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Ancestors of George William Paul Green

      192. John R. Renfro, Sr163,164, born 1665 in Chester Co, PA; died 1748 in Edgecomb Co, NC. He was the son of 384. Robert R. Rentfro and 385. Mary Evans. He married 193. Tomasin Simmons.

      193. Tomasin Simmons She was the daughter of 386. Edward Simmons and 387. Mary.

Notes for John R. Renfro, Sr:
[Willey Family Tree 16 Jan 2005.FTW]

Perhaps John was a part of a westward movement from Chester Co, PA to Frederick Co, VA, a distance of at least 200 miles south and west of Chester Co.
      Many emigrants to Virginia moved across the river into Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania then returned to Virginia. Several Renfros are found on the records of these early counties on the edges of the mountains on both the western slopes and the eastern. One of the first emigrants was a John Rontfro of record in Delaware. He appears on pages 18 and 19 of records of the Welsh Tract Baptist Meeting, Pecander Hundred, New Castle Co, Delaware, 1701 to 1728. Citing: (1) Signers of the Confession of Faith, 1725 (2)John Rontfro…, Margaret Rontfro” and The names of Such as has been removed from us by death..John Rontfro” Although John was a member of this Welsh community church, it is believed he just roamed into the area and settled with these people, not that he had Welsh ties. All research points to his French/Scot background.
      John Rentfro’s house is mentioned in a coroner record at Court, 26 June 1707, Chester Co, PA, History of Chester Co, PA, G. Cope and J.S. Futhey.
      John Rentfro was a witness to the will of Thomas Rowland on Mar 3, 1708 in Chester Co, PA (Gilbert Cope, Gen. & Pesn. Memoires of Chester & Deleward Cos., PA. II:435. Newberry Library E4854085)
      In 1712 and 1718 John Rentfro witnessed to Quaker marriages in Chester Co, PA and appears on tax list in 1718-1719 in New Garden Township, Chester Co, PA; 1724 Birmingham Township, Chester Co, PA and 1726 in Nottingham Township, Chester Co, PA. (NOTE: Although John was a witness to a Quaker marriage, there is no record he was a Quaker. He is on the Welsh Tract Baptist Church records. It was not necessary to be a Quaker to witness for them.)
      At a Monthly meeting in East Nottingham, Cecil Co, Maryland (later Virginia) in 1734, John Renfro was witness to the wedding of Geo. Hollingsworth. Also present was Elizabeth Renfro (Maryland Arch. Annapolis, Film M564)
      The will of Samuel Robinet, April 30, 1745, Chester Co, PA mentions Son-in-law, John Rentfro and grandson, George Rentfro (first mention of the given name, George), at Nottingham. (Book F (A 1) p 555, dated May 23, 1745. This will not only proves the Margaret Robinet, John Rentfro marriage but also proves that he was alive as late as 1745. Margaret was John’s first wife.

Orange Co, VA was formed from Spottsylvania in 1734.

North Carolina: Sometime after the death of Margaret, John moved to Edgecombe Co, NC and married Tomasin Simmons. Sometime in-between, John was in Frederick Co, VA where he witnessed a Quaker marriage. So many of his descendants were Baptist ministers in later generations. One Franklin Co resident points out that some may have been Anglican, as Anglican services were held in some of the Rentfro homes prior to the Revolution.
      John Rentfro’s will was filed in Edgecombe Co, NC in 1748. WILL lists, Sons, George, Enoch & Jacob Ranfrow; wife, Tomasin, and (her two sons), William Ranfrow and James Ranfrow. (N.C. Wills, 1663-1789, Vol XXVI:27, State Archives, Raliegh, NC. Wife, Tomsen Ranfrow and Matthew McKinney Executors.
      Edgecombe Co, NC was formed from Bertie Co in 1741. Later became Granville Co, laying on the South West side of the Roanoke River adjoining Virginia.
      Evidence that John was married to Tomasin Simmons is found in the property settled on her by her mother, presumably soon after her marriage. "Mary Simmons to John Rentfroe of Edgecombe Co., tailor, 14 Mar 1742/43 for the love and affection I bear my son, (son-in-law); 100 acres of land on the north side of Buck Swamp, joining Joseph Lane and Baker’s Branch. all houses, orchards, gardens, etc." Part of a grant to Edward Simmons, 17 Oct. 1735, May Court 1743…. Deed Book 5, p. 61, Edgecome Co., N.C.
      John Rentfro was involved in many legal transactions in NC involving land transactions and acting as a witness in legal transactions for others.
(From a letter to Ruth Smitt from Irene Cox, 2505 Steck Ave, #115, Austin, Tx. 78758, April 18, 1983)In the Directory of Md. DAR and Ancestors 1892-1965 I found John Renfrew. born Scotland 4 April 1753, died Franklin Co. Pa. 14 October 1844. If that is the John you refer to I’ll copy my notes on him for you.
      Other sources say the Rentfros were "French and rich". I know their home was sold to a man who became Gov. of VA and was called the South White House so I’m sure it wasn’t a shack.
      Every old History I find says the first Peter and my James and Joseph were brothers. So far as I know there has been no proof of the parentage of the later Peters. I think the assumption comes from the 1767 Pittsylvania Tax list since there was a young Peter with no real property, a James Jr. and my james. And the older Peter was in another area and Joseph seems not to have had a Peter. Then too, it is thought that Hester Van Bibbers father was Peter and there was a Peter Van Bibber there also. The naming habits of the early days probably had something to do with it also.

