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Descendants of William Wood

Generation No. 2

2. DICKERSON2 WOOD (WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1747 in Fauquier County, VA, and died January 23, 1803 in Fauquier County, VA. He married MARY UNKNOWN 1760. She was born Abt. 1740 in Fauquier County, VA, and died 1815 in Fauquier County, VA.

Notes for D
Some records spell the name "Dickinson" rather than "Dickerson." Donald Clark, Louisville, KY, opines "it is quite likely that Dickerson Wood was named for his mother's side of the family, but that such has not been established."

Dickerson was born sometime between 1740-1745 in either Fauquier or Stafford County, VA.

His future wife, Mary _____, was also born about 1740 in Fauquier or Stafford County, VA.

In Deed Book 1, at page 46, of the Fauquier County Virginia Records is found the following entry:
"...24 Sept. 1759 btwn Thomas, Lord Fairfax, Baron of Cameron, Scotland, proprietor of North Neck of Virginia, one part...ELIAS WOOD, County of Fauquier, other in Fauquier County, part of a tract called Manor of Leeds...130 a. To Elias Wood during natural life of him and natural life of Catharine Wood his wife, Nathaniel Wood, his son, and every of them longest living...yearly rent 40 sh: sterling. Wit: George Neaville, Thomas Carter. Recorded: 27 Sept. 1759" (Source: Wood-Woods Exchange, January 1958, Vol. 8.)

Dickerson and and Mary _____ married between sometime between 1760-1765.

On November 1, 1771 Dickerson Wood took a standard lease for 100 acres from Lord Fairfax, the Baron of Cameron in Scotland. The lease called for Dickerson Wood to build "or cause to be built a good and sufficient dwelling house" and plant 150 "good apple trees at fifty feet distance in regular order." Dickerson Wood was to pay 20 shillings sterling on Christmas Day of each year. His eldest child, Mary was named as successor to the lease. (Source: Fauquier County Virginia Deed Book 3: pages 41-45).

The leases signed around 1771 appear to be an effort to open that area of Virginia to the yeoman planter and put large proprietary grants to productive use. Dickerson Wood--and many like him--seem to have been drawn to the opportunity. The proximity to the Rappahannock River was of interest because it provided a natural transportation means to Falmouth/Fredericksburg, and the markets they provided, to trade tobacco and other goods. The Northern portion of the Rappahannock River above the fork with the Rapidann River was then called the Hedgeman River, apparently in honor of Peter Hedgeman, a mill operator.

One of the neighbors of Dickerson Wood was Richard Corley (father of Acquilla Corley) who was drawn to the Manor of Leeds apparently by the same inducement. Corley lived one and one-half miles above Dickerson Wood at the junction of the Hedgeman River and Buck Run Creek.
Dickerson Wood seems to have lived almost exactly where Crest Hill, VA is today. He was probably a little southeast of where a little church and graveyard are today. This location is approximately 2 miles West of where Pipers Church and the mill were once located. This is near present day Orlean and Flint Hill, the area where the Notley Maddox family lived.

Deed Book 5, page 45, Fauquier County, Virginia also has the following:
"...1 Nov. 17__ Btwn Lord Fairfax, one part, and DICKERSON WOOD, County of Fauquier, other part. Land in Fauquier Co. lying in Manor of Leeds...beginning at corner of Smoot's and Hoppins...during natural life of Dickerson Wood, Mary, his wife, and Mary Wood, daughter, and every of them living longest...yearly rent 20 sh: sterling. Wit: John Chilron, (Chilton?), John Pepper, Thomas Keith. Recorded: 5th May 1772." (Source: Wood-Woods Exchange, January 1958, Vol. 8.)

