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Descendants of Johann Polansky

64. RAYMOND FRED5 POLANSKY (FERDINAND4, CYRIL3, JOHANN2, FRANTISEK1)214 was born 11 Apr 1918 in Tours, McLennan County, Texas214, and died 17 May 1990 in Temple, Bell County, Texas (VA Hospital). He married PEGGY GEORGE TOOKER215 23 Jun 1948 in Waco, McLennan County, Texas216, daughter of CHARLES TOOKER and MILDRED SHEPHERD. She was born 24 Dec 1928 in McLennan County, Texas.

Notes for R

The favor story on Raymond occurred while he was still living at home. One Saturday night, he was told to take his sisters to the dance hall, probably in SPJST hall in Elk. On the way home he had a flat tire. To make the story interesting, you need to know that Raymond had already gone to sleep. The weather was probably warm, they lived out in the country, and Raymond did not want to take the girls, Raymond did not get dresses, so he was only wearing his shorts.

I verified this story with his wife, Peggy.

More About R
Birth Place: at home
Burial: 19 May 1990, Waco, McLennan County, Texas
Cemetery: Waco Memorial Park
First Communion: West, Texas (St. Mary's Church)
Funeral: 19 May 1990, Bellmead, McLennan County, Texas (St Joseph's)
Godparents: Anton & Rozalie (Barak) Bacak
Membership: Veterans of Foreign Wars
Military service: Bet. 1942 - 1945, Army217,217
Occupation: Civil Service Worker
Religion: Roman Catholic

More About P
Religion: Roman Catholic

Marriage Notes for R

Best Man was Jody Berger, Maid of honor was Nancy (Tooker) Burger.
Children of R
  i.   RAYMOND SAMUEL6 POLANSKY218, b. 20 Jun 1951, Waco, McLennan County, Texas219; d. 13 Apr 1955, Waco, McLennan County, Texas220.

By Clifford Fred Wright

My memories of Little Raymond are of a boy that was laughing. I do remember that I never heard him speaking one word. I remember playing with him many times, in their home in Leroy, Texas. I also remember him in their home at 1212 Hogan Lane in Bellmead. I have a memory of seeing him in his parents bedroom of that house, as my dad was backing our car out of the driveway of the house next door. I tried to get Little Raymond's attention, but I did not realize that since it was night, he could not see me. I know that my parents and I lived in my grandparents house at 1210 Hogan Lane for a time during the early 1950's. I remember visiting him at least one time at the Children's Medical Center, which was at the North/West corner of the Providence Hospital grounds in Waco, Texas. Little Raymond must have been a brave boy. I remember seeing him with a large number of blue marks on his body, which I assume were from the nurses taking blood or giving him shots. I felt that he was in a lot of pain, but he seemed to still be able to smile. I believe that the death of my uncle's first son, was difficult for Raymond & Peggy and probably the whole Polansky family. I can not remember hearing any other talk about Little Raymond after his death. I heard comments that my uncle Raymond had to paid on his son's medical bill for at over 30 years.

Burial: Waco, McLennan County, Texas221
Cause of Death: Leukemia
Cemetery: Holy Cross Catholic (Sec V, Row 16)
Medical Information: Childhood Leukemia

  ii.   TERESA INEZ POLANSKY, b. 21 Apr 1954, Waco, McLennan County, Texas; m. LEONARD MAJUK.
  iii.   FRED RAYMOND POLANSKY, b. 21 Dec 1958, Waco, McLennan County, Texas; m. JULIE LYNN NEWTON, 03 Aug 1985, Georgetown, Williamson County, Texas; b. 13 Dec 1960, Harlingen, Cameron County, Texas.
  iv.   GEORGE BENJAMIN POLANSKY, b. 20 Nov 1964, Waco, McLennan County, Texas; m. SHERRIL LYNNE MCCOLLAUM, 07 Sep 1985, Bellmead, McLennan County, Texas; b. 18 Jan 1964, Waco, McLennan County, Texas.

65. HELEN ETHEL5 POLANSKY (FERDINAND4, CYRIL3, JOHANN2, FRANTISEK1)222 was born 22 Aug 1920 in Tours, McLennan County, Texas222, and died 18 Nov 1983 in Richardson, Dallas County, Texas. She married CLIFFORD CHARLES WRIGHT223 24 Apr 1943 in Washington, D.C.223, son of HENRY SMITH and CAROLINE BERCY. He was born 29 Dec 1922 in New York, New York County, New York224,224, and died 11 May 1982 in Richardson, Dallas County, Texas225.

