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Ancestors of Rawson Lyman Wood

Generation No. 8

      128. THOMAS Wood, born Apr 07, 1633 in Nuneaton, Warwick, England; died Sep 09, 1687 in Rowley, Essex, MA. He was the son of 256. EDWARD Wood and 257. Ruth Lee. He married 129. Ann Hunt Jun 07, 1654 in Rowley, Essex, MA.

      129. Ann Hunt, born May 17, 1635 in Ipswich, Essex, MA; died Dec 29, 1714 in Rowley, Essex, MA. She was the daughter of 258. William Hunt and 259. Elizabeth Best.

Notes for THOMAS Wood:
He was a carpenter, and was made a freeman 25 Mar. 1662. He lost his home and daughter in a house fire in 1675. His will, made 21 July and proved in Suffolk County 7 Nov. 1687, names his wife and children, and his brother Obadiah.
Upon his parents' death in 1642, he lived with his sister Elizabeth and her husband. Thomas Wood was a carpenter. It is probable that he learned carpentry from Solomon who had been a carpenter. Thomas had grant of land in Charlestown and remained there the rest of his life. In the earliest tax list, Thomas' taxes were listed at 7 shillings and 3 pence. In 1661, the town resurveyed the rights of commonage for its inhabitants because of the number of land parcels that had changed hands since Rowley had been founded in 1639. In the original distribution the number of "gates" was assigned according to the acreage owned: the greater the acreage, the more "gates". In the resurvey, Thomas Wood is shown to have one gate. In 1667, he had a property dispute with Rev. Samuel Phillips, the minister of the town. Thomas was accused of having wrongfully acquired about sixty rods of Rev. Phillips land. The situation ended with Thomas confessing his "sin" in church and the minister receiving the property in question. In 1667 and 1671, he was selected a "pindar," the person in charge of impounding stray cattle. He was admitted a freeman in 1671. In 1677, Thomas was shown to be a freeholder of two lots.
The town appointed Thomas Wood and ten others as tithing men in 1680. His obligation was to keep a watch on ten families. This job is akin to being a "religious policeman." He had to take notice of who attended services, find out why those who didn't attend weren't there, and keep order at the church service. His sign of "office" was a long black staff. Thomas was among the recipients of land when the Hog Island marshes were divided.
His will is in the records of Suffolk County Probate Court under the name of Thomas Woods, Number 1607. It also appears in books written by Ann Maria Wood and by Elvira Wood. This will was witnessed by Phillip Nellson Sr., Obadiah Wood Sr., Samuel Platts, and Daniell Wicom. It was signed by Thomas Wood. The seal has deteriorated, but the initials PM appeared to be on it. Ann Maria Wood states that an inventory followed the will giving the value of Thomas's estate at $3,000.

Shown as born in Norfolk or Yorkshire England. Thomas possibly descended from Sir Robert Wood of Norwich, Norfolk, England, Knighted in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth. A carpenter, Thomas came to Charlestown, Middlesex, MA in 1638. Lived in Rowley, Essex, MA in 1654. His will identifies Obadiah Wood, (baker), of Ipswitch and John Todd as Brothers. John Todd married Susannah Hunt. Thomas Wood served in King Philip's War.

Birth year from Wood Family Index by John Sumner Wood, 1966. Marriage date and burial date found in Rowley Vital Records. Will dated July 21, 1687 names wife Anne, eldest son John, Thomas, Josiah, Samuel, Solomon, Ebeneazer, And James, Daughters Mary Chute, Ann Plummer, and Ruth Jewitt. Brother Obadiah Wood of Ipswitch. Son Thomas and wife executors. Suffolk Probate 10:168, Early settlers of Rowley, MA page 411. An affidavit of 1675 gives age as 40 (too Young) and calls John Todd a brother (Essex CT files 23:27-9).
#413 Alternate birth location of England.

Thomas Wood was accused before the Rowley Church, 28 Aug 1667, of having the deed to his land altered to include meadowland belonging to Rev. Samuel Phillips, the minister of Rowley, and of pulling down the fence. Brother Wood confessed his sin. In the Diary of Hon. Samuel Sewall (Vol. 1, p. 10) is the following: "1675 July 31, at midnight, Tho. Wood, carpenter, of Rowley, had his house and goods burnt, and voe malum, a daughter of about 10 years of age, who directed her brother so that he got out, was herself consumed to ashes." []

More About THOMAS Wood:
Baptism: Sep 12, 1633, Nuneaton, Warwick, England
Burial: Sep 12, 1687, Rowley, Essex, MA
Will: Jul 21, 1687
Will Proved: Nov 07, 1687, Suffolk County, MA

