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View Tree for Robert (Lord Mayor) WynneRobert (Lord Mayor) Wynne (b. Abt. 1558, d. September 06, 1609)

Robert (Lord Mayor) Wynne (son of John Wynne and Sidney Gerrard) was born Abt. 1558 in Shrewsbury, Co. Shropshire, England, and died September 06, 1609 in St. George Parish, Canterbury, Kent, England. He married Frances Wattmore on 1590 in Canterbury, Kent, England3560, daughter of William Watmoughe/Wattmore and Margaret Sparkes/Parkes.

 Includes NotesNotes for Robert (Lord Mayor) Wynne:
This is the last will and Testament a nuncupative of Robert Wynne late of the parish of St. Mary Bredman in the City of Canterbury, Alderman deceased by him uttered and declared for his last will and testament he being in good and perfect memory on the fourth day of ye month of September 1609 in these words following or the like in effort viz the said Robert Wynne being moved to make his will he said his will was quickly made for he did give and bequeath to Frances his wife the one half of his goods and chattels and the other halfe of his good and chattels he did give & bequeath to his children and he did move and appoint Frances his wife to be Executrix of his will & he named William Wattmer his brother to be his overseer and the said Robert Wynne further willed that Frances his wife should pay to Sara Effield her legacy given her in ye will of Christopher Effield her father deceased of whom the said Robert Wynne was Executor. He should leave enough behind him to discharge the same.
Witnesses present at the uttering of the promises by the said Testator Robert Wynne for his last will and testament. Joseph Colege, Mr. James Bissell, Clerk, Leonard Ashendon and others. s/ James Bissell,
Leonard Ashendon. Probatum: (Proved) 5 Dec 1609 by witness John Fish, Executor James Bissell & Supervisor William Watmer. (Canterbury Wills, Comistory Court of Canterbury, Vol. 41 folio 4, FHL Film 188854)

Robert, a member of the Woolen drapers Guild was the Mayor of Canterbury in 1599. In an Ecclesiastical Deposition dated 1604 he states that he came to Canterbury in 1579 and was in Swaddling Clothes in Shrewsbury, Salop (Shropshire) in 1558

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There is MUCH discussion about who was Robert's father. In some lines it states his father was Sir John Wynn while others state he was the son of Maurice (Morus) Wyn. Without more research, I will leave it up to you to decide who's correct... Good Searching...
Note: There is a possibility that Robert had a brother, named Peter, as in "History of Colony and the Ancient Dominion of Virginia,"
Chapter VI, 1608, a Peter Wynne is mentioned as being with Smith and being admitted into the Jamestown council.
From Carol Middleton's Web Page He was a woolen draper. As a young man he was apprenticed to John Rose as was customary to be able to enter the trade guild. He was released from his indenture in 1590.

By 1599, he was shown as mayor of Canterbury. He and Frances died of The Plague within 2 days of one another. Frances' father William Wattmer took the Wynne children to a house outside the city and procured a nurse for them. It was William Wattmer who raised the children (thanks to Jack Wynn for that factoid).Will Synopsis of Robert Wynne Late of St. Mary Bredman in the City of Canterbury, Alderman, deceased no date proved 5 Dec 1609 To his wife Frances he gave half his goods & chattels & to his children the other half. His wife Frances to be Executrix & his brother William Wattmer to be overseer. He wills that his wife should pay to Sara Effield her legacy given in the will of Christopher Effield her father, deceased, to whom he, the testator was executor. In presence of Joseph Collfe, James Bissell, Clerk, Leonard Ashendon. no date Bond of Alexander Lamb of Canterbury, Glover, in 1000 pounds. (Comistory Court of Canterbury,
Vol. 41.f.4.) (thanks to Jack Wynn)
Here is the lineage with Sir John Wynn as his father...

/Hywel ap GRUFFYDD
/Hywel ap DAFYDD b: ABT 1315
| \Eva ferch Gruffydd VYCHAN
/Meredydd ap HYWEL b: ABT 1345
| | /Evan ap MEREDYDD
| | /Evan ap HYWEL
| \Eva ferch EVAN
Robert ap MEREDYDD b: ABT 1375
| /Ievan ap Dafydd GOCH
\Morfydd ferch Ieuan GOCH

