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Descendants of Walter(Drawhorn) Draughon

21. THOMAS5 DAUGHON (JAMES4 DRAUGHON, THOMAS3, JAMES2 DRAGHON, WALTER(DRAWHORN)1 DRAUGHON) was born 1806 in Jones County, Georgia. He married LURANY (LOURANY) ? GARDNER Abt. 1827 in Twiggs County, Georgia, daughter of M.K. GARDNER.
Children of T
  i.   HARRIETT6 DRAWHORN, b. Abt. 1828, Twiggs County, Georgia; m. JOHN BUNN, May 24, 1849, Bibb County, Alabama.
  ii.   WILLIAM J. DRAWHORN, b. 1830, Twiggs County, Georgia; m. MARIAH DICKSON, May 05, 1853, Bibb County, Alabama.
  iii.   SARAH ANN DRAWHORN, b. 1833, Twiggs County, Georgia.
  iv.   JOHN P. DRAWHORN, b. 1836, Twiggs County, Georgia; m. LUCY HARDY, March 15, 1855, Dallas County, Alabama.

22. JAMES5 DRAUGHONII (JAMES4, THOMAS3, JAMES2 DRAGHON, WALTER(DRAWHORN)1 DRAUGHON) was born 1808 in Jones County, Georgia. He married DICY ?.
Children of J
  i.   JAMES ( DRAUGHON)6 DRAWHORNIII, b. 1837, Georgia.
  ii.   NANCY DRAWHORN, b. 1840, Georgia; m. GIDEON SMITH, August 26, 1862, Dooly County, Georgia.
  iii.   SUSAN DRAWHORN, b. 1841, Georgia.
  iv.   JANE DRAWHORN, b. 1843, Georgia.
  v.   JOSEPH DRAWHORN, b. 1844, Georgia.
1850 Census of Lee County, Georgia shows Joseph Drawhorn as a 6-year-old female.

  vi.   GEORGEANN (GEORGIANN) DRAWHORN, b. 1849, Georgia.

23. WILLIAM MILES5 DRAWHORN, SR. (JAMES4 DRAUGHON, THOMAS3, JAMES2 DRAGHON, WALTER(DRAWHORN)1 DRAUGHON) was born 1815 in Jones County, Georgia, and died Abt. 1875 in San Augustine Co., TX.. He married ELIZA G. MOODY December 24, 1843 in Jones County, Georgia.
Children of W
  i.   JAMES M.6 DRAWHORN, b. 1845, Jones County, Georgia; m. SARAH J. PEACE.
  Notes for JAMES M. DRAWHORN:
He also spells his name Drahron.

  iii.   WILLIAM M. DRAWHORN, b. 1848, San Augustine Co., TX.; d. Abt. 1860, Sabine County, Texas.
  iv.   MARY E. DRAWHORN, b. Abt. 1853, Texas.
  v.   THOMAS GEORGE DRAWHORN, b. May 13, 1856, Sabine County, Texas; m. SUDIE CATHERINE SPURLOCK, Abt. 1885.

24. JESSE BELLE( DRAUGHON)5 DRAWHORN (JAMES4 DRAUGHON, THOMAS3, JAMES2 DRAGHON, WALTER(DRAWHORN)1 DRAUGHON) was born January 09, 1820 in Jones County,Ga., and died in Sabine Co. Tx. He married (1) LAURA SERENA HERRINGTON Abt. 1836 in Twiggs County, Georgia, daughter of JOHN HERRINGTON and CLARISSA MULLENS. He married (2) MARTHA J. (MALVINA) MURPHEY July 07, 1847 in Sabine Co. Tx., daughter of WILLIS MURPHEY and PRISCILLA DIXSON).

Notes for J

I have taken information and compiled it into one and am not offering it as PROOF.Carnell

My information with the Drawhorn family begins with Jesse Belle Drawhorn, who is listed on the 1840 Twiggs County, Georgia census as the head of a household No other family member names were named at that time except that there was one male under 5, one male between 20 and 30, one female between 15 and 20, and one female between 5O and 60. The total members of that family was set at seven. There was no listing in the 1850 Georgia or 1850 Texas census. Jesse Belle Drawhorn showed up next in the 1860 Sabine County, Texas census on page 328 living in the Red land area, then again in 1870 on page 032 of the Sabine County census in the Milam Beat.

