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Yeoman Family Tree Project:
Index of Individuals


(Unknown)(d. date unknown)
(Unknown)(d. date unknown)
(Unknown), Arni
(Unknown), Ashley
(Unknown), Daryl
(Unknown), David
(Unknown), Dorothy
(Unknown), Dwayne
(Unknown), Dwight
(Unknown), Elaina
(Unknown), Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
(Unknown), Elizabeth(b. May 05, 1760, d. May 20, 1850)
(Unknown), Ellen(d. date unknown)
(Unknown), Florence(b. 1893, d. date unknown)
(Unknown), Grace(b. 1602, d. date unknown)
(Unknown), Hannah(d. date unknown)
(Unknown), Jane(d. date unknown)
(Unknown), Judy
(Unknown), Julie
(Unknown), Kathy
(Unknown), Kathy
(Unknown), Lucille
(Unknown), Lydia(d. date unknown)
(Unknown), Megan
(Unknown), Nancy
(Unknown), Paul
(Unknown), Sharron
(Unknown), Sue
(Unknown), Susannah(d. date unknown)
(Unknown), Victoria(b. 1845, d. date unknown)
(Unknown), Vivian


Ackley, (Unknown)(d. date unknown)
Ackley, Absolom(b. April 24, 1790, d. date unknown)
Ackley, Amos(b. 1817, d. date unknown)
Ackley, Asentha Palmer(b. May 18, 1872, d. date unknown)
Ackley, Benjamin(b. March 24, 1798, d. date unknown)
Ackley, Elias(b. June 08, 1868, d. date unknown)
Ackley, Elias C.(b. April 15, 1826, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Ackley, Eliza(b. 1815, d. date unknown)
Ackley, Elizabeth(b. 1812, d. date unknown)
Ackley, Emma C.(b. March 13, 1867, d. date unknown)
Ackley, George Edward(b. May 14, 1803, d. date unknown)
Ackley, Hannah(b. March 04, 1796, d. 1846) Includes Notes
Ackley, James(b. November 02, 1785, d. date unknown)
Ackley, James(b. 1820, d. date unknown)
Ackley, Jesse C.(b. October 18, 1861, d. date unknown)
Ackley, Jessie(b. 1790, d. date unknown)
Ackley, John(b. February 04, 1782, d. date unknown)
Ackley, John B.(b. December 14, 1759, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Ackley, Joseph(b. June 12, 1792, d. date unknown)
Ackley, Joseph(b. 1819, d. date unknown)
Ackley, Margaret J.(b. September 13, 1859, d. date unknown)
Ackley, Mary Ellen(b. September 05, 1870, d. date unknown)
Ackley, Mercy(b. March 04, 1798, d. date unknown)
Ackley, Namoi(b. 1809, d. date unknown)
Ackley, Naomi(b. August 25, 1783, d. date unknown)
Ackley, Roxanna(b. 1813, d. date unknown)
Ackley, Roxanna J.(b. August 15, 1863, d. date unknown)
Ackley, Royal(b. August 09, 1787, d. date unknown)
Ackley, Thomas(b. June 12, 1800, d. date unknown)
Ackley, Uriah(b. June 05, 1780, d. date unknown)
Ackley, William(b. March 20, 1760, d. March 25, 1840) Includes Notes
Ackley, William(b. June 07, 1804, d. date unknown)


Ailchle, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)


Alice, Mary


Althaur, Magdalena(b. 1579, d. date unknown)


Angell, Jacquelyn Ann


Baker, Henry
Baker, Lee


Barker, Clyde James
Barker, Clyde James, Jr.
Barker, Eugene
Barker, Hannah Fithian(b. January 30, 1763, d. date unknown)
Barker, James Lyle
Barker, Joan Carol
Barker, Lyle Ralph(b. October 14, 1921, d. December 1980) Includes Notes
Barker, Peter
Barker, Randy Lewis
Barker, Steven Emil
Barker, Tammy Ann Lucille
Barker, William


Barney, Charles(d. date unknown)


Bates, Sarah(b. April 01, 1779, d. January 01, 1873)
Bates, Stephen(d. date unknown)


Baughn, Amy Ann Elizabeth(d. date unknown)


Bell, Ann(b. June 21, 1856, d. March 03, 1909)
Bell, Charles(d. date unknown)
Bell, Harry(d. 1907)
Bell, Henry(d. date unknown)


Benedict, Bertha(d. date unknown)


Benjamin, Abigail(d. date unknown)
Benjamin, Jared(d. December 07, 1822)
Benjamin, Jared
Benjamin, Jared, Jr.(b. October 10, 1820, d. date unknown)
Benjamin, Phoebe A.(b. 1832, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Benjamin, Phoebe Ann(b. February 22, 1819, d. December 08, 1907)
Benjamin, Samuel(b. 1815, d. date unknown)


Bidwell, David
Bidwell, Donald
Bidwell, Margaret Lynn


Bigelow, Hiram(d. date unknown)