/Robert ap MEREDYDD b: ABT 1375 =>
/Ieuan ap ROBERT b: ABT 1438 d: ABT 1469
| \Angharad ferch DAFYDD
/Meredydd ap IEUAN b: ABT 1459 d: 14 Mar 1524
| | /Rhys ap Hywel FYCHAN =>
| \Catrin ferch RHYS b: BEF 1445
| \Gwerfyl ferch Rhys GETHIN =>
/John Wyn ab MEREDYDD b: ABT 1465 d: 09 Jul 1539
| \Ales ferch Gwilym GRUFFYDD
/Morrys WYNNE b: ABT 1495 d: ABT 1580
| | /Morys ap JOHN
| \Elen ferch MORUS
| \Angharad ferch ELIZA
/Sir John WYNNE b: ABT 1523
Capt. Robert WYNNE b: ABT 1563 d: 06 Sep 1609
| /Sir William GERRARD
\Sidney GERRARD b: ABT 1523 d: 08 Jun 1632

Peter Wynne's father was Robert Wynne, born 1558 in Salop (now known as Shrewsbury) England. (according to Gwyneth Daniel from the UK - who wrote to us in January of 2005: Shrewsbury is the county town of Shropshire. Salop is an old form of Shropshire, and Shropshire is a County in its own right.) He was a woolendraper. As a young man he was apprenticed to John Rose and was released from his indenture in 1590. By 1599 he was shown as Mayor of Canterbury, England. He and his wife Francis died of the Plague within 2 days of each other. Robert died 6 Oct 1609, and is buried at St. George's Parish in Canterbury. Peter Wynne's mother was Frances Wattmer, born in 1594 and died 8 Oct 1609 in Canterbury, County Kent, England. Francis was the daughter of William Wattmer (born 1535) and Johanna Hatch. William Wattmer was the son of William Watmoughe (1510-?) and Margaretta Sparkes. Francis' father William Wattmer took the Wynne children to a house outside the city and procured a nurse for them. It was William who raised the children. Robert Wynne and Francis Wattmer had the following children:

1) Thomas Wynne, born 1580 in Canterbury, was freed from apprenticeship in 1612. He married his 1st wife Mary Wickham 20 Jul 1613 at Ospringe, England, and had one child. He married his 2nd wife Ann (?) Nichols, widow on 26 Oct 1629.

2) Peter Wynne, born 25 Nov 1593 in Canterbury, England, died 30 May 1638 and is buried at St. George's Parish, Canterbury, England. Their children were Robert and Sarah Wynne.

3) Daughter, married Paul May.

4) Anne Wynne, married Roger Pey. They had at least two children.
Attached to the end of this short Wynne-Wynn-Winn Genealogy is a copy of a hand written letter sent to me by my fourth Cousin Wyndell Taylor of Powder Springs, Georgia, on January 17, 1998. It was written by a Mr. Edward C. Fox on October 24, 1915. Mr. Fox was president of the United Secret Association of Detectives, incorporated under the state Laws of Ohio, with an office at that time at 128 Clarence Building, 612 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. Mr. Fox was investigating heirs to "Estates and Property" of the Wynn family in the United States. This letter, though difficult to read, is reproduced below:

Sir John Wynne. Baronet of Gwgdir [Glyndwr], born in 1553; died March 1, 1627. He succeeded to his father's Estate in Wales in 1580; and in 1611 he was created a Baronet, in 1586 he was made a member of Parliament. And in 1606 he was made a Knight. He founded a Hospital and a school.

This ancient family can trace their pedigree in a straight male line through Roderick [Rhodri], Lord of Anglesay, son of Owain Gwgnedd [Gynedd], Prince of North Wales to Onaswd ( ?) King of North Wales, eldest son of Roderick [Rhodri Mawr], the great King of Wales. The latter succeeded to the principality of power and the Kingdom of Gwnedd, and South Wales. He was killed in 876.

Our own great good Christian King Llwelyn [Llywelyn], the great King of Wales was slain December 11, 1282 near Bueth South Wales. His cousin King Edward I succeeded to the throne after Edward's soldiers had killed Llwelyn [Llywelyn] in battle. Hence we see the foundation of the great English Nation was founded by our own people.

If the throne had not been confiscated by the other side of the house, I dare say that today the Wynne People would stand at the throne of England in the form of a King or Queen.

I might say that even our present King George the V is distantly related, but the family branches off before reaching the House of Wynnes of Gwgdir[Glyndwr]. So they would not be in our family heirs to share in any of the Wynn Estates.

Yours very truely Edward C. Fox

Note: The wife of Edward C. Fox was a Wynne, hence his interest in the vast fortune left up for grabs in Wales. Reportedly worth $500,000,000 in 1915!

Road Map

I like to think of genealogy as a road map to the identity of my ancestors, and on all road maps, you will quickly notice many roads entering and exiting the main road, highway or freeway. Genealogically speaking, the main road or freeway would be my direct lineage, and with each prior (or successive) generation, you will encounter a different branch or road leading off in a new direction. I offer the reader a chance now to view this particular genealogy from a new perspective, a side road if you will, as any adventure off the main road tends to be more interesting than traveling the freeway.

