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Ancestors of Geraldine Avis Smith

Generation No. 10

      512. John Smith490,491, born Unknown in ?; died 1682 in Providence, RI. He was the son of 1024. John Smith and 1025. Alice Knight. He married 513. Sarah Whipple in Providence, RI.

      513. Sarah Whipple, born February 06, 1641/42 in Providence, RI; died Aft. 1687. She was the daughter of 1026. John Whipple and 1027. Sarah (?) Whipple.

Notes for John Smith:
      John was also a miller like his father. On 4 November 1654, he was an ensign. He bought two shares of land from Hugh Bewit on 27 April 1655.

      February 18, 1661, he was chosen to be on jury.

      On February 19, 1665, he drew lot 21 in a division of lands in his father's right. Six acres of the Neck, 60 acres at a place called New Bridge, and 150 acres abutting John Brown up the West River.

      From 1672 to 1676, he held the position of Town Clerk.

      On May 30, 1676, his house was burned by the Indians, as were many others in the town. The town records in his custody were saved by being thrown into the millpond, it is said, and from there subsequently rescued.

      On February 22, 1682, his will was recorded and proved on June 2, 1682. The executors were his wife Sarah and son John. To wife, one-half mill and ten acres near upon the hill and valley where the house standeth, and one-half of all lands at West River and Great Meadow, also one-half of all lands at West River and Great Meadow, also one-half his part of sawmill and meadow at Wenscott and of six acres at Neck, besides half of house, goods and cattle. The provision for wife to be for her life and so John to have the other half of above. At the death of wife the meadow at Wenscott to be divided between son John and his brethren into seven parts. To daughter Sarah, forty acres. To daughter Alice, forty acres. To daughter Mary, 10 s. To John, sixty acres at Wenscott, the remainder of lands there being given to six brothers of John. The provision made for son John is upon condition that he be helpful to his mother to bring up his brothers and sisters, some of them being very young.

      Inventory: 90 pounds, 1 shilling, 9 pence; one old mare, two years and a yearling mare, a two years and a yearling horse, a two year bull, yearling bull, heifer, steer, 16 swine, corn in mill, 2 guns, 2 spinning wheels, old Bible (some leaves torn out). The corn mill and house over it, 40 pounds, and 1/7 part of saw mill adjoining corn mill, 3 pounds, 10 shillings.

      1709, May 21. Whereas John Smith, Miller, now deceased by last will dated 23 Feb 1682, disposed of lands to sons John, Joseph, Benjamin, William, and Elisha, as also to Israel and Daniel who both died not long after their father, therefore partition was now made of said lands amongst the brothers living.

All references are directly from the Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island by Austin who is considered a prime source by the Providence Historical Society.
Children of John Smith and Sarah Whipple are:
  i.   Daniel Smith, born Unknown; died Abt. 1683.
  ii.   John Smith, born Unknown; died April 20, 1737; married Hannah (?) Smith; born Unknown; died September 05, 1756.
  Notes for John Smith:

  iii.   Joseph Smith, born Unknown in ?; died January 13, 1749/50 in ?; married Lydia Gardiner Unknown; born Unknown; died Unknown.
  Notes for Joseph Smith:

  iv.   Mary Smith, born Unknown in ?; died December 17, 1737 in ?; married Arthur Fenner Unknown in ?; born Unknown in ?; died Unknown in ?.
  Notes for Mary Smith:

  v.   Sarah Smith, born Unknown; died October 14, 1725; married Richard Clemence; born Unknown; died October 11, 1723.
  Notes for Sarah Smith:

  vi.   Alice Smith, born 1665 in Providence, RI; died February 19, 1735/36; married (1) John Dexter February 16, 1687/88; born November 06, 1652; died Unknown; married (2) Joseph Jenckes; born 1632 in England; died January 04, 1716/17 in Pawtucket Falls, RI.
  Notes for Alice Smith:
Married (1) John Dexter son of Gregory & Abigail Fullerton Dexter on 16 Feb
1688; M (2) Joseph Jenckes, son of Joseph and Esther Ballard Jenckes on 3 Feb

  Notes for John Dexter:
Married Alice Smith, daughter of John Smith and Sarah Whipple.