Billingsley, Lemule


Blakeman, (Unknown)(b. 1896, d. date unknown)
Blakeman, Alice Edna(b. 1887, d. date unknown)
Blakeman, Arthur Wesley(b. 1898, d. date unknown)
Blakeman, Curtis(b. October 24, 1777, d. date unknown)
Blakeman, Edward Munson(b. 1880, d. date unknown)
Blakeman, Frances Lina(b. 1898, d. date unknown)
Blakeman, Fred Robert(b. 1902, d. date unknown)
Blakeman, George Godfry(b. 1889, d. date unknown)
Blakeman, John Arthur(b. 1894, d. date unknown)
Blakeman, Josephine Alberta(b. March 26, 1892, d. July 30, 1932)
Blakeman, Mary(d. date unknown)
Blakeman, Mary Anna(b. 1885, d. date unknown)
Blakeman, Minnie Ida(b. 1882, d. date unknown)
Blakeman, Munson Hinman(b. July 04, 1828, d. 1885)
Blakeman, Walden Albert(b. 1900, d. date unknown)
Blakeman, William Albert(b. June 1855, d. February 06, 1932)
Blakeman, William Henry(b. 1883, d. date unknown)


Bolshicoff, Vera


Bornkessel, (Unknown)


Boub, Daniel Christen
Boub, Norman


Bourn, Alfred(b. November 11, 1848, d. July 08, 1920)
Bourn, Annie(d. date unknown)
Bourn, Beverly
Bourn, Charles(b. March 31, 1852, d. June 10, 1900)
Bourn, Charles
Bourn, Clara(b. April 05, 1881, d. date unknown)
Bourn, Dolores
Bourn, Edith(b. March 21, 1877, d. January 20, 1955)
Bourn, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Bourn, Ernest Henry(b. December 31, 1886, d. date unknown)
Bourn, Estelle(d. date unknown)
Bourn, Ethelinda(b. December 05, 1888, d. date unknown)
Bourn, Glenn James
Bourn, Henrietta(d. date unknown)
Bourn, John(d. date unknown)
Bourn, John(d. date unknown)
Bourn, John(b. 1772, d. April 13, 1827)
Bourn, Lucy(b. 1843, d. date unknown)
Bourn, Marilyn Ann(b. November 02, 1933, d. June 24, 1934)
Bourn, Mary Ellen(b. September 23, 1877, d. May 13, 1935)
Bourn, Maxine
Bourn, Robert(d. date unknown)
Bourn, Robert(d. date unknown)
Bourn, Robert(b. January 08, 1850, d. date unknown)
Bourn, Sarah(d. date unknown)
Bourn, Sarah Elizabeth(b. March 25, 1854, d. December 28, 1935)
Bourn, Thomas(b. August 15, 1814, d. date unknown)
Bourn, Thomas(b. November 10, 1845, d. December 01, 1917)
Bourn, Thomas
Bourn, Thomas Henry(b. March 07, 1899, d. April 04, 1971)


Bradley, David Raymond
Bradley, Melissa Edene


Brand, Anna(b. 1556, d. date unknown)


Brechbull, Barbara(b. 1634, d. date unknown)


Budd, Mary(b. September 02, 1679, d. date unknown)


Callahan, Margaret(d. date unknown)


Carmen, Margaret(b. December 28, 1796, d. date unknown)


Carter, Hannah(b. 1830, d. 1909)


Casper, Eva(d. date unknown)


Challis, Craig
Challis, Danielle
Challis, Kerry
Challis, Leah
Challis, Paul
Challis, Rachel
Challis, Ronald


Champion, Mildred(d. date unknown)


Che, Anne(b. 1571, d. date unknown)


Chevalier, Florence Merida


Clark, Sarah(d. date unknown)


Clipp, Beverly Jo
Clipp, Chester
Clipp, Patricia Kay


Cockerill, Eldridge(d. date unknown)
Cockerill, Elizabeth Ann(d. date unknown)
Cockerill, Samuel S.(d. date unknown)
Cockerill, Thomas Greenwell(d. date unknown)
Cockerill, William(d. date unknown)
Cockerill, William Sanford(b. November 19, 1789, d. date unknown)


Coen, Hugh(d. date unknown)


Coleman, Julie Diane


Colvin, Eliza(d. date unknown)


Cowhan, (Unknown)(d. 1885)


Cradwick, Brenda
Cradwick, Brian
Cradwick, Eric


Croasmun, Lauren
Croasmun, Richard
Croasmun, Richard, Jr.


Crowman, (Unknown)(d. date unknown)


Cushing, Leonard Edward
Cushing, Lisa Helen
Cushing, Loretta Edene(b. June 05, 1959, d. 1981)


Cutshall, (Unknown)
Cutshall, (Unknown)


Danner, Anna(d. date unknown)


Degrenier, (Joseph)(d. date unknown)
Degrenier, Emma Maude(b. April 19, 1894, d. March 01, 1959)
Degrenier, Mary L(b. June 13, 1892, d. January 18, 1964)


Denhart, Betty


Dodds, Sarah(b. 1790, d. April 17, 1863)


Doe, Carol


Dopking, Theodore F.(b. December 27, 1829, d. January 24, 1921)


Doran, Janet
Doran, Linda
Doran, Melanie Jane
Doran, Sidney


Dustin, Alice
Dustin, Alice
Dustin, Florence
Dustin, Harold Arthur(b. July 19, 1916, d. November 1973) Includes Notes
Dustin, Harold L.(b. May 25, 1895, d. March 1968)
Dustin, Hubert
Dustin, Joan Carol
Dustin, Leslie
Dustin, Mary
Dustin, Roger
Dustin, Sandra


Eberle, Christopher
Eberle, Lawrence


Edwards, Mary Ann(d. date unknown)


