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View Tree for Thomas GreeneThomas Greene (b. 1615, d. Bef. January 20, 1650/51)

Thomas Greene (son of Thomas Greene and Margaret Webb) was born 1615 in Bobbing, Kent, England, and died Bef. January 20, 1650/51 in Green's Rest Plantation, Saint Mary's County, Maryland. He married Millicent Brown.

 Includes NotesNotes for Thomas Greene:
Immigrated 1633 Maryland 1
Occupation: 2nd Colonial Governor of Maryland BET 1647 AND 1649 1

23 Jany. 1650 Court and Testamentary Business, Province of Maryland. Liber B, Folios 188-190. Deed of Trust dated 18 Nov 1650 by Thomas Green of St. Mary's County, Maryland.

These presents Wittness that I Thomas Green of St Maries in the Province of Maryland Esq at the desire and request of my Loveing wife Winifred Green and out of my Natural affection I bear to my Loveing Children Thomas Greene Leonard Green Robert Green and ffrancis Green with divers other reasons me thereunto moveing, have assigned given and made over, and Doe by these presents assign give and make over unto my Loveing friends, Henry Adams & James Langworth, All my whole Estate in the Province of Maryland or elsewhere, as well of Lands and title thereunto as of goods Servants Cattle Swyne, debts or whatsoever else is any ways mine now or hereafter may be unto me within the Said Province or elsewhere to the uses and intents following vizt That my Loveing wife Winifred be really possessed of all and every part and parcell of my foresaid Estate for her freely to use and enjoy the Same in her own person during the term of her Natural life without Wast diminution or alteracon thereof Saving the Value of one thousand weight of Tobacco to be delivered to my most honoured friend Thomas Copley Esq or his Successors whenever I Shall happen to die, In testimony I die a faithful Christian and desire the prayers of the holy Church, Provided also that my Self during my life, and that my Loveing Children Thomas Green Leonard Green Robert Green and ffrancis Green aforesaid, and what other it Shall please God to Send me hereafter be Sufficiently maintained and Provided for out of the Same both for Subsistance and Education answerable to their quality untill each of them respectively come to eighteen years of age, And that my present true reall and proper debts be also paid with all possible Conveniency, And that at the end of ten years next following the date hereof She my Loving wife Winifred Green deliver or Cause to be delivered unto my Loving and Eldest Son Thomas Green the first part of all Such Estate in kind as Shall then and at that time be in her possession or in Value as my Said Son Shall desire for his portion appointed him by me if he Shall be then liveing, else It Shall be Lawfull for my foresaid Dear wife Winifred Green to Convert the Said fifth part to her own proper use at the Expiracon of the foresaid ten years without any account to the rest of my Children, And that at the end of thirteen years from the date hereof She my Loveing wife Winifred Green deliver or cause to be delivered unto my Second Son Leonard Green, the fourth part of all Such clear Estate in kind as Shall then and at that time be in her possession, or in value as he the Said Leonard Green Shall make choice of for his porcon appointed him by me, If he Shall be then liveing, Else the Whole Clear Estate aforesaid to remain to the Sole psonal use and benefit (with the Provisoes aforesaid) of my Loving wife Winifred Green untill the end of fifteen years from the date hereof, And then to deliver or cause to be delivered unto my Son Robert Green the third part in kind of the whole Clear Estate aforesaid as Shall then and at that time be in her possession or in value as he the Said Robert Green Shall then make choice of for his portion appointed him by me If he Shall be then liveing else the whole clear estate afd to remaine to the sole personal use & benefitt wth adviso afd of my loveing Winiferd Green untill the End of seventeen years from the date hereof & thn to Deliver or cause to be delivered unto my Loveing son ffra Green one intire halfe in kind of the whole clear Estate afd as shall then & at tht time be in her possession or in Value as he the said Francis Green shall think fitt for his portion Appointed him by me if he shall be then liveing else one intire half of the whole clear Estate afd then and at that time in the possession of my Dear wife Winifred Green to remain wholly and Solely with the provisoes aforesaid to the proper use and benefit of my Said Dear wife Winifred Green forever And the other half equally to be divided between Such other issue as it Shall please God to Send me after the date hereof for their respective porcons appointed them by me If there Shall be any Such then liveing, And if not then the foresaid half wholly to accrue to my Dear wife Winifred Green her use and profit forever, Provided She be not afore invested with the half appointed by me for my Son ffrancis Green his porcon, nor with the other fifth part appointed by me for my Son Thomas his porcon by reason of either of their deaths as is afore allowed her by me in which Case the half aforesd Shall be divided by equall porcons among the brothers then Surviving And if at the end of 17 years from the date hereof She my Loveing wife Winifred Green Shall not be invested wth of the foresaid parts, and that I Shall have any future issue then also liveing, That then an equal Share be deducted by her my Loveing wife Winifred Green out of the half afore appointed by me for Such issue and applyed to her own proper use and benefit forever, And if it Should Soe fall out wch God forbid, that my dear and Loveing wife Winifred Green Should happen to die afore any the Several respective years above menconed, That my Several respective Children's porcons are to be paid them respectively out of the Said Estate as afd That then it Shall be good and Lawfull for her my Said Dear wife Winifred Green to give and dispose of at her death at her pleasure of the one fifth part of the whole clear Estate then remaining in her possession, If it be within the ten first years, If after the ten and within the 13 years then the fourth part, If after the 13 3 and within the years then the third part to be at her disposall as afore, And if after the 15 and within the 17 years, then the one half of what She Shall be then possessed of to be at her disposeal as afore Giving further power by these presents in the Case aforesd to my Loveing friends Henry Adams and James Langworth or to the Survivor of them or to his Assignee to ReEnter upon the remainder of the Said Estate to the intents abovesaid (that is to Say) ffreely to possess the Same in their own persons for my respective Children's use and my own livelihood as is above at large expressed, allowing my Said Loving friends Henry Adams and James Langworth each of them, the Value of Six hundred pounds of Tobacco and one third of the Male Cattle Increase between them for their pains and care they Shall be at in manageing the Said Estate to my respective Childrens use profit and advantage at the Several days of payment above expressed of their Several respective porcons And if it Should Soc please God as that at the end of the years aforesaid or at any time afore there Should be neither wife nor Child of mine then liveing, that then the whole Estate aforesaid be disposed of as followeth, ffirst that three parts thereof be delivered by my Loveing friends Henry Adams and James Langworth or the Survivor of them or his assigne as afore unto my honoured friend Thomas Copley Esq or his Successors to be imployed by him or them to Such Charitable uses as he or they in their discretion Shall think most tending to the honour and glory of Almighty God either in this Province or elsewhere, my own decent livelihood during my life being herein always Comprehended, Then that the other ffourth part remain to the Sole benefit of my Loveing friends Henry Adams and James Langworth or to the Survivor of them or to his Assignee as afore forever In Wittness of all which I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal the 18th of November 1650
All the Interlines being 6 in number were made before the Signment