More About John R. Renfro, Sr:
Comment: Bet. 1708 - 1734, John was a Quaker in New Garden Township, Chester Co., PA
Will: 1748, Edgecomb Co., NC, N.C. Will 26:27
Witness Marriage: 1734, Between George Hollingsworth and Hannah McKay. Wife Elizabeth also present. Cecil Co., MD. (later VA)
Children of John Renfro and Tomasin Simmons are:
  i.   Susannah Renfro, born Bet. 1699 - 1705; died Aft. 1752165; married James Cole.
  96 ii.   William R. Renfro, born 1702 in James City Co, VA; died 1789 in Botecourt Co, VA; married Elizabeth Cheney Dec 1726 in James City Co, VA.
  iii.   Peter Renfro, Sr., born 1705166; died Bet. 1730 - 1739; married Elizabeth ??????.
  Notes for Peter Renfro, Sr.:
[Willey Family Tree 16 Jan 2005.FTW]

Pittsyvania Co: Peter Rentfro settled on western side of the Blue Ridge Mountains circa1746 while James and Joseph crossed over to the Blackwater River and established a mill at Rentfro's Path. Tithables 1767: Peter Rentfro, James Rentfro Jr, James Rentfro Sr, Joseph Rentfro and Peter Rentfro.
1730s: A John Renfro appears on the Orange County, Virginia records during the 1730’s. Also Peter Rentfro was employed in the same vicinity by a land company. One of these men is thought to have been the Mr. Rentfro who married the widow, Elizabeth Hollingsworth (widow of Joseph). The Hollingsworths were Quakers, the Rentfros Baptist, hence a committee from Hopewell Meeting was assigned to labor with Elizabeth who had married outside the Quaker jurisdiction. Source: Hopwell Meeting Reocrds, Vol 2, p. 99 (no record after that)
Information from the Baird Book p.5 "This community was formed by settlers who moved from Chester County Pa. Evidently composed of both Quaker and non-Quaker migrants. Since we have located John Renfro in Edgecomb County N.C. only shortly thereafter and married to Tomasin, he was not likely married to Elizabeth Hollingsworth."
Just some general information. As you know, our Peter had an uncle Peter (Old Peter).
This is the Peter (Old Peter) that was married to Elizabeth Hollingsworth and who was killed by Indians in Tennessee in 1781. Peter and Elizabeth had a son named Peter (who was married to Mary Mcilroy).

This Peter (the son of Peter and Elizabeth - husband of Mary) is the Peter who's Revolutionary War papers are on file in Raleigh North Carolina. Larry
Robert Renfro of Arlington, Va found a record of one Peter Renfro’s death at Fredericksburg, Va. in the 1730s
Pedigree Chart Compiled by Irene Constant 1986 which was printed in THE LONGHUNTERS, So. LY Gen Society, Vol. X, #1 1987.
      Peter Renfrow, Sr.                  Son: Peter Renfrow, Jr.
      Born ca 1700                        born ca 1734
      Married ca 1725                  died before Jan 17, 1823
      South Carolina                  married by 1772
      Elizabeth Hollingsworth            Union County So. Carolina
                                    Mary McIllroy

                                    Son: Mark 1781-1857
It is conceivable that Peter Renfro married Elizabeth Hollingsworth, but the date should be 1733, and the place was probably Chester County or Opekan near Winchester.
Since Elizabeth was censured, she was presumanly estranged from family, as was Peter. Thus we find them living on the outskirts.
1741 Orange Co, VA: Cert. Of admin. For estate of Abr. Stricker granted to Peter Roughenough. (Sources
Or. C. O. 1, 21 Dr. Manchardt p.94) "Peter Renfro summoned to be sworn in as Constable."