Fink, Jack Elliot


Fitzgerald, Anna Teresa(b. July 27, 1883, d. date unknown)
Fitzgerald, Edward Francis(b. July 21, 1879, d. date unknown)
Fitzgerald, Irene Faye(b. April 21, 1894, d. November 21, 1979)
Fitzgerald, Jane
Fitzgerald, Jerimiah Francis(b. February 27, 1873, d. date unknown)
Fitzgerald, John(b. February 09, 1871, d. April 16, 1970)
Fitzgerald, John Edward
Fitzgerald, Joseph Francis(b. February 04, 1881, d. date unknown)
Fitzgerald, Mary Margaret(b. March 21, 1877, d. date unknown)
Fitzgerald, Matthew William(b. September 10, 1850, d. August 24, 1905)
Fitzgerald, Nicholas(b. April 22, 1875, d. date unknown)


Fluckiger, Barbara(b. 1686, d. date unknown)


Fountain, Abigail(b. January 20, 1758, d. January 20, 1799)
Fountain, Bethia(b. August 14, 1785, d. May 14, 1858)
Fountain, Samuel(d. date unknown)


Friedl, Catherina(b. 1602, d. date unknown)


Furrow, Adam(d. date unknown)


Garrett, Blanche(b. 1860, d. date unknown)
Garrett, Edmund Franklin(b. March 03, 1847, d. December 16, 1891) Includes Notes
Garrett, Elizabeth Wilson(b. 1854, d. date unknown)
Garrett, Emma Norton(b. 1858, d. date unknown)
Garrett, Harold Frederick(d. date unknown)
Garrett, James Wilson(d. date unknown)
Garrett, James Wilson(b. August 01, 1845, d. date unknown)
Garrett, John Walker(b. 1808, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Garrett, Lewis Worthington(b. 1857, d. date unknown)
Garrett, Margaret Hansell(d. date unknown)
Garrett, Mary E.(b. March 03, 1847, d. date unknown)
Garrett, Mary Norton(d. date unknown)
Garrett, Rowland Austin(d. date unknown)
Garrett, Willis Austin(b. January 30, 1844, d. date unknown)


Garringer, David(d. date unknown)


Green, Daniel Scott
Green, James Michael
Green, Kari Nichole
Green, Kenneth Scott


Griffith, Aletha(b. January 01, 1898, d. September 17, 1986)
Griffith, James Scott(b. September 20, 1871, d. October 24, 1936)
Griffith, James William
Griffith, John Scott
Griffith, Thomas Bourn(b. May 29, 1909, d. October 03, 1988)
Griffith, William Robert


Gungle, Lisa Louise


Harlin, Charles(d. date unknown)


Hawkins, Jimmy, Jr.


Heath, Jeremiah(d. date unknown)


Heathman, Harry


Hedenberg, Carl E.(d. date unknown)


Hockett, Walene


Hopkins, Edward(d. date unknown)
Hopkins, Ernest(d. date unknown)
Hopkins, Lela(d. date unknown)
Hopkins, W.(d. date unknown)


Horgan, Andrew(b. 1838, d. date unknown)
Horgan, Cornelius(b. 1831, d. date unknown)
Horgan, Jeremiah(d. date unknown)
Horgan, John(b. 1848, d. date unknown)
Horgan, Julia(b. 1849, d. August 04, 1885)
Horgan, Mary(b. 1834, d. date unknown)
Horgan, Michael(b. 1827, d. date unknown)
Horgan, Nora Horgan(d. date unknown)


Hunt, David
Hunt, Ellen Marie
Hunt, Glenn Stewart
Hunt, James Warden
Hunt, Martha Maxine
Hunt, Mary(b. 1706, d. date unknown)
Hunt, Michael Dale
Hunt, Ronald William
Hunt, Ward(d. February 14, 1962)
Hunt, William Henry


Huston, Lemule(d. date unknown)


Imlay, Anna(d. date unknown)


Jackson, Lucy(d. date unknown)


James, Paula Ann


Johnson, Cathy Ann
Johnson, Charles(d. date unknown)
Johnson, Clifford Elmer(b. May 22, 1909, d. April 08, 1980)
Johnson, Fern Margaret(b. March 15, 1916, d. November 25, 1991)
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, John
Johnson, Mamie(d. date unknown)
Johnson, Michael Paul
Johnson, Patricia Edene
Johnson, William


Joslin, Catherine(b. September 03, 1820, d. date unknown)
Joslin, Charles Pitman(b. March 07, 1828, d. date unknown)
Joslin, Cisann(b. July 24, 1822, d. date unknown)
Joslin, Daniel(b. 1830, d. date unknown)
Joslin, Enoch(b. May 20, 1821, d. date unknown)
Joslin, Hosea(b. 1796, d. date unknown)
Joslin, Hosea B.(b. May 20, 1837, d. date unknown)
Joslin, John Joseph(b. February 23, 1825, d. date unknown)
Joslin, Jonathan(b. March 11, 1816, d. date unknown)
Joslin, Lannice(b. April 16, 1830, d. date unknown)
Joslin, Mark(b. July 1832, d. date unknown)
Joslin, Mary Ann(b. July 27, 1836, d. date unknown)


Kalfsbeek, Daurice Kristina
Kalfsbeek, Julie Lynn
Kalfsbeek, Knute F.
Kalfsbeek, Rebecca Diane