Now that the reader is familiar with the direct lineage to my Great Great Grandmother Harriet Winn, and her father Thomas Marion Wynn, and his father Thomas Wynn Sr., and his father Major Joshua Wynne, and his father Colonel Robert Wynne, let's examine a side branch purely for the fun and adventure of it.

Mary Wynne (1650-1707), daughter of Colonel Robert Wynne and the sister of Major Joshua Wynne, married John Woodliffe III John Woodliffe III (1650-1772) was Pastor in Prince George County, Virginia in 1689. He was the son of Captain John Woodliffe II

Captain John Woofliffe II (1614-1676) was Burgess of Charles City, Virginia in 1652. He was taken to court in 1658, charged with assault on a Mr. Anthony Wyatt. In 1661, he commanded the county Regiment as a Captain. In 1664, he was again taken to court for getting his servant Ann Berrey "with Child" and was ordered to pay a fine. He went with John Lanier to ask Governor Berkley for permission to attack the Indians. Permission was refused so the two men took Nathaniel Bacon as their leader and went anyway. He died during Bacon's Rebellion. His father was:

Captain John Woofliffe (1584-1637) was born at Peterly Manor, in Prestwood, England. He attended Oxford University and married Mary Archard on 1 May 1609 at Stevenson, Buckinghamshire, England. He came to the Virginia Colony in 1608 and was a member of the London Company (2nd Charter 1609). Evidently he returned to England, where he signed an agreement on 4 Sep 1619 to settle an 8,000 acre plantation in Virginia to be known as Berkley Hundred. He was to act as Captain and Governor. He sailed on 15 Sep 1619 aboard the "Margaret" (47 Tons) with 38 settlers. Already in Virginia were his wife and two children and 4 servants. His commission as Captain and Governor was revoked on 28 Aug 1620 because of a lack of quick profits and was replaced by George Thorpe. Thus he was not present on Easter 1622 when the Indians attacked and killed all the settlers. His father was:

Drewe Woodliffe (1562-1627) was the sixth child born to Robert Woofliffe and Ann Drury. Anne Drury was the daughter of Sir Robert Drury and Elizabeth Brudenell. Elizabeth Brudenell was the daughter of Edmund Brudenell, Esq. Besides their daughter, Anne, Sir Robert Drury and Elizabeth had two sons, they were:

1) Sir William Drury, who was Lord Justice governor of Ireland in 1576 and who married Margaret, daughter of Thomas Lord Wentworth, and

2) Sir Drue of Lynsted, Usher of the Privy Chamber to Queen Elizabeth and keeper of Mary, Queen of Scots and who married 1st wife Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Phillip Calthorpe and Amata Boleyn (aunt of Queen Ann Boleyn) and who married 2nd wife Catherine, daughter of William Finch of Lynsted. Sir Robert Drury's father was:

Sir Robert Drury Sr. (1463-1536) was a Privy Councilor to King Henry VII and Speaker of the House of Commons in 1498. He was born at Hawsted, Suffolk, England and was a Knight. He married Ann Calthrope in 1483.

Ann Calthorpe was the daughter of Sir William Calthorpe and Elizabeth Stapeleton.

Elizabeth Stapleton (1442-1505) was the daughter of Sir Miles Stapleton and Catherine de la Pole.

Catherine de la Pole was the daughter of Sir Thomas de la Pole and Ann Cheney.

Sir Thomas de la Pole was the son of Michael de la Pole (1361-1410) and Lady Katherine Stafford.

Lady Katherine Stafford was the daughter of Sir Hugh Stafford and Lady Phillipa Beauchamp.

Sir Hugh Stafford was the son of Sir Ralph de Stafford and Lady Margaret de Audley.

Lady Margaret de Audley was the daughter of Hugh de Audley and Lady Margaret de Clare.

Lady Margaret de Clare was the daughter of Gilbert de Clare (The Red), 9th Earl of Clare, 7th Earl of Hertford, and 3rd Earl of Cloucester and his second wife Joan D'Acre (Plantagenet).

Joan D'Acre (Plantagenet) was born 1271 in Nazareth, Galilee, died 1305, was the daughter of King Edward I and Princess Eleanor of Castile.

Princess Eleanor accompanied her husband on the 7th Crusade to the Holy Land and was the only child of Ferdinand III of Castile. King Edward I had another child, Edward II, the first "Prince of Wales" and ancestor of Queen Elizabeth II.