Signed Sealed and delivered Tho: Greene
in the presence of
Richard Willan Signed Alice Smith
(Proofed copy of the electronic edition of the Archives of Maryland, Vol. 10, pp. 88-90)

Editors: According to Patents 2:346, Leonard Greene and Thomas Greene were transported by their father, Thomas, Sr. in 1644 (Gibb), but Thomas Greene was already in Maryland presuming he is the same who sat in the Freeman's Assembly of 1637

According to the research of Mrs. G.W. Hodges, her source not known, Thomas Greene married (1) Ann, sister of Sir Richard Gerrard, Knt., and widow of --- Cox (The Ark and The Dove). According to Patent Records ABH:6, "Thomas Gerrard [sic] immigrated in 1633, and by 1648 had married Mrs. Winifred Seyborn, who immigrated in 1648 (Gibb). This same record, however, also states that Thomas Green [sic] was transported in 1644, and it is thought by Gibb that the surname Gerrard may be a transcription error and actually Thomas Greene (which may explain Mrs. Hodges' statement that Thomas married Ann (Gerrard?) Cox).

According to Skordas, Mrs. Winifred Seyborn immigrated in 1638, and afterwards married Thos. Green, Esq., and later, Mr. Robt. Ceart. (Patents ABH:6 and 57. Skordas) and Mrs. Winifred Seyborne immigrated in 1638, "the wife of Thomas Greene" (Patents 2:346, ibid.). Another entry in Skordas states that Mr. Robert Clark [sic] married prior to 1654, Winifred, widow of Thomas Green, Esq., citing Patents ABH:403. Other patent records indicate that one Thomas Greene married by 1664, Jane, widow of Nicholas Harvay, by whom she and their daughter, Frances, had been transported to Maryland in 1641 (Patents CC:53-4, transcript 7:62, and ABH:102). (Skordas). Elsewhere, however, this compiler states that Jane, widow of Nicholas Harvey, married Thomas Greene by 1653 (Patents 7:62)