  256 vii.   Benjamin Smith, born 1672 in Providence, RI; died April 23, 1751 in Providence, RI; married (1) Mercy Waterman; married (2) Mercy Angell Bef. 1694 in Providence, RI.
  viii.   Elisha Smith, born April 14, 1680; died Aft. 1766; married Experience Mowry; born Unknown; died Unknown.
  ix.   William Smith, born 1682; died December 11, 1753; married Mary Sayles; born Unknown; died Unknown.
  Notes for William Smith:
He was deeded with his wife for love and goodwill a 40 foot lot on west side of Town street extending to the channel and also another small lot, by his father-in-law, John Sayles.

  x.   Israel Smith, born Unknown in ?; died Unknown; married Elizabeth Arnold June 03, 1718; born Unknown in ?; died July 11, 1758 in Glocester, RI.
  Notes for Israel Smith:
      Moved to Sempronius, Cayuga County, NY dies testate; Probated Plainfield. Children, Lasina, Lindon, Lucy, Mariah, Alfred and Abby sent back to Killingly and given guardians.

Ky Vol 17, pg 122: Smith Isreal, late of Sempronius, NY died testate

  Notes for Elizabeth Arnold:
Through the marriage of Deborah Hawkins to Nathan Wade is the Arnold line allied to the Wade line

      514. John Angell492,493,494,495,496, born 1644 in Providence, RI; died July 27, 1720 in Providence, RI. He was the son of 1028. Thomas Angell and 1029. Alice Ashton. He married 515. Ruth Field January 07, 1668/69 in Providence, RI.

      515. Ruth Field, born 1651 in Providence, RI; died 1725 in Providence, RI. She was the daughter of 554. John Field.

Notes for John Angell:

      John Angell fought in King Phillip's War, August 1676. He was entitled to the disposition of captives.

      1704, Jan 15. He deeded to son Thomas 70 acres both sides Woonsquatucket River. Also other land to make 89 acres with mansion house.

      He deeded to son John a mansion house and 58 acres.

      He deeded to son Daniel 80 acres.

      1720, September 30, Administrated to widow Ruth and son Hope and inventory of 349 pounds.


History of RI, Vol 1, Bicknell
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Directory of the Ancestral Heads of NE from 1620-1700 Holmes
Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Angell, Avery Angell, 1872

  Notes for Ruth Field:
Married John Angell

Children of John Angell and Ruth Field are:
  i.   John Angell, born Unknown in Providence, RI; died 1741 in ?.
  ii.   Hope Angell, born December 12, 1685 in Providence, RI; died February 11, 1759 in Providence, RI; married Lydia Olney Unknown in ?; born Unknown in ?; died Unknown in ?.
  iii.   Thomas Angell, born March 25, 1672 in Providence, RI; died April 04, 1714 in Scituate, RI; married Sarah Brown 1700 in ?; born Unknown in ?; died Unknown in ?.
  257 iv.   Mercy Angell, born 1675 in ?; died September 03, 1721 in Providence, RI; married Benjamin Smith Bef. 1694 in Providence, RI.
  v.   Daniel Angell, born May 02, 1680 in ?; died January 16, 1748/49 in ?; married Hannah Winsor May 02, 1702 in Providence, RI; born Abt. 1680 in Providence, RI; died Aft. 1742 in ?.
  Notes for Hannah Winsor:
Married 2 May 1702, Daniel Angell, son of John Angell and Ruth Field

  vi.   James Angell, born 1684 in ?; died 1742 in ?; married Susannah Wilkinson 1698 in ?; born February 02, 1661/62 in Providence; died Unknown in ?.

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