More About Ann Hunt:
Died 2: Sep 29, 1714, Rowley, Essex, MA

More About THOMAS Wood and Ann Hunt:
Marriage 1: Jun 07, 1654, Rowley, Essex, MA
Marriage 2: Apr 07, 1654, Rowley, Essex, MA
Children of THOMAS Wood and Ann Hunt are:
  i.   Mary Wood, born Mar 15, 1654/55 in Rowley, Essex, MA; died Mar 03, 1710/11 in Newbury, Essex, MA; married (1) James Chute Nov 10, 1673 in Ipswich, Essex, MA; born Abt. 1649 in Ipswich, Essex, MA; died 1730 in Newbury, Essex, MA; married (2) Edward Ordway Dec 12, 1678 in Newbury, Essex, MA; died Unknown.
  More About Mary Wood:
Died 2: Aft. Mar 1710/11, Rowley, Essex, MA

  More About James Chute:
Died 2: Aft. Jun 1724, Rowley, Essex, MA

  More About James Chute and Mary Wood:
Marriage: Nov 10, 1673, Ipswich, Essex, MA

  ii.   John Wood, born Nov 02, 1656 in Rowley, Essex, MA; died Jun 24, 1735 in Littleton, Middlesex, MA; married Isabel Hazen Jan 15, 1680/81 in Rowley, Essex, MA; born Jul 21, 1662 in Rowley, Essex, MA; died Aft. Sep 1726 in Littleton, Middlesex, MA.
  Notes for John Wood:
John Wood settled in Bradford, Essex, MA about the time of his marriage. In 1726 he removed to Littleton, MA. About the same time his son, John Wood of Boxford, Ma. settled in Littleton. His son, Joseph, also spent a number of years in the same town, and his sons, Richard and Josiah, appear there as witnesses to a deed given by John Wood Sr. to Joseph Wood, carpenter, both of Littleton, 160 acres with buildings, in Littleton 7th March 1728-9. (Middlesex Co. Ma. Land Record Book 30 pg.169). This farm John Wood of Bradford bought 11th May 1726(ditto page 168) which proves that John Wood of Bradford was John Wood, Sr. of Littleton. Of the sons of John Wood, five (Thomas, Joseph, Ebenezer, Richard, and Josiah) emigrated to Norwich, Conn, and settled on Portipaug Hill (now Franklin), near the Shetucket River.
John Wood served in the King Philips' War under Captain Samuel Brocklebank and his wages were 3 pounds, 15 shillings and 8 pence. On February 12, 1733, veterans of the King Philip's War living in Littleton and surrounding towns were granted land in Narragansett Township, Number 6, now Templeton, Ma. John Wood was among those who received a grant.

  More About John Wood:
Died 2: Aft. Jul 1729, Littleton, Middlesex, MA

  More About John Wood and Isabel Hazen:
Marriage: Jan 15, 1680/81, Rowley, Essex, MA

  iii.   Thomas Wood, Jr., born Aug 10, 1658 in Rowley, Essex, MA; died Dec 01, 1702 in Rowley, Essex, MA; married (1) Mary Hunt Jun 26, 1683 in Rowley, Essex, MA; born Sep 28, 1664 in Concord, Middlesex, MA; died Nov 07, 1754 in Mansfield, Tolland, CT; married (2) Hannah Rider May 01, 1690 in Swansea, Bristol, MA; died Unknown.
  More About Thomas Wood, Jr.:
Burial: Dec 01, 1702, Rowley, Essex, MA

  More About Thomas Wood and Mary Hunt:
Marriage: Jun 26, 1683, Rowley, Essex, MA

  iv.   Ann Wood, born Aug 08, 1660 in Rowley, Essex, MA; died Bef. Sep 1715 in Byfield, Essex, MA; married Benjamin Plummer Jan 15, 1677/78 in Rowley, Essex, MA; born Oct 23, 1656 in Newbury, Essex, MA; died Jul 08, 1724 in Byfield, Essex, MA.
  More About Benjamin Plummer and Ann Wood:
Marriage: Jan 15, 1677/78, Rowley, Essex, MA

  v.   Ruth Wood, born May 21, 1662 in Rowley, Essex, MA; died Nov 29, 1734 in Rowley, Essex, MA; married (1) Capt. Joseph Jewett Jan 16, 1680/81 in Rowley, Essex, MA; born Feb 01, 1655/56 in Rowley, Essex, MA; died Oct 30, 1694 in Rowley, Essex, MA; married (2) John Lunt Oct 26, 1696 in Rowley, Essex, MA; born Oct 22, 1669 in Newbury, Essex, MA; died Apr 22, 1741 in Salisbury, Essex, MA.
  More About Capt. Joseph Jewett:
Date born 2: Apr 01, 1565, Rowley, Essex, MA