1742: Orange Co, VA: Ord. That Mathias Seltzer and Peter Roughenough view and lay out road petitioned by residents of Massanutting and make a report. (Source: Or. C. O. 3, 314 Information from Dr. Manshardt p.94) Comment: Apparently Peter was a Surveyor.
1742-1746 Augusta Co, VA:
      Company No. 8, Augusta County Militia 1741-1746
            George Robinson, Capt
            Pat Shirkey, Ensign
            Dan Manaughan                        Adam Looney
            Mark Coal (Cole ?)                        Benj. Davis
            Mark Joans (Johns ?)                  John Coal (Cole ?)
            Peter Renfro                        Simon Acres
            Geo. Draper                        William Acres
            Thos. Looney                        James Coal (Cole ?)
            Robert Looney                        John Flower
            Daniel Looney                        Stephen Ranfro
(All lived west of the Blue Ridge on branches of the James and Roanoke Rivers) (Source: Chalkey 2: 509 and Kegley p.37 Information from Dr. Manshardt p. 94) Comment: Stephen Renfro married Margaret Looney. There were at least 1, and possibly 2 marriages between the Coles and the Renfroes. James Cole is thought to have married Susabba Renfro in 1719 Chester Co, PA
1746 Augusta Co, VA: Peter Rentfroe from the James River Settlement was the Field Man for James Patton’s land Company. Land in present Botetourt Co, VA. Peter was listed as from the James River Settlement. (Source: VIRGINIA FRONTIERS by Kegley p.116; Baird’s MMS p. 6; Dr. Manshardt p.94)

[Augusta Co, VA was a huge county which embraced the present Augusta Co as well as 21 other counties in Virginia including Botetourt, Montgomery, Washington, Rockbridge, Rockingham, Bath, Alleghany, Roanoke, Pulaski, etc. It also included most of the counties in West Virginia and the state of Kentucky, known later as Kentucky County.]

1746 Orange Co (now Augusta County, VA): Peter Ruftnaugh of Orange and Augusta Cos. Sells to Christopher Comber 271 acres on Hawksbill Creek, formerly belonging to Francis Thornton. (Source: Aug. D 1:57-58 via Dr. Manshardt p.94)

1746 Augusta Co, VA: Peter Rutfnogh of Orange and Augusta Cos. sold 271 acres on Hawksbill Run to Christopher Comber for 40 pounds. Wit: Richard Price, John Newport, Isaac Strickler” Signed: Petter Ruffrrow (illegible) (Source: Aug. D 1:57)

1746 Augusta Co, VA: Peter Rutfnogh of Augusta County for 10 pounds sold to Daniel Stover 196 acres of the 250 acres purchased from John Landrum patent on the S. side of Sherando at the mouth of Hawksbill Creek.
(The above two tracts sold April 4 to 11)(Source: Aug. D 1:60 via Dr. Manshardt p.94)

Item #130 Road ordered from Eagles Creek to Eagle Bottom, and thence to top of ridge that parts waters of New River and those of So. Fork of Roanoke and these are to work it: George Ezekiel, William and Patrick Colhoon, Bryan White, Wm. Handlow, Peter Rentfro and his two sons, George the Tinker, Jacob Woolman and his two sons…. And all the Dunkers that are able to work on same and all other persons in precinct. (Source: Augusta County Court Records, Order Book #1, 19 November 1746; "CHRONICLES OF SCOTCH-IRISH SETTLEMENT IN VIRGINIA", By Chalkey, Vol. 1, p.23) Comment: Attention to punctuation and language will indicate that George and Tinker were not names of Peter Rentfro’s sons, as some researchers have indicated. Peter’s sons were not named.