Kamerman, Magdalena(d. date unknown)


Kelly, Karyn Evan


Kent, Dolores Jean(b. May 16, 1923, d. November 15, 2002)


Knox, Rebecca Jane(d. date unknown)


Lang, Alice
Lang, Anna
Lang, Barbara Ellen(b. July 21, 1869, d. date unknown)
Lang, Elizabeth
Lang, Elsie
Lang, Emma
Lang, Francies Ruth
Lang, Frederick J.(b. February 02, 1829, d. April 01, 1901)
Lang, George
Lang, George Thomas(b. March 31, 1872, d. September 28, 1946)
Lang, Jessie Gertrude
Lang, Jessie Valentine(b. February 14, 1882, d. November 14, 1945)
Lang, Lena Viola(b. April 27, 1877, d. June 04, 1968)
Lang, Lennie Ethel(b. June 12, 1888, d. 1981)
Lang, Lennine
Lang, Lillie
Lang, Lillie May(b. July 20, 1879, d. date unknown)
Lang, Margueretta Rosealtha(b. March 01, 1867, d. date unknown)
Lang, Marguerite
Lang, Sarah
Lang, Theodore Fredrick(b. September 29, 1874, d. date unknown)


Lawrence, Clara Ethel(b. October 01, 1898, d. date unknown)
Lawrence, George(d. date unknown)
Lawrence, John Wesley(d. date unknown)


LeBrou, Nora(d. date unknown)


Ledman, Anna(d. date unknown)


Lee, Mariah(d. date unknown)


Lester, Christine Elizabeth
Lester, Claude
Lester, Craig Eugene
Lester, William Maupin


Lord, (Unknown)(d. date unknown)
Lord, Clarence(b. 1895, d. date unknown)
Lord, Clarence, Jr.
Lord, Florence(b. March 29, 1917, d. September 08, 1988)
Lord, Kathleen(b. September 10, 1923, d. February 20, 1995)
Lord, Marion Christine(b. May 08, 1920, d. January 20, 1989) Includes Notes


Mackure, Helen


Maltby, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Maltby, Harriet(d. date unknown)
Maltby, Susan(b. 1861, d. January 29, 1862)
Maltby, William Alfred(b. 1840, d. date unknown)


Marbot, Magdalena(b. June 04, 1786, d. April 05, 1864)
Marbot, Niklaus(d. date unknown)


Marie, Carie


Maupin, Lillian


Mays, Bob
Mays, Michelle


McElwain, Osea(b. 1811, d. date unknown)
McElwain, Robert(d. date unknown)


McGowan, Herbert E.(b. February 1931, d. February 1931)
McGowan, William Dennis(b. December 25, 1889, d. May 25, 1964)


McKay, Linda Jo


McKeen, Charles Augustus(b. September 18, 1866, d. date unknown)
McKeen, John Franklin(b. 1824, d. 1878)


McKinley, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)


McMahon, Nancy(b. 1827, d. date unknown)


Mead, Eliza(b. 1797, d. date unknown)


Mickel, Evelyn


Mitchell, William(d. date unknown)


Moore, Rachel A.(d. date unknown)
Moore, Robert(d. date unknown)


Morgenthalor, Christine(b. March 03, 1776, d. date unknown)


Morris, Mary E.(d. date unknown)


Morrison, Jodi
Morrison, Lyle Ralph Barker
Morrison, Robert
Morrison, Shelly
Morrison, Stacey Annette
Morrison, Todd


Mosimann, Verena(d. date unknown)


Nan, Michel
Nan, Monique Johan Maria
Nan, Piet


Neal, Cassie
Neal, Clifford Brian


Nelson, Janice Christine
Nelson, Rodney Thor
Nelson, Sandra Marie


Norman, Jesse(d. date unknown)


Norton, Mary(b. 1759, d. date unknown)


Nowels, David(d. date unknown)
Nowels, John(d. date unknown)
Nowels, Sarah N.(d. date unknown)


Nye, Asenath(b. December 12, 1798, d. October 01, 1872)


Ogle, Alfred McCartney(d. date unknown)
Ogle, Theodore(d. date unknown)
Ogle, Van Marshall(d. date unknown)


O'Grady, (Unknown)


Olson, Kerstine(d. date unknown)


Ortman, Charles Louis(d. date unknown)


Painter, Margaret(d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Pantoja, Adrian Pantoja
Pantoja, Carlos Pantoja
Pantoja, Eleuterio Tena
Pantoja, Esteban Pantoja
Pantoja, Jeanette Marie
Pantoja, Jose Louis
Pantoja, Jose Louis Tena
Pantoja, Josefina Carol
Pantoja, Juan Jose Pantoja
Pantoja, Monica Pantoja
Pantoja, Shawna Joan
Pantoja, Victor Woodson
Pantoja, Victor, Jr.


