was when his will was probated.

Henry Jr. was also born in Southwart Parish. He was about 12 when his father died, and David was not much older. Quoting Arnold - "Henry Jr appears to have been the Cocke that broke away and moved to N.C.( but, we know that David was in N.C. - even possibly born there in the Yadkin River Valley.) Henry Jr's family were strict Babtists and belonged to the Wake Cross Road(or Crossroad) Baptist Church." This is probably where we can find the obituary record from a Baptist Publication.

One more interesting area that Tim wrote about from the book - regarding Walter Flood Cocke,, christened 25 Jan 1657 in Constantine Parish, Cornwall Co. England was that Walter married either Ann or Mary Mason. Both were daughters and listed in the wills of their parnets, Colonel Lemuel and Ann Mason of Norfolk Co. VA. Walter and Ann or Mary Mason had three children - Thomas, John and Ann. Thomas married Hannah Hamlin(not Hamilton). Ann also married a Hamlin.

More About David Clinton Cocke:
Burial: 1/2 mile above Ft. Blackmore
Chruch Record: 20 Mar 1801, Met in Church Conference at Br. David Cox's Br John Bustard, Moderator
Church Affiliation: 22 Aug 1801, Stoney Creek Baptist Church organized
Church Record: 23 May 1801, Br. Wilson, Br. Cox and Br. Brickey appointed by the church to cite Mary Jones to attend meeting of church. Nancy Hutcheson rec's by experience & batisied
Court Action: 20 Jun 1789, Surveyed for David Cox, 250 acres of land by virtue of part of Land Office Treasury Warrant #11343 dated 3-11-1782, lying in Russell Co on waters of Copper Creek above Clinch River
Deed: 05 Apr 1780, Montgomery Co., VA. Virginia Service Records for the French Indian War...recognized and acreage granted according to rank in the military. 50 acres certified for David Cox
Land Grant: 05 Apr 1780, Montogomery Co., VA: For service in the French & Indian War was recognized and acerage was granted for 50 acres, certified to the Register of Land Office
Land Patent: 02 Jul 1790, 40 acres from Henry Hamlin, at the mouth of the Mill run and down Stoney Creek to Clinch River for 60 lbs.
Land Survey: 20 Jun 1789, Reel 26, p 76, Russell Co., VA: Surveyed for David Cox, 250 acres of land by virtue of part of Land Office treasury warrent #11,343 dated 11 March 1782 lying in Russell Co. on waters of Copper Creek above of Clinch River and bounded as follows.....
Land Warrant: 11 Mar 1782, Land Office Treasury Warrant #11,343 lying in Russell Co. on waters of Copper Creek above the Clinch River....... The land bought from Samuel & Sarah Oxer (Auxier) 2-23-1796 and was witnessed by Samuel Porter, Henry Sork, and James Leach
Military service: 15 Jul 1780, Enlisted for service in the Revolutionary War. Served three months. Listed in the Second Supplement to the DAR Partiot Index (New Ancestor List), Wash. DC, 1973, National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, pg 15
Tax List: Jun 1771, William Herbert's list of tithable on the New River and "waters thereof" on both sides, as high as Sayers
Tithe List: Jun 1771, William Herbert's list of tithable on the New River and "waters thereof" on both sides, as high as Sayers: William Cox, John Coxs

  Notes for Jemina Leach:
[Willey Family Tree 16 Jan 2005.FTW]

STONEY CREEK BAPTIST CHURCH: In Addington's History a short report is given on this cheuch which was organized in 1801. It's first clerk and one of it's first decans was William Brickey, Sr., who married Elizabeth "Betsey" Cocke, daughter of David Cox. Another of it's first members was David L. Cocke who made a public profession at the age of 15 or 16 and joined an arm of the Reed's Valley Chruch which held their meetings at his father's house, which arm was organized into a church the same meeting he was baptized. The date of the meeting was August 22, 1801. A list of members prior to 1819 are: David Cox, James Cocks, Nansey Cox, DAvid Cor, Sr., John McKinsey and William Brickey, as well as others not in the family of David Cock, Sr.[David Clinton Cocke.FTW]

Children of David Cocke and Jemina Leach are:
  i.   John B. Cocke, born Abt. 1778 in Scott Co, VA; died Bet. 1818 - 1819.
  Notes for John B. Cocke:
[Willey Family Tree 16 Jan 2005.FTW]

There is no record of John B. Cocke's marriage and he was not named in the will of David C. Cocke since he died sometime between 1818/1819 before David's will was executed.

