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Descendants of George Rex

      16. Johan Georg3 Rex (Wilhelm2, George1)691,692 was born in Springfield Twnsp., PA693, and died Bet. 1811 - 1812 in Heidelberg, PA693. He married Anna Maria Hunsicker693 Abt. 1769693, daughter of Johannes Hunsicker. She was born November 15, 1783, and died September 06, 1837.

Notes for Johan Georg Rex:

Johan Georg Rex, eldest son of Wilhelm and Margaretha (Rupert) Rex, was born in Springfield Township, and died in Heidelberg 1811-1812. He married Anna Maria Hunsicker, daughter of the Swiss immigrant Johannes Hunsicker. There is no known
record of the death of the widow or of the place of their burial.

George attained the rank of Ensign in the Northampton County Militia by 1783 and continued his service through 1798. He appears on the 1790 Federal Census in Heidelbrg as George Rix. His will was probated 20 January 1812, and the widow mary
renounced in favor of her eldest living son John Rex.

The marriage date of 1769 is impossible given Anna Maria's birth in 1783--perhaps 1799?

More About Johan Georg Rex:
Burial: Unknown, Heidelberg Union Church Cemetery, Saegersville, Lehigh Co., PA
Fact 6: December 01, 1996693

More About Anna Maria Hunsicker:
Burial: Unknown, Heidelberg Union Church Cemetery, Saegersville, Lehigh Co., PA
Fact 6: November 20, 1996693
Children of Johan Rex and Anna Hunsicker are:
+ 84 i.   Johannes4 Rex, born February 03, 1783; died December 11, 1871.
+ 85 ii.   Johannes George Rex, born February 16, 1770; died 1808.
  86 iii.   Margaretha Rex694,695, born April 17, 1781696; died July 24, 1880697,698.
  More About Margaretha Rex:
Fact 6: November 29, 1996698

+ 87 iv.   Maria Rex, born August 13, 1790; died July 07, 1852.
+ 88 v.   Elisabeth Rex, born December 10, 1787; died March 26, 1872.

      18. Wilhelm3 Rex, Jr. (Wilhelm2, George1)699,700 was born January 17, 1750/51 in Springfield, PA701,702, and died August 20, 1821 in Heidelberg, PA703,704. He married Elisabeth Handwerk705,706,707 WFT Est. 1766-1800708, daughter of Johannes Handwerk. She was born WFT Est. 1740-1766708, and died 1832708,709,710.

Notes for Wilhelm Rex, Jr.:

Wilhelm, second son of Wilhelm and Margaretha Rupert Rex, was baptized at St. Michael's Church at Germantown. He died 20 August 1821 in Heidelberg and was buried by Rev. Doring at the Heidelberg Church with 400 people attending the funeral.
He married Elisabeth Handwerk, daughter of Johannes Handwerk, one of the original settlers of Heidelberg. The widow Elisabeth died in 1832.

Wilhelm, Jr., served in the Revolution and attained the rank of Captian in the Nothampton Militia by 1794. He appears as William Rix on the 1790 Federal Census, and later owned a mill that manufactured cloth from flax and wool. His German
script will is recorded in Lehigh County.

More About Wilhelm Rex, Jr.:
Baptism (LDS): March 01, 1920711
Burial: Unknown, Buried in Heidelberg Church Cemetery712
Endowment (LDS): May 21, 1920, SLAKE713
Fact 5: St. Michael's Church at Germantown714
Fact 6: November 21, 1996714
Fact 7: Heidelberg Church714
Record Change: October 15, 1999715
Sealed to parents (LDS): September 17, 1987, BOISE715

More About Elisabeth Handwerk:
Fact 6: November 21, 1996716
Children of Wilhelm Rex and Elisabeth Handwerk are:
+ 89 i.   Maria Margaretha4 Rex, born October 07, 1777; died April 08, 1862.
+ 90 ii.   Johannes Rex, born July 24, 1779; died August 13, 1849.
+ 91 iii.   Johann Georg Rex, born June 24, 1781; died July 16, 1863.
  92 iv.   Maria Rex717,718, born August 04, 1783719,720; died WFT Est. 1784-1877721.
  More About Maria Rex:
Fact 6: November 29, 1996722

  93 v.   Elisabeth Rex723,724,725, born September 24, 1785726,727; died June 07, 1843728,729,730. She married Daniel Siegfried731 September 25, 1814732,733; died Unknown.
  More About Elisabeth Rex:
Fact 6: November 29, 1996733

  More About Daniel Siegfried:
Fact 6: December 14, 1996733

  94 vi.   Wilhelm Rex734, born July 04, 1786735,736; died Unknown737.
  More About Wilhelm Rex:
Fact 6: November 29, 1996738