Parkinson, Mary Belle(d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Patchett, David(d. date unknown)
Patchett, Mary(d. date unknown)


Patton, Mildred


Paul, Darrell Lewis
Paul, Julia Ann
Paul, Micaela Amanda
Paul, Teresa Ray


Penfield, Fred(b. May 18, 1905, d. April 03, 1989) Includes Notes
Penfield, Fred, Jr.
Penfield, June
Penfield, Sylvia


Perren, Ronald


Perrenoud, Laura Marie


Petersen, Marilyn Joy


Pitts, Allen


Preston, Daphne Violet(b. November 18, 1900, d. June 1974)
Preston, Kayla Anne
Preston, Shaun


Prindle, William(d. date unknown)


Prock, Emma Jane(d. date unknown)
Prock, John(d. date unknown)


Quinn, Betty(d. 1998)
Quinn, Emma(d. date unknown)


Raber, Barbara(b. 1600, d. date unknown)


Rakestraw, Hannah(b. March 16, 1720/21, d. date unknown)




Remseier, Elspeth(b. September 28, 1783, d. date unknown)


Renouf, Arthur(b. 1867, d. date unknown)
Renouf, Edward Prince(b. 1894, d. date unknown)


Rice, Karen Marie


Richards, (Elsie A.)(d. date unknown)
Richards, (Unknown)(d. date unknown)


Ritter, Mary H.(d. date unknown)


Rowland, Sarah(d. date unknown)


Rupard, Rachel(d. date unknown)


Rush, John(d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Sanders, Jacob(d. date unknown)


Sayers, Hattie A.(d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Sayler, Abbie Ann(d. date unknown)
Sayler, Lewis Virgil(b. 1866, d. January 28, 1940) Includes Notes


Schlosser, Joseph Lee
Schlosser, Julie Elizabeth
Schlosser, Justin Len


Schuepbach, Adolf(d. date unknown)
Schuepbach, Anna Rose(b. June 23, 1857, d. July 26, 1939)
Schuepbach, Jane
Schuepbach, unknown(d. date unknown)


Shankles, Rhonda Sue


Shaw, Adrian Cushing
Shaw, Ariel Cushing
Shaw, Debbie
Shaw, Evelyn Georgia
Shaw, George Francis Jacob(b. July 27, 1889, d. November 09, 1938)
Shaw, George William
Shaw, George, Jr.
Shaw, Greg James Wadby
Shaw, Jeff
Shaw, John(b. 1932, d. 1932)
Shaw, Nick
Shaw, Richard
Shaw, Stanley Joseph
Shaw, Stephen
Shaw, Wesley


Sheen, Francis Earl of(b. 1525, d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Sheene, (Unknown)(b. 1551, d. date unknown)
Sheene, Agnes(b. March 28, 1571, d. date unknown)
Sheene, Anna(b. 1608, d. date unknown)
Sheene, Anne(b. 1621, d. date unknown)
Sheene, Audry(b. 1580, d. date unknown)
Sheene, Clement(b. November 12, 1593, d. 1640) Includes Notes
Sheene, Clement(b. 1637, d. date unknown)
Sheene, Edward(b. 1588, d. date unknown)
Sheene, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Sheene, Ellen(b. January 16, 1591/92, d. date unknown)
Sheene, Emma(d. date unknown)
Sheene, Francis(d. date unknown)
Sheene, Francis(b. 1589, d. 1595)
Sheene, Francis(b. 1595, d. date unknown)
Sheene, Francis(b. 1634, d. date unknown)
Sheene, George(b. January 24, 1554/55, d. date unknown)
Sheene, Grace(b. September 06, 1640, d. date unknown)
Sheene, Henry(b. 1627, d. date unknown)
Sheene, John(b. 1566, d. date unknown)
Sheene, John(b. 1614, d. date unknown)
Sheene, John(b. 1619, d. date unknown)
Sheene, John(b. November 20, 1632, d. April 17, 1712) Includes Notes
Sheene, Margaret(d. date unknown)
Sheene, Margaret(d. date unknown)
Sheene, Margaret(d. date unknown)
Sheene, Margaret(b. 1610, d. date unknown)
Sheene, Marian(d. date unknown)
Sheene, Mary(b. 1564, d. date unknown)
Sheene, Nicolas(b. 1615, d. date unknown)
Sheene, Phyllis(d. date unknown)
Sheene, Richard(d. date unknown)
Sheene, Thomas(b. 1630, d. date unknown)
Sheene, Thomas(b. 1630, d. date unknown)
Sheene, William(b. 1604, d. date unknown)


Shinn, Abigail(b. March 06, 1798, d. date unknown)
Shinn, Beulah(b. 1790, d. date unknown)
Shinn, Caleb(b. 1694, d. date unknown)
Shinn, Caleb(b. March 12, 1764, d. December 12, 1833)
Shinn, Caleb(b. 1796, d. date unknown)
Shinn, Clement(b. 1689, d. date unknown)
Shinn, Edward(b. 1805, d. date unknown)
Shinn, Elizabeth(b. 1690, d. date unknown)
Shinn, Elizabeth(b. August 19, 1753, d. date unknown)
Shinn, Elizabeth(b. July 11, 1800, d. date unknown)
Shinn, Emma Newell(b. March 04, 1847, d. date unknown)
Shinn, Freedom Lippincott(b. October 10, 1792, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Shinn, George(b. 1687, d. date unknown)
Shinn, Hannah(b. 1748, d. date unknown)
Shinn, Hannah(b. 1788, d. date unknown)
Shinn, Jacob(b. July 13, 1715, d. May 16, 1795)
Shinn, Jacob, Jr.(b. March 24, 1750/51, d. date unknown)
Shinn, Jane(b. 1710, d. date unknown)
Shinn, Jemima(b. August 25, 1760, d. date unknown)
Shinn, Jemima(b. 1780, d. date unknown)
Shinn, John(b. 1692, d. date unknown)
Shinn, John(b. November 25, 1757, d. 1833)
Shinn, John(b. August 19, 1784, d. date unknown)
Shinn, John, Jr.(b. 1658, d. March 19, 1736/37)
Shinn, Joshua(b. 1699, d. date unknown)
Shinn, Martha(b. 1802, d. date unknown)
Shinn, Mary(b. 1702, d. date unknown)
Shinn, Mary(b. September 18, 1746, d. 1748)
Shinn, Mary(b. November 23, 1755, d. date unknown)
Shinn, Mary(b. 1786, d. date unknown)
Shinn, Mary Norton(b. July 01, 1819, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Shinn, Rachel(b. October 24, 1762, d. date unknown)
Shinn, Sara Low(b. February 26, 1859, d. date unknown)
Shinn, Sarah Hannah(b. 1718, d. date unknown)
Shinn, Susan Cox(b. December 20, 1849, d. date unknown)
Shinn, Susannah Norton(b. 1794, d. date unknown)
Shinn, Thomas Ackley(b. June 21, 1816, d. date unknown)
Shinn, William(b. 1696, d. date unknown)
Shinn, William Norton(b. October 24, 1782, d. date unknown)
Shinn, William Norton(b. November 13, 1851, d. date unknown)