  More About Joseph Jewett and Ruth Wood:
Marriage: Jan 16, 1680/81, Rowley, Essex, MA

  64 vi.   JOSIAH Wood, born Sep 05, 1664 in Rowley, Essex, MA; died Aug 03, 1723 in Ipswich, Essex, MA; married Margaret Hopkins Dec 23, 1686 in Rowley, Essex, MA.
  vii.   Elizabeth Wood, born Sep 05, 1664 in Rowley, Essex, MA; died Jul 31, 1675 in Rowley, Essex, MA, in a house fire while saving her brother; married Joseph Boynton; died Unknown.
  viii.   Samuel Wood, born Dec 26, 1666 in Rowley, Essex, MA; died Nov 25, 1690 in "coming home from Canady" after Quebec campaign; married Margaret Elithorpe Jan 21, 1688/89 in Rowley, Essex, MA; born Jul 24, 1672 in Ipswich, Essex, MA; died Feb 25, 1754 in Rowley, Essex, MA,.
  More About Samuel Wood and Margaret Elithorpe:
Marriage: Jan 21, 1688/89, Rowley, Essex, MA

  ix.   Solomon Wood, born May 17, 1669 in Rowley, Essex, MA; died Jan 13, 1750/51 in Mendon (now Uxbridge), Worcester, MA; married Mary Hazeltine Oct 15, 1690 in Bradford, Essex, MA; born Dec 11, 1671 in Bradford, Essex, MA; died Feb 20, 1748/49 in Uxbridge, Worcester, MA.
  More About Solomon Wood:
Residence: Bradford, Essex, MA, where many of not all children were born

  More About Mary Hazeltine:
Died 2: Feb 21, 1748/49, Uxbridge, Worcester, MA

  More About Solomon Wood and Mary Hazeltine:
Marriage: Oct 15, 1690, Bradford, Essex, MA

  x.   EBENEZER Wood, born Dec 29, 1671 in Rowley, Essex, MA; died Sep 22, 1736 in Mendon, Worcester, MA; married (1) Rachel Nichols Apr 05, 1695 in Rowley, Essex, MA; born Feb 25, 1674/75 in Amesbury, Essex, MA; died Aft. Jul 1717 in Mendon, Worcester, MA; married (2) Joanna Gage Aug 11, 1718 in Rowley, Essex, MA; born Dec 23, 1689; died Unknown.
  More About EBENEZER Wood:
Died 2: Abt. Dec 1736, Mendon, Worcester, MA
Military service: Appears on the MA Muster Roll of Major John Chaneller
Moved: 1717, to Mendon, Worcester, MA, after the death of his mother
Occupation: Husbandman
Will: Sep 22, 1736
Will Proved: Feb 16, 1736/37, Worcester, MA

  More About EBENEZER Wood and Rachel Nichols:
Marriage: Apr 05, 1695, Rowley, Essex, MA

  xi.   James Wood, born Jun 22, 1674 in Rowley, Essex, MA; died Oct 18, 1694 in Rowley, Essex, MA.

      132. THOMAS Patten, born Oct 1636 in Cambridge, Middlesex, MA; died Jan 16, 1689/90 in Billerica, Middlesex, MA. He was the son of 264. William Patten and 265. Mary (Patten). He married 133. Rebecca Paine Apr 01, 1662.

      133. Rebecca Paine, born Oct 19, 1642 in Dedham, Norfolk, MA; died May 19, 1680 in Billerica, Middlesex, MA. She was the daughter of 266. Thomas Paine and 267. Rebecca Ware.

Notes for THOMAS Patten:
His house was west of Long Street, south of the Common, near the house of Francis Richardson. He did not seem to take an active part in the public affairs of the town, but he owned considerable land there at the time of his death. He also owned an interest in a sawmill near Pattenville. [Patten Genealogy, p.16]