Notice the similarity between the recorded rental agreements of 1759 and 1772. Both refer to land located in Manor of Leeds. Each of the rental agreements-- one in 1759 and two in 1771-- were with Lord Fairfax. The rental agreements of 1759 and November 1, 17__ were for a life estate. The rental agreement of November 1, 1771 states no definitive term. The rent, however, decreased from 40 shillings sterling per year in 1759 to 20 shillings sterling in 1771. Also, the rental agreement that was recorded on May 5, 1772 was almost certainly executed on November 1, 1771, the same day as the agreement of November 1, 1771 recorded in Deed Book 3, pages 41-45.) What familial connection, if any, exists between Elias Wood and Dickerson Wood? (Source: Wood-Woods Exchange, January 1958, Vol. 8.)

Dickerson Wood may have been in the Colonial militia, however no known records support this. In 1778 Dickerson Wood appeared on Triplett's tithable list with a slave named Luck. Dickerson's neighbors were Joseph Smith, John Smoot, William and John Day. The Crim (Crimm?) family were also neighbors in Virginia. The Crimm family later shows up in Henry/Carroll County, Kentucky with the Smoots.

The 1786 Court Minute Book shows Dickerson Wood was granted a judgment against an Elizabeth Snelling (widow of Benjamin Snelling, who died in 1774). It was possibly a default judgment. At the same time Dickerson Wood was appointed surveyor of a road in place of a Joseph Barbee.

The 1787 tax list of Edward Humston shows Dickerson Wood with 2 blacks, 6 horses and 7 cattle. Dickerson 2 was listed separately.

On June 25, 1792 Dickerson Wood approved the estate inventory of James Withers, father of Hannah Withers.

James Withers had earlier witnessed the will of John Maddox (Culpeper County, VA in 1782) and Mary Maddox in 1787. John Maddox and Mary Maddox were the parents of Notley Maddox, grandfather of Nancy Corley, the daughter-in-law of Dickerson Wood in 1805.

In 1793 Dickerson Wood married Hannah Withers, the daughter of James Withers.

The younger Dickerson Wood joined his brother-in-law, Darnold Wood, in Culpeper County, Virginia, after the elder Dickerson Wood died in 1803. William Wood seems to have stayed at the home place in Virginia until joining with others leaving for Kentucky in about 1816. It is not known if any other Wood came to Kentucky. The younger Dickerson Wood later settled in what became Marion County, West Virginia and there were descendents by his name in the 1880 census.

The elder Dickerson died about January, 1803 in Fauquier County, VA.

DICKERSON WOOD's WILL was dated January 23, 1803: (Source: Certified copy from the Circuit Court Clerk, Will Book #, page 441, Fauquier County, VA)
"In the name of God. Amen. I Dickerson Wood of Fauquier County and desires this to be my last will and testament. First. I give and bequeath to Mary, my dearly beloved wife all and everything I possess during her life excepting one Negroe girl by the name of Poll and she to go to my oldest son Dickerson Wood, and he is to pay the annual rent for the lone yuse of said gairl and allso there is fore negro boys by the name of Jarry, Pomfry, Peter and Jeffery, is to be equally divided with my fore sons Dickerson Wood, William Wood, Elijah Wood, and James Wood as singlar from the rest of my other property and if one or all of these negro boys should die to be made good of my other property and at the death of Mary my wife all my lands movely estate to be equily divided amng all my children both sons and daughters."
Witnes present      /s/Dickerson Wood L.S.
Leonard Smoot (ma?head)
Lewis Jones      January 23, 1803           
Enock T. Smoot"

The will was probated and Dickerson Wood's wife, Mary, was named administratrix of the estate at a court hearing in Fauquier County the 25th day of July 1803.

"This Will was proved by the oaths of Leonard Smoot, Lewis Jones and Enoch Smoot witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded, and on the motion of Mary Wood who made oath and together with William Grimsley, John Edwards and William Wood her securities entered into and acknowledged bond in penalty of five thousand dollars conditioned as the law directs/ Certificate is granted her for obtaining letters of administration with the will annexed."

The estate of Dickerson Wood was appraised by John Gaunt, Francis Payne and William Grimsley. Amt. L649: 19: 0. The appraisal was returned to the court on the 26th of September 1803.