Will of John B. Cocke (Will Book #1, p. 115, Scott Co., VA): An inventory of the estate of JOHN COCKE, deceased;
      1 still and 18 mash tubes, $90.00; 1 steer and 1 bell, $18.00; Wearing clothes,
      3 coats, 3 waistcoats, 4 pair pantaloons, 3 shirts and 1 hat, $9.00; Five pounds
      beeswax, $1.25; 2 bars (?), .25 cents; 1 bearskin, #1.00; Debt to John McHenry,
      $70.00;--Total $189.50. The above is a true inventory to order of DAVID COCKE
      pursuant to the order of the Scott County Court. Wittness: John Buster, James Brickley, James Albert[David Clinton Cocke.FTW]

  More About John B. Cocke:
Deed: 05 Apr 1780
Individual Note: Never Married
Tax List: 01 Apr 1815, Grayson Co, VA, Southwest Div: John Cock, 1 farm on the waters of Reed Island Creek, 290 acres having thereon 2 "cabbens", 2 stables valued at $200; 3 other tracts on the waters of Reed Island Creek, 210 acres having thereon 3 cabbens, 1 stable, val $145

  ii.   Henry Cocke, born 14 Jun 1776 in Fort Blackmore, VA; died 31 Dec 1881 in Lee Co, Va; married Rebecca Flannary 1802; born 29 Apr 1787 in VA; died Aft. 1850 in KY.
  Notes for Henry Cocke:
[Willey Family Tree 16 Jan 2005.FTW]

After his marriage to Rebecca Flannery, a native of Scott County, he removed to Lee County (Co. name actually changed) where he was engaged in farming till his death. His son, Henry J. Coake , father of our subject, was born in that county. Aug 18, 1818. At twenty years of age, his father being dead, the young man went with his mother to Kentucky. He there married Elenor Rowe(Roe) daughter of Edward and Elenor Rowe (Roe) of Carter County. Mr. and Mrs. Coake resided in that county till 1863, when they came to Illinois and purchased the farm that he and his son now occupy......p731-732
FAMILY ________ HENRY COCKE born June 14, 1776 married Rebecca FLANARY born Apr 1778 married 1802

children born to them:
Phoebe COX born Sept 28, 1804 married James BAILEY
Patsy COX born _____ 20, 1808 married Geo. WALLACE
Jemima COX born May 24, 1810 James FLANARY
John COX born Aug 1, 1812 married no record
Nancy COX born _____20, 1814 married ____ ____ NORTON
David COX born April 12, 1816 married BARKERS and FLANARY
Henry COX born ______ 14, 1818 married Ellen ROE
Odom COX born Nov 20, 1820 married Cindi ROE
Susan COX born Nov 20, 1822 married ______ _____ HORTON/NORTON
Rebecca COX born Nov 20, 1824 married Travis HORTON
Elizabeth COX born Oct 28, 1826 married John I. HORTON
Wm COX no record married ________ ARMSTRONG

The name of COCKES changed from COCKES to COX by an act of Ta Lisgen Eaton _____ 1835 ( I don't know what this means)

Thursday, January 03, 2002 2:09 PM Dear Delores ,
Just located your information on the internet. I am a decendent of David C. Cocke's Henry. I have the the genealogy composed by Charles Coke and Charles Urban has given me some of his information. I also have the Henry will of 1776 or 77which I have a problem with as my Henry was born a few months after the will was made. Surely, he knew his son was to be a father. Also, David's son William was supposedly the oldest. I have contactaed Cheryl Huff to help clarify this for me.

However, something in your information interests me. I have a biliograph sketch by a David Coake in a Vermilion Co. Illinois 1890 book that indicates David C. Cocke came to the Yadkin Valley with his father at the age of three. This seems to follow some of your findings. I realize bibliography sketches are sometime tailored to meet the needs of the author. However, sometimes there is a thread of truth.

In case you are wondering about Coake versus Cocke check in Charles Coke's records. He knew that Henry had a son who was Henry J. and was a Cox , a Coake and sometimes a Coke.

Thanks for your help.

Rita Coake <>
Monday, September 22, 2003 2:45 PM Hi Delores, I am descended from Henry Cocke/Rebeccah Flannary> Phoebe Cox/James F. Bailey> Eliz. Emma Bailey/John Littleton Roe "Jack"> Henry Roe/ Martha Jane Cline> Wm. Jonas Roe "Joe"/Rose Gilbert> George Henry Roe/Vivian Denney> Arline Roe/J.T. Voyne Cull "Trixie"> Karen Dolores Cull/Rt. Serna.

I made the mistake of not reserving a particular message on one of the genealogy sites about our line of Cockes. The message would make a big difference in our pedigree, and I would like your thoughts about it. I have posted the essence of what was in that particularly Cocke message on different sites, but it really doesn't seem to concern anyone by the response, or lack of, that I have gotten. I will continue trying to locate that message so that I can know for sure if we are descendants of the Cocke family.

The info was as follows: In one of the Cocke bibles, possibly Henry Cocke's, it said that a brother had gone to court and put in a request for the Cocke name to be changed. I do not know which Cocke or which Cocke brother. I do not know which state or what year. After a long time, the court finally granted the request. These are the details of the reasons, but I can't recall the exact order or the words = <1835 or 1836> Tenn. Act of "ta lis gen", Eaton.