Siegenthaler, Elsbeth(b. December 17, 1658, d. December 18, 1737)
Siegenthaler, Michael(b. February 25, 1592/93, d. date unknown)
Siegenthaler, Michael(b. February 19, 1631/32, d. date unknown)


Sims, Amanda Melissa(d. date unknown)


Smith, Hannah(b. 1803, d. date unknown)


Spatkes, Marie(b. 1575, d. date unknown)


Stacey, Ellen(b. 1655, d. date unknown)


Stockfleth, Carol


Stokes, James D.(b. March 28, 1924, d. January 10, 1974)
Stokes, Michael(b. August 09, 1954, d. September 24, 1973)


Storts, Mary(d. date unknown)


Story, Everett
Story, Omer(d. date unknown)


Stretten, Anthony
Stretten, Betty Pauline(b. April 12, 1930, d. date unknown)
Stretten, Carol
Stretten, Christine Violet
Stretten, Diane
Stretten, Doreen Poppy Marina
Stretten, Frank William(b. February 29, 1908, d. 1986)
Stretten, Joan Muriel
Stretten, Margaret Jean


Strickland, Edene Estelle(b. December 05, 1914, d. December 23, 1975)
Strickland, Harry Francis(d. date unknown)
Strickland, Harry Francis, Jr.(b. August 07, 1921, d. date unknown)


Sutcliffe, Cheyenne
Sutcliffe, Connie Luayne
Sutcliffe, Corey John
Sutcliffe, Cortney Josephine
Sutcliffe, David(b. December 01, 1884, d. March 27, 1950)
Sutcliffe, Dena Luayne
Sutcliffe, Gina Louise
Sutcliffe, Helen Irene(b. May 1915, d. July 12, 1976)
Sutcliffe, Jacilyn Alice
Sutcliffe, Levi David
Sutcliffe, Mark Richard
Sutcliffe, Orville David(b. September 19, 1913, d. June 08, 1973)
Sutcliffe, Stacey David
Sutcliffe, Taryn McKenzie
Sutcliffe, Terry Charles
Sutcliffe, Tyler James
Sutcliffe, William(d. date unknown)


Sweazey, Anna(d. date unknown)


Tena, Abigail Nicole


Thorton, Anita
Thorton, Marion Vernon
Thorton, Sarah Ruth
Thorton, Vernon Henry(d. date unknown)


Tomlin, Johnie Steven
Tomlin, Johnie William
Tomlin, Kylie Susanne
Tomlin, Scott William


Trachbel, Christian(b. December 07, 1777, d. August 16, 1801)
Trachbel, Elsbeth(b. June 25, 1804, d. March 27, 1870)


Turner, May(d. date unknown)


Van, Clarissa(d. date unknown)


Varley, Jessie James
Varley, Maria Jane
Varley, Marius James
Varley, Mark James
Varley, Martine Jackie
Varley, Matthew James
Varley, Natasha Marie
Varley, Reginald James(b. February 1888, d. March 06, 1951)


Vezeau, Amy Renee
Vezeau, Curtis David
Vezeau, Damon Scott
Vezeau, Peter Paul
Vezeau, Peter Paul II
Vezeau, Shawna Suzanne


Volen, Ray

Von Signau

Von Signau, Johann Schuepbach(b. July 23, 1815, d. August 18, 1885)
Von Signau, Niklaus Shuepbach(d. date unknown)

Von Trub

Von Trub, Anna Zurcher(b. April 22, 1827, d. May 19, 1889)
Von Trub, Anthone Zurcher(b. October 30, 1625, d. date unknown)
Von Trub, Bartolme Zurcher(b. April 03, 1712, d. October 02, 1760)
Von Trub, Christian Zurcher(b. January 28, 1747/48, d. date unknown)
Von Trub, Christian Zurcher(b. January 16, 1774, d. date unknown)
Von Trub, Hans Zurcher(b. 1578, d. date unknown)
Von Trub, Johannes Zurcher(b. September 11, 1800, d. date unknown)
Von Trub, Peter Zurcher(b. 1653, d. December 08, 1737)
Von Trub, Peter Zurcher(b. May 11, 1683, d. November 03, 1719)
Von Trub, Uli Zurcher(b. 1555, d. date unknown)
Von Trub, Uli Zurcher(b. December 14, 1600, d. date unknown)