A William Wood and Elias Wood were early arrivals to Fauquier County, VA. They were possibly brothers. One view holds that Dickerson Wood was a brother to William and Elias Wood and that all three are the sons of William Wood of Stafford County, Virginia as was a James Wood. The fact that Dickerson Wood's Will identified his sons William, Elijah and James suggests a connection of Dickerson Wood to William Wood and Elijah Wood of Stafford County, Virginia. Also, a 1774 Fauquier Deed transaction refers to land in "Br?? Run" (probably referring to "Buck Run Creek") together with references to "Dickerson Pretentions."

Dickerson Wood may be connected to Edward Dickenson, Sr., a planter of Falmouth, St. George Parish, Spotsylvania County, Virginia. There was a William Wood and Elijah Wood of Stafford County (known in 1776 as Prince William County), Virginia who could have married into the Dickenson family-line and be the father of Dickerson Wood (which has sometimes been spelled as Dickinson) Wood.

Leonard Smoot, one of the witnesses to the Will of Dickerson Wood, was the father of Polly Smoot. Polly married Dickerson Wood's son, James.

Mary (maiden name unknown) Wood died in Fauquier County, VA.

More About D
Census: 1777, Rent roll Fauquier County, VA, Leeds Manour
IGI: Film Number 1903621
Probate: January 25, 1803, Probate of Will of Dickerson Wood I
Property 1: September 24, 1759, Lord Fairfax rented Fauquier County land to Dickerson Wood
Property 2: November 1, 1771, Lord Fairfax rented 100 acres of Fauquier County, VA land to Dickerson Wood

More About M
Date born 2: 1740, Fauquier County, VA
Children of D
  i.   MARY3 WOOD, b. 1762; d. Unknown; m. JOHN CARTER, December 4, 1780, Fauquier County, VA; d. Unknown.
3. ii.   ELIZABETH WOOD, b. Abt. 1766; d. Unknown.
4. iii.   DICKERSON WOOD, b. 1773, Fauquier County, VA; d. Bet. 1799 - 1864, Marion County, WV.
5. iv.   WILLIAM WOOD, b. 1773, Fauquier County, VA; d. September 1819, Henry County, KY.
  v.   ELIJAH WOOD, b. 1776; d. Unknown.
  vi.   ISABELLA WOOD, b. Abt. 1778, Fauquier County, VA; d. Bet. 1805 - 1871; m. DARNOLD WOOD, February 19, 1799, Fauquier County, VA; b. Bet. 1753 - 1779; d. Bet. 1804 - 1866.
  Notes for ISABELLA WOOD:
[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 5, Ed. 1, Tree #0193, Date of Import: Apr 24, 1998]

Lived in Culpeper County, Virginia

GEN: @NI1235@
GEN: Lived in Culpeper County, Virginia

Date born 2: 1778, Fauquier County, Virginia
Residence: Culpeper County, VA

  Notes for DARNOLD WOOD:
FAUQUIER CO. VA. DEED BOOK 14; 1798-1801 P. 228

May 20, 1798 deed between BRAWNER DOWDALE & MARY DOWDALE, his wife,
late MARY WHEATLEY, WIDOW and relict of JOSEPH WHEATLEY, deceased, of the
one part and PETER BOWER AND WILLIAM BOWER of the other part. Mentions
marriage agreement of MARY WHEATLEY AND BRAWNER DOWDALE which was recorded
county court of Fauquier Feb. 27, 1797.


The US Census of 1810 for Culpeper County, Virginia lists:

Name of Head of Family:                              Darnald Wood
A. Free white males under 10:                        0
B. Free white males 10-16:                              0
C. Free white males 16-26 (including heads of families):            0
D. Free white males 26-45 (including heads of families):            1
E. Free white males 45+ (including heads of families):            0
F. Free white females under 10:                        3
G. Free white females 10-16 (including heads of families):            0
H. Free white females 16-26 (including heads of families):            0
I. Free white females of 26-45 (including heads of families):            1
J. Free white females of 45+ (including heads of families):            0
K. All other free persons except Indians not taxed:            0
L. Slaves                                          2

Marriage 2: February 19, 1799, Fauquier County, Virginia.

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