1746 Peter Renfro from james River Settlement, VA settled on the New and Holston Rivers August 1746. Peter and two sons were ordered to work the road. (Source: "SEEDBED OF THE CUMBERLAND", by Harriet Simpson Arnow)

1746 Lunenburg Co, VA was formed in 1746 Peter Renfro was in Lunenburg County Va. in 1746 with James, William and Joseph. (Source: Mr. Manshardt, p. 18)

1746 Peter Renfro lived West of the Blue Ridge. (Source: Dr. manshardt, page 56) Correction: Peter had land South of the Blackwater, along Mayo River and Coger (Koger) Creek. (Source: Frances W. Colyer in letter. (items 33 &34))

The Blackwater River was called the Roanoke River.
Comparing the previous item and possible marriage date of Peter Renfro and Elizabeth Hollingsworth in 1733, sons of Peter Renfro would have been 13 years and under. ????
May 21, 1747 Item #197, Coffman, Peter Roughenough and Burnet appraisers for Abra. Drake. Source: "CHRONICLES OF SCOTCH IRISH SETTLEMENT IN SOUTHWEST VIRGINIA", by Chalkey, Vol. 1, p. 28)
Peter Rentfro has sold his property and moved on.
      But, first a bit of history: In 1664, King Charles of England made a gesture to several loyal subjects and gave away the rights of 6 million acres of land between the Potomac and Rappahannock Rivers. By 1734 a stream of immigration had broken through the Blue Ridge and poured into the Shenandoah Valley. The Governor and Council of Virginia were eager to promote settlement of the area, and ignoring the claim of Fairfax, gave large grants to new settlers. Principal recipients were Jost Hite and Robert McKay. Thus began a suit between Jost Hite and his associates against Lord Fairfax. By 1755 the suit was settled, and question of titles settled after the Revolutionary War. Source; "FINDING YOUR PEOPLE IN THE SHEANADOAH VALLEY OF VA" by Rebecca H. Good and Rebecca A. Ebert, p.4)
St. Mark’s Parish had its beginning in Spottsylvania County Va. in 1730, when the parish of St. George had become too inconvenient for its inhabitants, some of whom settled far as the Blue Ridge and the Shenandoah Valley. Four years later, 1734/35 the petition of the frontier settlers was approved by the General Assembly and an Act was passed dividing Spottsylvania County and forming the County of Orange. St. Mark’s Parish then became the Parish of all, Orange County. (Source: ST. MARK’S PARICH REGFISTRY VESTRY BOOK 1730-1785 Translated and edited by Rosalie Edith Davis)
      There is no Renfro name appearing in the book, or derivations of the name. The names of John and James Cole does appear. It is thought that Susanna Renfro married James Cole. It was not James Cole, but John Cole who married Susanna.
May 21, 1747 Item #197, Coffman, Peter Roughenough and Burnet appraisers for Abra. Drake. Source: CHRONICLES OF SCOTCH IRISH SETTLEMENT IN SUTHWEST VIRGINIA by Chalkey, Vol. 1, p. 28)
March 16, 1748 South Carolina The petition of Peter Rentfro being presented to the Board, the same was ordered to be read, which was accordingly done setting forth that the Petitioner came into this Province from Philadelphia and was desirous of Settling on Turkey Cock Creek, on the Fork of the Broad River and Saluda River, That he had a wife and eight children and never had any land granted to him, There fore he humbly prayed his Excellency and their Honors order to their ?? General to run out to him Five hundred Acres of land, and that he might have a grant for the same and is in duty bound would ever pray se. The Petitioner Appearing and being Sworn and Examined to the Truth of what is set forth in his said Petition, the Prayer thereof was Granted and it was Accordingly Orderd that the Deputy Secretary prepare a warrant to the Survey General for Admeasuring and laying out to the said Peter Rentfro Five hundred Acres of land on Turkey Cock Creek in the Fork of the Broad River and Saluda River. Source: JOURNAL OF MINUTES OF COUNCIL, page 212, South Carolina Archives Council Journal, Vol. 17, prt 1, page 212)
The records show that this land was surveyed for Peter Renfro in 1749. (7th of May) (Source; S.S. Plat Book 5, p.58 Via Baird Book)
Page 148 from Book, Expansion of S.C. PETER RENTFRO had lands on Turkeycock Creek in 1751. The creek is now called Nicholas Creek. Peter Rentfro seems to have been in Augusta Co, VA in 1749. S.C. Council Journal 16 Mar. 1749 Peter Rentfro of Augusta Co, VA asks for lands in SC.
24 April 1752, South Carolina George the Second, by the grace of God, of Great Britain, France and Ireland.. do give and grant unto Peter Rentsfro his heirs and assigns a plantation or Tract of land Containing Five Hundred Acres Situate Lying and being at Turkey Creek Butting and Bounding on the Southwest side of Broad River to the North east by the said River and on all sides by land not yet laid out,” etc., etc. Witness; James Glen Esq. Capt. General (Source: South Carolina Archives, Royal Grants, Vol. 4, p.615, Columbia, South Carolina) Comments: Turkey Cook Creek was later known as Nicholas Creek. The acreage was located, at that time, in Berkley County and is located near Chapin, South Carolina. As to Peter’s statement that he came from Philadelphia, this may very well be true. At that time, Philadelphia County (now known as Montgomery County) was quite extensive. It probably took in the area later known as Chester County. We know that John Renfro lived in Chester County and it is written that Joseph was born in Chester County. It is probable that Peter was also born in the Philadelphia area.