Wade, George(b. 1845, d. date unknown) Includes Pictures
Wade, Harry E.(b. 1868, d. date unknown)
Wade, Mildred Dean(b. 1870, d. May 18, 1948) Includes Notes Includes Pictures


Wakefield, Violet Maude(b. June 13, 1908, d. June 1996)


Walden, Mary Jane(d. March 01, 1858)


Walker, Nancy Jane(d. date unknown)


Ward, David
Ward, Jonathan
Ward, Steven
Ward, Tyler


Webb, Jane(b. June 04, 1634, d. 1712)


Weinman, Magdalena(b. 1710, d. date unknown)


Wharton, Benjamin(d. date unknown)


Whitesides, Edward Gardner(b. 1840, d. date unknown) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Whitesides, Edward Gardner(b. February 02, 1914, d. January 31, 1990) Includes Notes
Whitesides, Jane
Whitesides, John Garret, Jr.
Whitesides, John Garrett(b. 1872, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Whitesides, Mary "Mae" Page(b. 1871, d. date unknown)
Whitesides, Nancy Catherine
Whitesides, Noni
Whitesides, Paul
Whitesides, Peggy
Whitesides, Rachael
Whitesides, Richard K.
Whitesides, Richard Lebrou(b. January 14, 1937, d. March 26, 1964) Includes Notes
Whitesides, Sally Wister
Whitesides, Susan Edene


Wiggins, Ruth


Wilson, Ellen(b. 1562, d. date unknown)
Wilson, Lydia Ann(b. 1833, d. date unknown)
Wilson, Samuel(d. date unknown)
Wilson, William(d. date unknown)


Woodson, Angela Marie
Woodson, Benjamin Henry
Woodson, David Benjamin(b. June 18, 1939, d. July 14, 1957)
Woodson, David Duane
Woodson, Jacob Duane
Woodson, Judy(d. November 15, 1997)
Woodson, Marion Christine
Woodson, Paula Jean
Woodson, Taylor Marie
Woodson, Teresa Ann(b. December 19, 1960, d. March 16, 1962)
Woodson, William
Woodson, William Robert
Woodson, William Robert, Jr.(b. February 05, 1962, d. July 20, 1971)


Yeamans, Arthur(d. date unknown)
Yeamans, Bessie(d. date unknown)
Yeamans, Christine(d. date unknown)
Yeamans, Christopher(b. 1636, d. 1720) Includes Notes
Yeamans, Christopher(b. 1665, d. date unknown)
Yeamans, Hannah(b. 1669, d. date unknown)
Yeamans, Helen(d. date unknown)
Yeamans, Isabel(d. date unknown)
Yeamans, Mary(b. 1675, d. date unknown)
Yeamans, Moses(b. 1663, d. date unknown)
Yeamans, Sarah(b. 1673, d. date unknown)
Yeamans, Thomas(b. 1671, d. date unknown)
Yeamans, William(b. 1677, d. date unknown)