King Edward I (Plantagenet) was born 17 Jun 1239 in Westminister. He was crowned on 18 Aug 1274 and was the son of King Henry III and Eleanor Berenger. He reigned for 35 years.

King Henry III (1207-1272) was the son of King John and Isabella, daughter of Aymar Tallifer, Count of Angouleme. He reigned for 56 years.

King John (born 1133) was the son of Matilda (Maud) and Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou, son of Fulco V. He reigned as King of England 1154-1189.

Maud (1104-1167) was the daughter of King Henry I and Matilda (also Maud), daughter of Malcolm III, King of Scotland and granddaughter of Henry II, King of Hungary.

King Henry I (born 1068) was the son of King William I (William the Conquerer) and Matildis of Flanders, daughter of Baldwin V and granddaughter of Robert II, King of France.

King William I (William the Conquerer) (born 1020) was the duke of Normandy and King of England 1066-1087. William conquered the Saxons of England at the battle of Hastings on 14 Oct 1066. He reigned for 21 years.

So, you must admit, this little side trip was more interesting than staying on our Genealogical highway. Here are some other facts uncovered about other siblings of Joshua Wynne and their descendents"

The Wynne line branches many, many times, and the branch at Major Joshua Wynne is of historical interest and deserves mention. One of Joshua Wynne's sons was Thomas Wynne Sr., this was my line as indicated above, however the youngest son of Joshua Wynne was Colonel William Wynne, also known as William Wynne I, born in 1699. He moved to Danville, Virginia in 1752, along with several others at the instigation of the English Crown to help halt French expansion eastward from the Mississippi Valley. He was a great land owner, close to 90,000 acres. Colonel William Wynne was a surveyor, a vestryman and possessed a large library. He was married to Frances Reed who was also born in 1699 and died between 1778 and 1790. Colonel William Wynne made his will on 8 October 1777, and died in 1778. His will was proved 26 March 1778 in Pittssylvania County, Virginia.

William Wynne Jr., also known as William Wynne II was the son of Colonel William Wynne. William Jr. was born 10 August 1729 and moved to Pittsylvania County, Virginia with his father. He married Mary Cynthia Harmon of North Carolina in 1752 and had eleven children. Mary Cynthia Harmon was born in 1735 and died in July 1776 in Tazewell County, Virginia. He married his second wife Fillis Marrs and had sixteen children by her. He built the William Wynne Fort of Tazewell, Virginia in 1773 because the Mingos (Indians) were raiding out of the Ohio country during the Lord Dunmore's War and he moved his family there two years later and manned the fort during the Revolutionary War. He died on 8 July 1808.

John Wynne was the second son of William Wynne II and was born on 14 December 1760 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. He married Mary Poly St. John in July 1795 in Campbell County, Virginia and had six known children who lived in Sweedens Cove in Marion County, Virginia. Those children were:

1) Sarah Wynne, born 1796 and married to Robert Beene Jr. They had 12 children.

2) John Berry Wynne, born 1800 and married to Peggy Kennedy. They had 8 children from whom Marion County and Jackson County Wynne's descend.

3) Thomas Wynne, also born in 1800 (twin to John Berry Wynne) married Nancy Sweeton (Sweeden) and had 12 children, decendants of which are in Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana.

4) Matthew Wynne who married Nancy Beene, daughter of Obadiah Beene who had 5 daughters, 3 of which married Ralstons.

5) Obadiah Wynne, born in 1811 and married to Frances Kirk, daughter of Samuel and Lamb Kirk of Alabama, and moved to Wright County, Missouri.

That is all I have to date on the Wynn family line.

This information was researched by my cousin, Kenneth D. Huber and sent to me. I have put my own and my parents information where his was in the original copy he sent to me, to make it part of my history.


More About Robert (Lord Mayor) Wynne:
Date born 2: Gwydir, Llanrwst, Caernarvonshire.3561
Date born 3: Gwydir, Llanrwst, Caernarvonshire.3561
Date born 4: 1563, Canterbury.3561
Date born 5: 1563, Canterbury.3561
Date born 6: 1563, Canterbury, England.3562
Died 2: Osp.3563
Died 3: Osp.3563
Died 4: September 06, 1609, St George.3563
Died 5: September 06, 1609, St George.3563
Died 6: September 06, 1609, St George Parish, England.3564

More About Robert (Lord Mayor) Wynne and Frances Wattmore:
Marriage: 1590, Canterbury, Kent, England.3564

Children of Robert (Lord Mayor) Wynne and Frances Wattmore are:
  1. +Peter Wynne, b. November 25, 1593, Christening, Canterbury, England, d. May 30, 1638, Canterbury, England.
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