27 October 1752 Stephen Holston to Thomas Kennerly; 500 acres on Turkey Creek on South Side Broad River in Berkly County Bounded to the North East by the said River… the original Grant made thereof to Peter Rentfro. (Source: Register of Mense Conveyance - Charleston, S.C. Andrea Report on Holston, p.17)

Stephen Holston and wife Judith to Thomas Kennerly, October 28, 1752, 200 lbs. (R. BK pp Page 43) (Source: Register of Mense Conveyance - Charleston, S.C. Andrea Report on Holston, p.17)

Comments: It is assumed that Judith was a daughter of Peter Rentfro. Why this property came into possession of Stephen and Judith is unclear. Stephen Holston was son of Stephen Holston Sr. who married Mary Jane Looney, known as :Lucy Looney. The Looney’s had lived in Virginia, as had the Holstons.

Stephen Holston was the son of Henry Holston Sr., a Swedish settler of Craig Creek on the branches of the James and Roanoke River in Virginia. In 1748 the Court Clerk of that area reported that Stephen was not to be found. (Source: Kegley’s VIRGINIA FRONTIER, page 185 Via Andrea’s Report on the Holston family, p.1)

Stephen put his family in a boat and floated down several rivers to Natchez, Mississippi. The Holston River in Tennessee was named for him for that feat. Because of an Indian uprising in the Natchez area, Stephen and his family fled to South Carolina where they had relatives. (Hughes Family)…..Stephen, himself returned to Virginia and fought in the Revolution (Source: EAST TENNESSEE HISTORICAL SOCIETY QUARTERLY 1936, Volume 8 via Andrea’s Holston Report, p.1)

The reason for mention of this man here is that Peter Renfro also seemed to leave South Carolina at about this time. Stephen Holston went to Natchez, Mississippi; but no record of Peter Renfro’s destination. Both were back in Virginia before the war according to several accounts. Since both were pioneers who dared to go where others feared to tread, perhaps they continued the trails together.
(Source: The Baird Book) Comment:
            Stephen Renfro married Margaret Looney
            Stephen Holston married Mary Jane "Lucy" Looney (Were Stephen and Peter brothers? Was Stephen a son of Peter?)
1753 In case of William Callaway by Clement Read, his atty. Agst Peter Rentfro, the Sherif returned deft. Not found in his bailiwich; and Alias Capias awarded - At Court held at Courthouse Tuesday 18 September 1753 (Source: MAGAZINE OF VA GENEALOGY - Va. Gen Soc. Halifax Co, VA; Pleas #1; May Term 1752, Mar. Term 1755, Vol. 24, May 1986, #2 p. 36 (p.170))