+ 95 vii.   Jacob Rex, born October 22, 1789 in PA; died 1858.
  96 viii.   Daniel Rex739,740, born August 10, 1791741,742; died 1834743,744. He married Elisabeth Handwerk745,746,747; died Unknown.
  More About Daniel Rex:
Fact 6: November 21, 1996747

  More About Elisabeth Handwerk:
Fact 6: November 21, 1996747

  97 ix.   Heinrich Rex748,749, born August 24, 1798750,751; died February 15, 1879752,753. He married Maria Horn754,755 July 07, 1822756,757; died Unknown.
  More About Heinrich Rex:
Fact 6: November 29, 1996757

  More About Maria Horn:
Fact 6: November 21, 1996757

      23. Georg Jacob3 Rex (Bernard Jacob2, George1)757,758 was born June 17, 1750 in Heidelberg Township, PA759, and died October 05, 1800 in Menallan Township, York (Adams) Co., PA759. He married Anna Maria Yates760,761,762 in Lynn Township, Northampton Co., PA762. She died August 24, 1825 in Canton, Stark Co., OH763.

Notes for Georg Jacob Rex:

Georg Jacob Rex, eldest son of Bernard Jacob and Anna Elisabeth (Orner) Rex, was born in Heidelberg Township 17 June 1750 and died in Menellan Township, York (Now Adams) County 5 October 1800. He married Anna Maria Yates in Lynn Township,
Northampton County, who died 24 August 1825 at Canton, Stark County, Ohio, having migrated with her son after the death of her husband.

Georg Jacob was confirmed Jubilate 1766 by Daniel Schumacher who mistakenly identified him as "son of Wilhelm." Georg Jacob took the oath of allegiance from Lynn Township and served in the Revolution from there. He purchased, 1 April 1776, a
mill on Switzer Creek from Peter Miller and is counted on the 1790 Federal Census in Lynn. He shortly sold the mill to George Krim and moved West to York County near his cousins and purchased a grist, hemp and saw mill on Opossom Creek. He
died intestate and is buried with a German script tombtone in Bender's churchyard, Adams County. His eldest son adminstered his estate and, in 1803, sold the mill and presently moved West to Ohio.

B heidelberg twp, northampton co , pa

More About Georg Jacob Rex:
Fact 3: Cordwainer764
Fact 6: December 01, 1996764
Fact 7: Bender's Churchyard764
Record Change: December 03, 1999765

More About Anna Maria Yates:
Fact 6: November 21, 1996766
Record Change: December 03, 1999767
Children of Georg Rex and Anna Yates are:
  98 i.   Christina4 Rex768,769,770, died Unknown. She married Jacob Bucher771,772 October 29, 1816772,773; died Unknown.
  Notes for Christina Rex:

Christina, the youngest daughter of George Jacob and Anna Maria (Yates) Rex also came to Canton at some point. According to "George Rex of Germantown" she married Jacob Bucher 29 Oct 1816. We are assuming her middle or given name must have
been Jane, due to the following marriage announcement in The Ohio Repository. 31 Oct 1816; Page 3, Column 1. Jane Rex married Jacob Bucher, 29 Oct. This date also matches Dorothy Rex Schutte's genealogy of George of Germantown.

  More About Christina Rex:
Fact 6: November 28, 1996774
Record Change: December 03, 1999775

  More About Jacob Bucher:
Fact 6: November 21, 1996776

  99 ii.   Molly Rex777,778,779, died Unknown.
  More About Molly Rex:
Fact 6: November 21, 1996779
Record Change: December 03, 1999780

+ 100 iii.   Georg Adam Rex, born Abt. 1778 in Northampton County, Pennsylvania; died January 1834 in Franklin Township, Stark County, Ohio.
  101 iv.   Maria Barbara Rex780,781,782, born November 25, 1781783,784; died October 23, 1855785,786. She married Nicholas (Grupe) Group August 31, 1802787,788; died Unknown.
  More About Maria Barbara Rex:
Fact 6: November 21, 1996788
Record Change: December 03, 1999789

  More About Nicholas (Grupe) Group:
Fact 6: November 21, 1996790

+ 102 v.   Jacob Rex, born September 20, 1794; died April 27, 1876 in Wooster, Wayne Co., OH.
+ 103 vi.   Elisabeth Rex, died Unknown.
  104 vii.   Daniel Rex791,792, died Unknown. He married Margaret Anderson792 May 06, 1814793,794; died Unknown.
  More About Daniel Rex:
Fact 6: November 21, 1996794

  More About Margaret Anderson:
Fact 6: November 21, 1996794

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