Notes for H

Helen was the first Roman Catholic to be elected as President of the Church Women United of Greater Dallas.
She had held the position of President of St Paul's Ladies Guild. She had been active in the National Council of Catholic Woman since in 1950's. She had held positions at the parish level at St Joseph's in Bellmead, St. Mary's and St Louis in Waco, and at St Paul's in Richardson. At the Diocesan level in both Austin and Dallas.

More About H
Birth Place: at home
Burial: 20 Nov 1983, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas
Cemetery: Restland Memorial (Garden of the Trinity)
Death Place: At home 104 N. Weathered Dr
First Communion: West, Texas (St. Mary's Catholic Church)
Funeral: 20 Nov 1983, Richardson, Dallas County, Texas (St Paul's Catholic Church)
Godparents: Anton & Rozalie (Barak) Bacak
Membership: Bet. 1970 - 1983, St Paul's Parish of Richardson, Ladies Guild
Religion: Roman Catholic
Social Security Number: 456-32-8057

Notes for C

My dad remembered being in a home for children, probably around age 6. He remembers being there only one day. He learned around 1973 that the woman that we had called Aunt Currie, was actually his mother. To get a passport for a trip to Europe, he needed his birth certificate. After much research had not been able to determine where he was actually born, he sent a letter to this woman that he remembered was around him since early in his life. After his mother, Caroline, gave him up, she was hired by the family that adopted him, to be my father's nannie. With the information obtained from Caroline Emory, he was able to obtain his birth certificate. That document gave the father's name as Henry Smith and the mother's name as Caroline Burcy. There is a note in my mother's Bride's Book, that a their wedding reception was held at the home of C. J. Smith. The book "The men & women in World War II from McLennan County" states that he was the son of Mrs C. L. Smith. I do not have any facts to prove that there was no connection between Henry, C. L. or C. J. Smith. I was told that my grandmother was not married when my father was born, and I wonder if his birth father actually had the name Henry Smith. But from some of the things my mother said, the relationship with the C. J. Smith family may have been more deeply involved. The stories, as I remember them, refer only to a Mrs. Smith. The only thing I remember hearing about the Wright Family, was that the family must have owned and lived in an apartment building. My dad remembers putting coal in the building furnace, before anyone else got up in the morning. I believe that the Wright's were probably advanced in age.

Dad never graduated from College, but he did attend Baylor University while working full time at General Tire.
He received an A in every courses that he attempted.

Clifford held several positions in the 3rd & 4th Degree of the Knights of Columbus, while a member of the Waco Council. These included Faithful Navigator. While serving as Master of Guadalupe Province, Texas District 7, he conferred knighthood on his son, Sir Knight Clifford Wright.

Helen & Clifford Wright attended the First Communion of their grand-daughter, Michelle Wright on May 8th, 1982.

From "The Men & Woman in World War II from McLennan County".

Wright, Clifford C

T/Sgt. Clifford C. Wright, 1107 Church, Bellmead, son of Mrs. C. L. Smith, N. York City, husband of Helen Polansky, Mart, graduate of Commerce High, N. Y. City. Entered Marines in 1942, trained at Texas A&M and Washington. Served in Solomon and Philippine Camp. Awarded Rifle Marksman score of 210 and Pistol Sharpshooter score of 82, Discharged in 1945.

Employment history: 1945-1952 Office Manager and Book Keeper for Clement Grain Company. 1952-1966 Foreman for General Tire Corporation. 1967-1982 Systems & Application Computer Programmer.
========================================================================= ======================================
Medical History
My dad was seriously injured during a auto accident in 1962. The injuries include 6 broken ribs, at least one broken vertebra and multiple internal injuries. He had to wear a back brace for many years. The only medication he took was for stomach problems. His death and the cause were both unexpected. He had a medical checkup a few weeks before his death and his blood pressure had always been low. The death certificate shows " Arteriosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease" as the cause of death.
In 1997 I had the same symptoms that my dad had.

More About C
Adoption: Abt. 1928, by the Wright family
Burial: 14 May 1982, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas
Cause of Death: Arteriosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease
Cemetery: Restland Memorial (Garden of the Trinity)
Death Place: Richardson Medical Center
Funeral: 14 May 1982, Richardson, Texas (St Paul's Catholic Church)
Graduation: New York City (Commerce High School)
Medical Information: Back Injury caused by car accident in 1962
Membership: Bet. 1948 - 1982, Knight of Columbus
Military Rank: 1945, T/Sgt226
Military service: Bet. 1942 - 1945, US Marine Corp226
Occupation: Bet. 1967 - 1982, Computer Programmer
Religion: Aft. 1942, Roman Catholic
Social Security Number: 064-12-3637227
SSN issued: New York227

Marriage Notes for H

This information was taken from Helen's Bride's Book.