Thomas Greene was the second Governor of the Province of Maryland, appointed by the first Governor, Leonard Calvert, from his deathbed in June of 1644 (Calvert also termed Leonard Greene his godson in his nuncupative will). Thomas Greene served until March 1649 when he was succeeded by William Stone, who was commissioned by the Proprietary on 6 Aug 1648, and assumed office in April, 1649. During absences from the Province, those acting as governor by Stone's appointment were Thomas Greene, May to July, and September to December, 1649; and Thomas Hatton, June, 1650.

Why Thomas Greene signed the above document (rather than a standard will) is not known.

Granted a manor of 10,000 acres
Arrived in Maryland on the Ark in 1634
Built a house on Greene's freehold in 1639
Summonded by special writ to sit in the MD Assembly, 1639
Served in the Lower House, 1640-41,1642
Sat on the Council, 1644-47,1648-51
Served as governor, 1647-1649, after the death of Lord Calvert
Sat on the first St. Mary's County Court in 1644
Green, Wm / Greenland U-14 / Mar 14, 1670 / L 13 f 85
Greene, Thomas / Green Clift W-13/ Dec 17, 1672 / L 17 f 366
Gov. Thomas Greens family, especially on the anniversary of the day that the ship, "The Ark" arrived in 1634. I am sure you have this data, but I want to post it before you so that I can brag that I helped!!

In the book, "The Maryland Semmes & Related Families" by Harry Wright Newman, there is a section on Gov. Thomas Greene's family starting on page 134, and this is about all I have had on the family until the last few days when you and the others have been so wonderful to post all the details of the family.

Tom Green

Regarding Gov. Thomas Green; no, he did not marry Hellen the daughter of George, Lord Baltimore, also called Leonard Calvert who was a "beloved friend" of Thomas Greene. Thomas Green married twice, the first time to Mistress Ann Cox, a spinster. The term spinster was an honorable title for a lady of that day. The term is related to the spinning wheel and its impact on society and the economy of the day. Until the invention of the spinning wheel it took 6 women working to provide the necessary yarn for one man to operate a loom. After the invention of the spinning wheel, ONE lady could keep 6 men supplied with enough yarn to work their looms. This was the first time a woman could earn a living by her own labor, so the select ladies that chose the spinning profession were called "Spinsters." This marriage is said to be the first Christian marriage performed in Maryland. Lord Baltimore granted Thomas Greene 10,000 acres of land which was a "burden" and he gave it back to Lord Baltimore. Thomas Green then purchased 1,000 acres which was all on the Island of Poplar, which he called Bobing Manor after his distant ancestor's estate in England. Lord Baltimore appointed Thomas Green to the Privy council of the Colony, and in 1647 Lord Baltimore became ill and appointed Thomas Green to succeed him as Provincial Governor. Thomas was governor of Maryland from June 1647 to April 1649 when he was replaced by Capt. William Stone of Virginia. Thomas Green was a Catholic and the colony was predominantly Protestant, so Thomas Green was not a popular Governor, expecially in 1649 when the Colony learned that King Charles I had been be-headed. William Stone had replaced Thomas Green, but Stone was away from the Colony, and Thomas Green was again Governor, and on November 15, 1649 he proclaimed that the King's son, also named Charles, the Prince of Wales was undoubtedly the rightful heir to all his father's domain and Thomas Greene hereby proclaimed him King Charles II. When Governor Stone returned to the Colony he repudiated the declaration of Thomas Green, but it was too late to stop Charles II from taking the throne and Olivar Cromwell then took controll of the government as a "Protectorate," and you know the rest of the story, as they say.

Another milestone document was placed into law in Maryland in 1649 when an Act concerning Religion was passed by the Assembly on April 21, 1649 and was signed by Thomas Greene. This is considered the first statute in America granting freedom of religion to the people. This was a very radical idea in that time, as it was legal to hang a Quaker in all Colonies except Maryland because of their religious beliefs.
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Thomas Bruce Green, III

More About Thomas Greene:
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Children of Thomas Greene and Millicent Brown are:
  1. +Robert Greene, b. Abt. 1646, Green's Rest Plantation, Saint Mary's County, Maryland, d. Bef. May 12, 1716, St. Mary's County, Maryland.
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