1753 In case of William Callaway by his Atty. Agst. Peter Rentfro, the Sheriff not having executed the Alias Capias, a Pluries Capias awarded. (Capias - writ to take hold of a person or his property) (Source: MAGAZINE OF VA GENEALOGY - Va. Gen Soc. Vol. 24, Nov. 1986 Halifax Co, VA; Pleas #1, cont Court held Wed., 17 Oct. 1753)
1755 July 22 - Peter Renfro 400 acres under the mountains beg at First Fork of Elk Creek above Robt. Wilkins. Also 400 acres on Bartlett’s Creek above Robt. Wolkins. Also 400 acres on little Dan (River) adj. Henry Hicks. (Source: "ENTRY RECORD BOOK 1737-1755" by Marian Dodson Chiarito 1984; 1986, page 187 Via Francis Colyer (Mrs. David J. Colyer, Jr,))

Land entries in the present Virginia Colonies of Halifax, Pittsylvania, Henry, Franklin and Patrick were originally Brunswick Co. The above named counties were formed from Lunenburg which was separated from Brunswick in 1746. an entry for land was only a statement of intention. Ownership came from satisfying the requirements for settlement on the land and improving it.
      This area was       Halifax County      1752-1766
                  Pittsylvania County      1766-1777
                  Henry County            1777-1790
                  Patrick County      1790
So records should be in Halifax and Pittsylvania - -Chiarito
Vestry meeting 10th day of November 1757 "to Susanna Cole, Exr. Of Jno. Cole deceas’d for his officiating 4 months as Clk to the lower Church.347" (Source: ST MARK’S PARICH VESTRY BOOK 1730-1785 Transcribed and edited by Rosalie Edith Davis, p.67)
1758 Halifax Co, VA Capt, Robert Wade’s Co. of Halifax Militia march’t from Mayo Fort….about three miles that day to a Plantation where Peter Rentfro formerly lived….next day to Gobling Town. (Source:
"HISTORY OF PITTSYLVANIA CO. VA.", by Maud C. Clements, 1929, Reprint 1981, page 73)
1758, 1771 Halifax Co, VA: James Rentfro vs Patrick Coyle, Mar Court 1758; James Rentfro va Joshua Bartlett, June Court 1771; Robert Walters & Co. vs Peter Rentfro Sr. The last two suits were dismissed. The Sheriff having returned ‘Peter Rentfro no inhabitant of this County’. Suit abated. (Source: Dr. Andrea #47)
1762/1761, Feb. 3 - James McDaniel enters 400 a. on land beg. On N. Fork of S. Side of Great Mayo above a mountain above Old Peter Rentfroes at the first great branch. (Source: "ENTRY RECORD BOOK 1737-1755", By Marian Dodson Chiarito 1984; 1986, page 215)

FIRST LIST OF TITHABLES OF PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY, YEAR 1767 The history of Pittsylvania County by Maud Carter Clement Page: 24
A List of Land and Tithes Taken by Hugh Innes for Pittsylvania Co,VA, Pages 26 & 27: James Rentfro, Jr.; James Rentfro Sen.; Joseph Rentfro; Peter Rentfro

1770      Pittsylvania Co, VA
      Peter Rentfroe Jr. vs John Blevins            27 Jan. 1770
      Peter Rentfro vs Israel Christian            28 July 1770
      Peter Rentfro vs Edward Callahan            24 Feb. 1770
      John Blevins indebted to Peter Rentfro      27 Jan. 1770”
(Source: Dr. Andrea #48)
Monday, October 10, 1774
The Indians were making noise, great noise. Lord Dunmore was determined to put down the Indian Insurrection once and for all. What was done undoubted was a "Kick-Off" of the Revolutionary War. Lord Dunmore prepared a plan to meet Colonial Co. Andrew Lewis at the mouth of the Great Kanawha River, to secure that area and move across the River into present day Ohio and wipe out the Indian villages. Col Lewis moved toward the Kanawha according to plan, picking up more support as he went. Lord Dunmore deliberately lagged behind. The Indians started shooting in early morning, and the fighting lasted until eight in the evening. Col. Lewis’ force rejoiced in the victory as they called it. But it was a bitter victory, because the whites had lost half their commissioned officers and 52 militiamen, and 140 injured. (Source: THE FRONTIERSMEN by Allan W. Eckert, p. 105-7)