Now, is that something casual, or does it say that our line of Cockes were actually Eatons? TA LIS GEN is likely a Latin term meaning what? How many generations does it apply to?

I have noticed on different sites that a number of Cocke/Cox people have changed their names, and those researching or descendants are posting their speculations as to the possible reasons for the changes. Maybe it has something to do with court action.

So, I seem to be the only one who has come to a dead stop in recording the pedigree of this line beyond Henry Cocke.

What do you think? If I ever find where that person entered that info,
believe me, I will contact her. If it is unquestionable, I'll post it. I would like to locate her message. I have gone through google and every site I could think of, but no luck.

Bye, kc karen serna <>

  More About Henry Cocke:
Individual Note: The Name COCKE was changed to COX about 1835
Residence: Settled in Lee Co, VA

  More About Rebecca Flannary:
Census: 09 Aug 1850, Carter Co, KY, Dist 1, Image 18, 110: Rebecca Cox, 62; Rebecca, 8

  iii.   William M. Cocke, born Bet. 1778 - 1780 in Fort Blackmore, VA; died 1854 in Jackson Co., MO; married Virginia "Jane" Ervin Abt. 1809; died 1855 in Jackson Co, MO.
  Notes for William M. Cocke:
[Willey Family Tree 16 Jan 2005.FTW]

William and Jane had eight children. Occupation: Farmer and Miller

William seems to have been one of the only children who left Va.[David Clinton Cocke.FTW]

  More About William M. Cocke:
Residence: Settled in Arkansas

  iv.   David Leach Cocke, born 12 Jun 1785 in Castle's Woods, Russell Co, VA; died 18 Jun 1866 in Scott Co, VA92; married Rebecca Boggs 22 Jan 1807; born 10 Sep 1787 in VA; died 19 Jan 1864.
  Notes for David Leach Cocke:
[Willey Family Tree 16 Jan 2005.FTW]

Occupation: Miller
Number of children not known

  More About David Leach Cocke:
Census: 29 Aug 1850, Scott Co, VA , Western Dist, Slave Schedule as slave owner, 3 slaves
Residence: Settled at Stoney Creek, VA.

  v.   Elizabeth "Betsey" Cocke, born Abt. 1788 in Scott Co, VA; married William Brinkley, Sr.; born 29 Dec 1779 in Boutetourt Co, VA.
  More About William Brinkley, Sr.:
Census: 22 Aug 1850, Scott Co, VA, Western Dist, Slave Schedules as slave owner, 3 slaves
Church Affiliation: First Clerk of Stoney Creek Baptist Church, organized in 1801
Occupation: Farmer
Religion: 1819, Listed as member of Stoney Creek Baptist church along with David Cox, Nansey Cox, James Brickey & David Cox, Sr.among others

  vi.   Dr. James S. Cocke, born 15 Dec 1789 in Scott Co, VA; married Polly Carter; born Abt. 1792 in VA.
  Notes for Dr. James S. Cocke:
[Willey Family Tree 16 Jan 2005.FTW]

Occupation: Physician[David Clinton Cocke.FTW]

  More About Dr. James S. Cocke:
Census: 22 Aug 1850, Scott Co, VA, Western Dist, Slave Schedule as slave owner, 3 slaves
Residence: Settled at Stoney Creek, VA
Tax List: 01 Apr 1815, Lee Co, Southwest Division, VA: James Cox, one female slave above the age of 50 years, & 1

  vii.   Jemima Cocke, born Bet. 1790 - 1800 in Scott Co, Va; married David Nelson; born Bet. 1780 - 1790.
  Notes for Jemima Cocke:
[Willey Family Tree 16 Jan 2005.FTW]

Monday, May 13, 2002 10:04 AM Ms Willey,
Hi, My name is Wanda Rains and I am researching my husband's and my families. Mr. Cocke is related to my husband. His Great Grandmother was Jemima Cox. She and her husband, Samuel P Cecil came to Washington in 1888 and moved here in 1892. His family lives on the same farm as the Cecil's purchased in 1892. They have added acreage and buildings. Would love to fine out more about this line and the people living that are related to Bob.
They have only a couple cousins around here and know of no others. Any info I have that you might need, I would gladly share.

Thanks much,
Wanda Rains <>
Bob and Wanda Rains
Rains Remodeling, Inc

  More About David Nelson:
Census: 1830, Census: Lee Co., Va. ~ David, 40-50, 1 m -10, 1 f 30-40 & 5 f ages -5 to +15

  19 viii.   Nancy Cocke, born Abt. 1797 in Scott Co, VA; died 26 Oct 1861 in Scott Co, VA; married Shelah Gillenwater 06 Nov 1818 in Scott Co, VA.
  ix.   Martha "Patsy" Cocke, born in Scott Co, Va; died 1840; married John McKensey Abt. 1800; born Abt. 1775 in TN.
  More About John McKensey:
Religion: Belonged to Stoney Creek Baptist Church, Scott Co., VA
Residence: This family lived at Fort Blackmore, Scott Co., VA

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