Married at St. Gabrial Church in Washington, DC on April 24, 1943 at 2PM By Rev Louis Albert. Clifford wore his Marine Corp Dress Blue Uniform. Best man and Maid of honor were Victor and Tina Snow. A reception was held at the home of C J Smith of Spring Creek, Virginia. The bride and groom went on their wedding trip to the blue ridge mountains of Virginia. Helen recorded the following wedding gifts:

Mr & Mrs Fred Polansky Money
Mr & Mrs C. J. Smith Silex Coffee Pot
Mr & Mrs Charles Emory $100
Miss Lucille Polansky White Cherille Bedspread
Miss Lillian Polansky Pink Wool Blanket
Mrs Willig Tablecloth & pillow slips
Althea Menke Money
Emma Flasm Silver Creamer & sugar bowl & tray
Mary Allen Money
Mrs Floyed Muller Money
Children of H
  i.   CLIFFORD FRED6 WRIGHT, b. 28 Apr 1944, Waco, McLennan County, Texas228,229; m. (1) SHIRLEY ANN POEHLS230, 13 Feb 1971, Bellmead, McLennan County, Texas; b. 19 Oct 1951, Belton, Bell County, Texas at 23:55230; d. 06 Jan 1990, Plano, Collin County, Texas at 9:00AM (HCA Hospital)231; m. (2) DOROTHY JEAN NESLAGE, 24 Nov 1995, Lubbock, Lubbock County, Texas; b. 10 Sep 1950, Pampa, Gray County, Texas.

Birth Certificate shows that his father was a Radar Technician in the U.S. Marine Corp. and overseas at the time. His mother's address was shown as Route #4, Mart, Texas, which was her parents address. C. H. Reese was the doctor. The priest who baptized Clifford, Father Floyd, required that both names be a saints names, so Clifford's baptism records contain the name Charles Fred Wright. Charles was his father's middle name. Clifford Fred Wright was knighted into as a Fourth Degree Knight of Columbus on Sunday, November 2, 1969 by his father, Sir Knight Clifford Charles Wright, who was Master of the Forth Degree Guadalupe Province, Texas District No 7. The exemplification was held at the Commodore Perry Hotel in Austin, Texas.

Baptism: May 1944, Waco, Texas (St. Mary's Church) as Charles Fred Wright
Birth Place: Providence Hospital at 08:17 A.M.
Cemetery: Restland Memorial (Garden of Reflections)
Confirmation: May 1952, Waco, Texas (St. Mary's Church) by Bishop Reicher
Degree: May 1967, Criminal Justice / Political Science
E-mail (Facts Pg):
Education: Bet. 1962 - 1967, Tarleton University
Employer: 20 Apr 1998, YUM! Brands, Inc (Formerly TRICON)
Federal ID: Oct 1998, 75-2785356
First Communion: Apr 1952, Waco, McLennan County, Texas (St. Mary's Church)
Godparents: Lucille (Polansky) Flaherty and W.J. Polansky
Graduation: 1962, Waco, Texas (Reicher Catholic High School)
Medical Information: Epilepsy
Membership: 01 Dec 1968, 4th Degree Knights of Columbus
Occupation: Bet. 1967 - 2003, CICS Systems Engineer (Programmer)
Religion: Roman Catholic
State Taxpayer #: Oct 1998, 32009875868
Work Address 1: 6066 LBJ Freeway Suite 140
Work City, State, Zip: Dallas, Texas 76240
Work Fax #: (972) 338-7404
Work Phone #: (972) 338-7408


Baptized on March 14, 1952, at St. Joseph in Dime Box, Texas by Rev George Tydlacka, Godparents were Alton and Irene (Poehls) Tadlock. Death Certificate described injury which caused death as "Overdose of Dilantin with subsequent tissue redistribution" and immediate cause of death as "Complications of Phenytoin intoxication". Burial was at Restland Cemetery in Dallas Texas on 01/08/1990, after Mass at St Mark's in Plano by Rev Brown. Father Gale White lead the rosary at Restland Chapel on 01/07/1990.