Ten years later, 20 November 1784, Copy of an agreement by Andrew Lewis with these, vis
            John Rentfro
            Peter Rentfro, Sr.
            Peter Rentfro, Jr.
            James Rentfro
            Jacob Vanbibber, etc
- - -if they continue to defend the place we are now settling, known by name of Point Pleasant, Andrew agrees to give an acre land in town. (Source: CHRONICLES OF SCOTH-IRISH SETTLEMENT IN VA
By Chalkey; Vol 2, page 176)
Revolutionary War: Montgomery County’s Revolutionary Heritage - sworn by Capt. Daniel Triggs Company; Capt Jonathan Isom’s Division, April 28, 1778; Peter Renthro on list (Source: VIRGINIA MILITARY RECORDS via J. V. Woehle

"The descendants of Peter Renfro in the Revolutionary War were William, John and Joshua, each holding office. (Source: HISTORY OF HALIFAX COUNTY, VA, by W. J. Carrington, 1924, Page 144, via Colyer)

Comment: Is he referring to the original Peter ???
Note accompanying above statement: "A William and a John may be sons of Peter, as were Joshua and Mark"
May 21, 1790 Book G-7 Page 128 North Carolina Land Grant: Peter Rentfro, North Carolina No. 234(or 237)            To all to whom these presents shall come Greeting.
Know ye that we for and in consideration of the sum of ten pounds for every hundred acres hereby granted paid into our treasury by Peter Rentfro have given and grant unto the said Peter Rentfro a tract of land containing six hundred and forty acres lying and being in our county of Davidson. Beginning at an ash and elm William Hays north east corner, running east seventy poles to an elm and two bushs on the bank of Cumberland River. Thence down said river according to its several courses, three hundred and twenty eight poles to an elm and bush. Thence west two hundred and seventy one poles to a stake. Thence south two hundred and eighty six poles to a stake. Thence east three hundred and forty two poles to the beginning. Which land was surveyed for the said Rentfro November 26, 1785 by Thomas Malloy ??. In consequence of a warrant No. 581. Located August 17, 1784.
The grant signed Samuel Johnson with Seal of the State affixed
Dated July 13, 1788
Countersigned James Glasgow Seal Geo Pirtle      August 13th 1790      155

I do hereby assign transfer and make over unto George Pirtle all my right title and interest of head rights for eight hundred and forty acres of land on Cumberland as witness my hand this 9th day of September 1790 Signed his mark Peter P Rentfrow Test:      Lace White Wm. Fletcher

Which Bill of Sale or transfer as above recited, was proven to be the act and deed of the Peter Rentfro by the oath for the county of Davidson July second 1790, Book A, Page 43 Peter Rentfro obtained 640 acres on 21 May 1790 - Warrant #581

Book B, Page 271 Heirs of Peter Rentfro, residents of Franklin Co, GA. Above land sold by heirs in 1799. Heirs: William Rentfro, Abigail R. Waters, James Rentfro, John Rentfro, Mary Rentfro, Benjamin Cornelius Davidson Co, NC.
            * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Possible children of Peter Renfro, Sr "Old Peter":
      Peter Renfro, Junior
      James Renfro:
      Joseph Renfro:
      William Renfro:
      John Renfro:
      Joshua Renfro:
Samuel Renfro: He was listed in 1761 at the Renfro Home Place, Buffalo Creek
(page 313, SEEDBED OF THE REPUBLIC by Stoner) Franklin Co., later Botetourt Co, Va. In 1786 was on tax list (page 208, A HISTORY OF FRANKLIN COUNTY, Book G, by Marshall Wingfield). In 1794, "a deed from Samuel Renfro to Wm. Rillson for 100 acres of land." -(from THE RIDGERUNNERS, Vol IX, page 203. )
Mellicent Renfro married Moses Shelby:
Judith Renfro married Stephen Holston:
Stephen Renfro married Margaret Looney

  Notes for Elizabeth ??????:
[Willey Family Tree 16 Jan 2005.FTW]

1731 Elizabeth Hollingsworth was a witness to marriage of Joshua Job and Margaret McKay, daughter of Robert McKay. At Opekan in the colony of Virginia. (Source: Maryland Archives via Dr. Manshardt, p.27)

Comment: Chester Co, PA and Cecil Co, MD were the same area. It was not until later that Maryland was given this land which had been considered a part of Chester County, Pa.

1733 Quaker records: Elizabeth, the widow of Joseph Hollingsworth, dec’d hath married out of unity by a Priest. Alex Ross and John Litter having spoken to Elizabeth Hollingsworth, now Renfro, censured
(Source: Maryland Archives via Manshardt, p.27)

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