Yeoman, (Unknown)(b. November 27, 1839, d. November 27, 1839)
Yeoman, (Unknown)(b. September 23, 1882, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, A.J.(d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Abigail(b. 1798, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Abraham(b. 1731, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Adelaide(b. 1848, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Albert W.(b. March 16, 1841, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Alexis McGwire
Yeoman, Allen Jackson(b. July 22, 1833, d. October 20, 1920)
Yeoman, Alva(b. February 25, 1811, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Alycia Leanne
Yeoman, Amanda(d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Amy Ann Elizabeth(b. December 17, 1835, d. November 22, 1905)
Yeoman, Anna Rosa(b. October 27, 1870, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Arthur(b. 1729, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Asenath(d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Asenath(b. January 31, 1837, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Bertha Louise(b. June 08, 1817, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Bethia(d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Bethiah(b. June 25, 1849, d. June 17, 1875)
Yeoman, Bradley Michael
Yeoman, Brett James
Yeoman, Chadwick L.(b. July 30, 1920, d. March 01, 1992) Includes Notes
Yeoman, Charles Rial(b. May 10, 1869, d. June 04, 1929) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Yeoman, Charles Rial, Jr.(b. July 29, 1898, d. July 06, 1966) Includes Notes
Yeoman, Clairine
Yeoman, Cynthia(d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Cyrena Serena(d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Cyrene(b. April 17, 1806, d. November 19, 1888)
Yeoman, Daisy(d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Daniel Dean
Yeoman, Darin Craig
Yeoman, David(d. date unknown)
Yeoman, David Huffman(b. September 26, 1841, d. September 24) Includes Notes
Yeoman, David Lee
Yeoman, David Lee, Jr.
Yeoman, David V.(d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Dean Wesley
Yeoman, Dean Wesley II
Yeoman, Edward E.(b. 1870, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Effie L.(d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Effie May(b. 1867, d. March 16, 1921) Includes Notes
Yeoman, Eleazer(b. April 02, 1702, d. 1797)
Yeoman, Eleazer(b. 1739, d. 1760)
Yeoman, Eli(b. April 03, 1813, d. April 27, 1882)
Yeoman, Eliza A.(b. 1842, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Elizabeth(b. September 1838, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Ella(b. November 05, 1872, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Elsie Ellen(b. December 20, 1873, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Elvina(b. September 03, 1830, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Emma E.(b. 1866, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Eneas Fountain(b. July 23, 1808, d. April 07, 1891)
Yeoman, Eric Justin
Yeoman, Erin Kay
Yeoman, Ettie Belle(d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Eusebia(b. September 20, 1824, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Gilbert(b. 1740, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Gilbert(b. 1789, d. November 06, 1845)
Yeoman, Gilbert(b. June 17, 1819, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Gilbert(b. 1840, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Hannah(d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Harmbel(b. 1850, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Hattie M.(d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Helen(d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Ichabod(b. April 16, 1823, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Ira(b. May 05, 1808, d. February 23, 1898)
Yeoman, Ira M.(b. April 28, 1843, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Yeoman, James(d. date unknown)
Yeoman, James(b. June 15, 1775, d. May 03, 1825)
Yeoman, James(b. September 20, 1832, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Yeoman, James F.(d. date unknown)
Yeoman, James M., Jr.(b. 1880, d. August 28, 1949) Includes Notes
Yeoman, Jane(d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Jared(b. October 08, 1813, d. May 19, 1876)
Yeoman, Jasper(b. July 29, 1845, d. February 21, 1886)
Yeoman, John(b. October 20, 1840, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Joseph(b. September 02, 1826, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Joseph(b. 1864, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Joseph Amasa Olds(d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Joseph D.(b. November 17, 1803, d. March 12, 1846) Includes Notes
Yeoman, Laura(b. 1868, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Leah(b. 1844, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Levi Newton(b. November 12, 1847, d. May 05, 1876)
Yeoman, Lucy(b. September 27, 1830, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Lucy Ermina(b. 1876, d. January 01, 1952) Includes Notes
Yeoman, Lurana(b. October 01, 1879, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Lydia(b. July 08, 1816, d. June 25, 1847)
Yeoman, Maria(b. April 12, 1817, d. December 27, 1875)
Yeoman, Maria D.(b. 1850, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Marie Josephine(b. July 31, 1833, d. October 27, 1890)
Yeoman, Marietta E.(b. 1857, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Mary(b. 1705, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Mary(b. February 21, 1777, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Mary(b. October 18, 1834, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Mary E.(b. 1863, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Yeoman, Mary Jane(b. January 27, 1831, d. March 17, 1879)
Yeoman, Mary M.(b. 1846, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Melanie Marie
Yeoman, Mercy(b. October 01, 1785, d. October 25, 1825)
Yeoman, Michael Paul
Yeoman, Michelle
Yeoman, Mildred
Yeoman, Milton(b. January 14, 1843, d. July 11, 1898)
Yeoman, Minerva(b. April 11, 1819, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Minerva(b. August 02, 1836, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Morris D.(d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Moses(b. May 07, 1742, d. February 11, 1811)
Yeoman, Nathaniel(b. March 27, 1710, d. April 27, 1761)
Yeoman, Oliva(b. November 16, 1854, d. December 27, 1859)
Yeoman, Oliver(b. 1734, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Olivia(b. January 1816, d. July 28, 1897)
Yeoman, Ollie May(b. September 03, 1880, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Opal B.(b. 1893, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Otta F.(b. July 20, 1878, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Patricia Susan
Yeoman, Paul J.
Yeoman, Paul Wade(b. May 10, 1891, d. May 17, 1965) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Yeoman, Perry
Yeoman, Pleasant Victor(d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Polly(d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Rachel(d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Robert J.(b. November 02, 1853, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Robert James(b. April 13, 1831, d. April 27, 1916)
Yeoman, Ronald Dean
Yeoman, Rueben C.(b. 1876, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Ryan Lee
Yeoman, Samantha(b. August 12, 1822, d. October 17, 1862)
Yeoman, Samuel(b. 1700, d. 1797)
Yeoman, Samuel(b. 1816, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Samuel Fountain(b. September 18, 1793, d. July 07, 1858)
Yeoman, Sara Lynn
Yeoman, Sarah(b. July 02, 1827, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Sarah Ann Melinda(b. October 23, 1851, d. September 05, 1884)
Yeoman, Sarah Osee(b. February 21, 1845, d. October 20, 1939)
Yeoman, Solomon(b. 1667, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Solomon(b. 1707, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Solon(b. 1825, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Stephen(b. 1747, d. May 10, 1829) Includes Notes
Yeoman, Stephen(b. January 05, 1816, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Stephen B.(b. September 10, 1801, d. September 09, 1845) Includes Notes
Yeoman, Stephen P.(d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Stephen, Jr.(b. 1780, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Yeoman, Stephen, Jr.(b. October 04, 1845, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Thevnis(d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Thomas Jefferson(d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Tiana Olivia
Yeoman, W. A.(b. May 16, 1875, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Walter(b. September 02, 1782, d. October 03, 1863)
Yeoman, Walter(b. January 31, 1838, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, Wayne Marcus
Yeoman, William(b. March 30, 1812, d. date unknown)
Yeoman, William Henry(b. May 15, 1832, d. August 08, 1832)
Yeoman, William I.(b. December 09, 1877, d. date unknown)


Young, Kalie Jean Elizabeth
Young, Leslie Luayne
Young, Terilyn Alexandria
Young, Timothy


Zimmerman, Deborah(d. date unknown)
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