The last Will and Testiment of Thomas Pattin of Billerica, aged about fifty four, January 14th. 1689-90.
I, Thomas Pattin, being very weak of body, yet of perfect memory, and of a disposing mind do make & ordaine my last will & testiment, as followeth:
Impr. I committ my poor immortall soul, into the hands of god that gave it, and my body to the earth, to a decent buriall, at the discretion of my executors. also I will that my just and due debts, may be forth with discharged, together with the charge of my funerall. and as for ye dispose of that little estate which ye lord hath lent me, I do thus dispose of it. I do give to my dear wife Sarah at her own dispose, all the houselstuffe and cattle she brought with her to mee, or ye vallue of them, with a feather-bed & great brass kittle & cobirons, which shee did help purchase since she came to mee; and three pound of money, which was Silver she lent me. Also I give to her, ye sole use and benefit of half my dwelling house, & half the barne, the west end of each; with the orchard & yard roome sufficient and halfe my plow land, in that lot which was Jacob Brownes homested and all my feild & paster lying north of Samuell ffrost's house, with my horse, two oxen, two cowes at her choice; cart & plow, and utinsells thereof, with all my meadow in broad meadow, on ye west of concord bridg; and all my Shawshin meadow lot to be enjoyed by her, & to be to her use, so long as shee remaines my widdow, & in case shee should againe chang her condition by marriage, then shee shall have twenty pounds out of my estate to be at her dispose; besides what was mentioned before; and to enjoy ye aforesaid housing and lands & Cattle &c. until my youngest son Kindall be twelve years old, or twelve yeares from ye date hereof, which is for ye bringing up of my four younger children; and then ye said housing & lands & cattell to returne to my children, as I shall after order. I do will that my wholl estate both personall and real be equally divided among all my children, (excepting only as abovesaid) only to ye eldest son a double portion. To my eldest son Thomas, I give my lot called ye 2d divissions, with my meadow at ye great meadow upon horse brook, and my acre of swamp meadow, near andover meadows; with my acre of meadow at prospect hill, & my interest in fort wall meadow. To my son Nathaniel I give my wholl interest at horse plaine, each lands to be taken by an apprissall, & what wants of their proportion, to be made up out of ye rest of my estate, & in Case of overplus, to be returned to ye rest of my children. My Sons, William & Kindall shall have their portions out of my homested with sutable meadow to it, my son William shall continue with my dear wife & be at her dispose untill he shall be twenty one years of age, my stock of catell and houselstuffe shall be at ye dispose of my executors, for ye bringing up of my children, untill they come of age to receive it, and in case of any difference that may arise among my children concerning any divisions respecting this my estate I do nominate and fully impower my Brother Nathaniel Patten, Capt. Ralp Hill and lieutnt Joseph Tompson, (any two of them agreeing) to make a finall issue of such difference. lastly, I do Nominate & impower my dear wife and my son william pattin, to be joint executors to this my will, and my sons shall enjoy their training arms without apprisall & Kindall my carbine. This instrument I do declare to be my last Will & testiment. witness my hand and seall January the fourteenth in ye year of our Lord God one thousand six hundred eighty & nine & ninety.
Signed sealed and declared before us his mark & seal
Nathaniell Patten Thomas x Pattin
Samuell Frost Jonathan Danforth Sen'r
[Patten Genealogy, p 17-19]

More About THOMAS Patten:
Moved: 1654, From Cambridge to Billerica, MA
Will: Jan 14, 1689/90

More About THOMAS Patten and Rebecca Paine:
Marriage: Apr 01, 1662
Children of THOMAS Patten and Rebecca Paine are:
  i.   Mary Patten, born Aug 21, 1664 in Billerica, Middlesex, MA; died Unknown; married Benjamin Cromwell Mar 05, 1702/03; born in of Charlestown, Middlesex, MA; died Unknown.
  More About Benjamin Cromwell and Mary Patten:
Marriage: Mar 05, 1702/03

  ii.   Thomas Patten, born Mar 22, 1665/66 in Billerica, Middlesex, MA; died Sep 14, 1752; married Hannah Foster Dec 21, 1699; born Jul 1667; died Aug 18, 1742.
  More About Thomas Patten and Hannah Foster:
Marriage: Dec 21, 1699

  iii.   Nathaniel Patten, born Sep 14, 1668 in Billerica, Middlesex, MA; died Apr 02, 1718 in Billerica, Middlesex, MA; married Hannah Ross Dec 06, 1699 in Billerica, Middlesex, MA; born Mar 31, 1679 in Billerica, Middlesex, MA; died Unknown.
  More About Nathaniel Patten and Hannah Ross:
Marriage: Dec 06, 1699, Billerica, Middlesex, MA

  66 iv.   WILLIAM Patten, born May 12, 1671 in Billerica, Middlesex, MA; died Oct 05, 1730 in Cambridge, Middlesex, MA, of small pox while attending General court meeting; married Mary Rogers Bef. 1694.
  v.   Rebecca Patten, born Jan 29, 1674/75; died Feb 13, 1749/50; married Joseph Davis Jun 18, 1691; died Sep 30, 1747.
  More About Joseph Davis and Rebecca Patten:
Marriage: Jun 18, 1691

  vi.   Sarah Patten, born Jun 18, 1677; died Unknown.
  vii.   Elizabeth Patten, born May 08, 1680; died Unknown; married James Wright May 07, 1701; born in of Medford, MA; died Unknown.
  More About James Wright and Elizabeth Patten:
Marriage: May 07, 1701

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