The family members that I have spoken with in the past know very little of Jesse Belle's background. Many state that he left his family in Georgia, moved to Texas, and started a new one. Others say that he was running from the law and may have left Georgia because he killed a man. There is one story that seems to have credence. Whatever demons that Jesse Belle Drawhorn carried finally drove him to suicide. As he was shaving one day, he told his Wife Martha Malvina Murphy to look at the clock and that when it came to a certain time, he was going to cut his throat with a straight razor. Then he did just that in the presence of his wife and hound dog. It is said that when Jesse Belle fell the dogs lapped the blood before his wife could summon help. The burial location and that of his wife, Martha Malvina Murphy are unknown as of May 11, 1994.
Fred Barry McKinley

It appears that Jesse Bell Drawhorn was quite a wheeler and dealer I've heard from other researchers that it was believed that he was married with a family in GA when he just split for the west and was only a few steps ahead of the law. He tried to grab up every piece of the Murphrey property he could get from the other heirs. He is listed on the 186354 rosters of Sabine County indigent families of CSA soldiers I`ve been told by another descendant of Jesse and Martha that he committed suicide by slitting his own throat.


I visited our library for a short while on Saturday and located James Drawhom on the 1820 and 1830 Jones County GA census records. We do not have the 1820 Census Rolls, but I copied the records for 1830. James Drawhorn’s family included 8 individuals: I male between 10 to 15 years; I male between 15 and 20; 1 male between 20 and 30; 1 male between 40 and 50; 1 female between 5 and 10; 1 female between 10 and 15; 1 female between 15 and 20; and 1 female between 50 and 60. The family owned no slaves. I also noted a publication titled, “The Third and Fourth or 1820 and 1821 Land Lotteries of Georgia,” which showed that a James Drawhom obtained land lot 124, section 26 in Jones County, GA. I plan to contact Jones County and find out whether all records remain intact, If any of you have contacts near there, let me know. Looks like we are on a roll.

That’s all for now. Until later,

Fred B.
Sunday February 22, 1968 America Online: CWright283 Page: 1

Subj Friday Night
Date:      98-02-13 19 26 30 EST

Camell, John and Carolyn:

I have not heard from you in the last several days, so I thought that I would drop you a line. On January 26, 1998 I received a response from my request to the Texas Archives. I wanted to know if they had a record of Jesse Belle Drawhom’s military records during the Civil War. The only thing that they sent was a listing titled Confederate Indigent Families Lists of Texas
1863-1865. J.B. Drawhom’s family of 7 dependents was listed on February 11, 1864 and again with 7 dependents on February 27, 1965. That number corresponds with that of the 1860 Sabine County Census which shows Martha Malvinia, Sarah J., Martha A., Elizabeth, Susan, Emma, and Mary E. The explanation of the Indigent Family Lists is that they were compiled by the chief justice of each county in accordance with an act passed in 1863 to support the families of Texas soldiers. So Jesse Belle Drawhom did serve in the Confederacy, but we still don’t know, I assume, in what role. Once again, Aunt Azzie was right.

By the way, have any of you run across the names of James W. (Will) and wife Amanda Drawhom? He is represented by some as a brother to Jesse Miles? If he was, he would have had to been born after the 1870 census was taken, or he would have had to been one of Jesse Belle’s sons from his GA marriage who moved to Texas. Very interesting??

Keep in contact.

Fred B.

Notes for L
Laura is a Sister to Mary Ann Herrington that married Joseph
Children of J
  i.   INFANT6 DRAWHORN, b. 1840.
  ii.   ARCEMETCHIA (ARTEMETIA R.) DRAWHORN, b. 1841; m. GEORGA MARION MONCRIEF, October 18, 1860, Bibb County, Ga.
30. iii.   WILLIAM MILES (BUCK) DRAWHORN, b. December 24, 1843.
  iv.   SARAH JANE6 DRAWHORN, b. April 10, 1848, San Augustine Co., TX.; d. May 26, 1930; m. (1) SIMON (?) WORSHAM; m. (2) JOSEPH (JOE) FORD, December 22, 1865.
One source said Thomas Ford another said Joseph "Joe" F. Ford

  v.   MARTHA A. DRAWHORN, b. Abt. 1849.
  vi.   ELIZABETH DRAWHORN, b. Abt. 1851; m. (1) MADISON P. HUMPHREYS; m. (2) FLOYD HARGRAVES, October 11, 1877.
  vii.   SUSAN B. DRAWHORN, b. August 12, 1856; d. May 25, 1921, San Augustine Co., TX.; m. JOE MITCHELL, February 18, 1872.
  viii.   MARY EMMA DRAWHORN, b. August 30, 1859, Sabine County, Texas; m. (1) WILLIAM THOMAS BALDREE; m. (2) ? FLORENCE.
31. ix.   JESSE MILES DRAWHORN, b. March 19, 1862, Tebo,Tx; d. May 01, 1907, Rosevine Tx Sabine County.
  x.   FLORENCE DRAWHORN, b. August 01, 1867; m. J.D.M. BALDREE, December 09, 1885.
32. xi.   JAMES WILLIAM(WILLIE) (DAVID) DRAWHORN, b. November 17, 1871; d. August 23, 1937, Sabine County, Texas Rosevine Cemetery.

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