Baptism: 14 Mar 1952, Dime Box, Texas (St. Joseph's Catholic Church)232,232
Burial: 08 Jan 1990, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas
Cause of Death: Severe Depression leading to overdose of Dilantin
Cemetery: Restland Memorial (Garden of Reflections)
Confirmation: Grand Praire, Texas (Immaculate Conception)
Confirmation Sponsor: Helen (Polansky) Wright
Education: Bet. 1969 - 1971, North Texas State University
Funeral: 08 Jan 1990, Plano, Collin County, Texas (St Mark's)
Funeral Home: Restland Memorial
Godparents: 14 Mar 1952, Alton and Irene (Poehls) Tadlock
Graduation: 1969, Lorena, McLennan County, Texas (Lorena High School)
Medical Information: Clinical Depession
Religion: Roman Catholic
Rosary: 07 Jan 1990, Father Gale White


Couple met on Good Friday, 1970. They were introduced by Shirley's cousin, Keith Tadlock. Cliff took Shirley and her room mate Anita Carlson to see Tom Jones on one their first dates. Married at St. Joseph's Church in Bellmead , Texas by Rev. Walter Wimmer & Rev. Ralph Brennan. Vocalist was Rita McNamara. Organist was Susan Gerik. Photographer was Cliff Shelly.

The wedding party may be seen in the scrapbook, picture 5, from right to left, Gail Watkins (Shirley's best Friend from High School), Anita Carlson (Her College roommate), Carol Olsovsky (Cliff's cousin), Joyce Poehls Swatloski (Maid of Honor & sister of Shirley), Ralph Brennan (Pastor of St Joseph's), Shirley Poehls Wright, Clifford Wright, Walter Wimmer , A.Z. Breeland (Best Man), Carl Price III (Cliff's friend & former neighbor to Wright's), John C Simcik III (Cliff's Friend), Melton Poehls (brother of Shirley).


Jean was baptized at Holy Soul's Catholic Church in Pampa, Texas, on November 5, 1950 by Rev Otto W Meyer, her Godparents were Thomas E Manning and Mrs Walter Rogers. Proxy for Mr Manning was Edward H Dunigan. Holy Soul's is now St Vincent de Paul's.

Baptism: 05 Nov 1950, Pampa, Texas (Holy Souls Church)
Birth Place: Highland General Hospital at 9:26 A.M.
Confirmation: 03 Apr 1960, Pampa, Texas (St Vincent de Paul)
E-mail (Facts Pg):
Medical Information: Cholecystectomy, hysterectomy, osteoarthritis
Religion: Roman Catholic


Jean Neslage and Clifford Wright received a Marriage License from Collin County, Texas on Nov 17, 1995. Justice of the Peace, Jim Hansen united them in marriage at 3:15pm on Nov 24, 1995, in Lubbock County, Texas. The wedding was recorded in Book 129 Page 583 on Dec 4, 1995. The Wedding was performed at Jean's sister's home in Lubbock, Texas. Jean's mother & father attended, along with her three sisters, her brother Tim and their families. Jean was given away by her mother. The Marriage was blessed by Father Gale White at St Mark's Catholic Church in Plano, Texas. The blessing was attended by Jean's sister Judy Neslage, Cliff's aunts Martha & Evelyn and their families. Wendy Breeland & her husband Warren Brinkley attended. Shirley's family was represented by her mother Pauline, her three sisters and their families. Roland Thompson, a friend, attended both the Wedding and the blessing. The four children from Jean's first marriage, Joe, Mary, John, & David and the two girls from Cliff's first marriage, Michelle & Monica, attended both the Wedding & the Blessing.

  ii.   INFANT WRIGHT233, b. 10 Oct 1946, Waco, McLennan County, Texas; d. 10 Oct 1946, Waco, McLennan County, Texas.
  iii.   INFANT WRIGHT234, b. 30 Apr 1952, Waco, McLennan County, Texas; d. 30 Apr 1952, Waco, McLennan County, Texas.
  iv.   INFANT WRIGHT235, b. 22 Dec 1957, Waco, McLennan County, Texas; d. 22 Dec 1957, Waco, McLennan County, Texas.
  v.   JOHN CHRISTOPHER WRIGHT, b. 14 Dec 1963, Waco, McLennan County, Texas; Adopted child.
Birth Place: Hillcrest Hospital
Business Name: Toytoa of Seatle, Washington
Work Address 1: Attn: Chris Wright
Work City, State, Zip: Seattle, WA 98121

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