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This site is about my ZAŁUSKA ancestors and family members scattered around the world. NOTE: in Polish the surname is pronounced ZA-WOO-SKA.

The story begins with my Great Great Grandfather MACIEJ ZAŁUSKA (c.1822-1888), his 1st wife (my GG-Grandmother), FRANCISZKA ZAORSKA (c.1836-1870), his 2nd wife TEOFILA SUCHCICKA (c.1850-1939), & Teofila's 2nd husband, MICHAL JASTRZEBSKI (c.1850-1910). These 4 individuals lived in the Kurpie region of Poland; the former BIAŁYSTOK, then OSTROŁEKA & ŁOMZA provinces, & now MAZOWIECKIE & PODLASKIE provinces, in NE Poland between WARSZAWA & BIAŁYSTOK. The ZAŁUSKA surname has been dated back to 1410 in the history of the Kurpie region of Poland.

The 3 marriages noted above produced 11 children, 4 of whom permanently emigrated (1894-1904) from Poland to Bridgehampton, & Water Mill, Long Island, New York. Those 4 siblings were TOMASZ LUDWIK ZAŁUSKA aka LOUIS THOMAS ZALUSKI (1865-1925), WERONIKA ZAŁUSKA aka VERONICA ZALUSKI BORKOWSKI (1877-1966), WINCENTY ZAŁUSKA aka VINCENT ZALUSKI (1886-1948), & CZESŁAW JASTRZEBSKI aka CHESTER YASTRZEMSKI (1890-1958).

They were followed by 2 more siblings who immigrated to Long Island, MARIAN ZAŁUSKA (1875-1929) & TEOFIL ZAŁUSKA (1879-1954). They returned to Poland c.1908 to manage the family farmlands in ZAMOSC, a small farming village 6km SE of OSTROŁEKA. Our many family members in Poland are descended from MARIAN & TEOFIL ZAŁUSKA, & from their 2 older half-siblings, JOZEF & KONSTANTY ZAŁUSKA, who never left Poland.

The immigrants were followed (c.1913) by their nephew BOLESŁAW ZAŁUSKA aka WILLIAM ZALUSKI (1896-1953) (my Grandfather), son of KONSTANTY ZAŁUSKA (c.1860-1912) & FRANCISZKA KURPIEWSKA (18??-c.1925). Boleslaw worked on his uncle VINCENT ZALUSKI's farm in Bridgehampton for a few years, then he married ALEKSANDRA KALINOWSKA (1896-1961), in Orange, N.J. For a time, the newlyweds resided with their Kalinowski/Kalenowski relatives in Connecticut & New Jersey, then with various Zaluski/Borkowski relatives in the Hamptons. In 1925 my grandparents bought a home at 41 Arnold Ave in West Babylon, N.Y. There they raised 3 children, 2 of whom, Jean & Ted, survived to adulthood.

The only members of my family who used the ZALUSKI surname were the immigrants TOMASZ LUDWIK ZAŁUSKA aka LOUIS THOMAS ZALUSKI (my Great Grand-Uncle), & his nephew BOLESŁAW ZAŁUSKA aka WILLIAM ZALUSKI (my grandfather), & their descendents. LOUIS' half-brother WINCENTY ZAŁUSKA aka VINCENT ZALUSKI (my half Great Grand-Uncle) married STANISŁAWA MIERZEJEWSKA but they had no children.

Family members in Poland use the original surname of ZAŁUSKA. Those residing in the U.K. and Canada use ZALUSKA. A few members of the family who use the ZALUSKI surname reside in Amityville/Babylon, Freeport, Water Mill, Southampton, Adams Center, Fine, Russell, & Edwards, NY; Calabasas & Shadow Hills, CA. Since ZALUSKI is not our ancestral surname, it is doubtful that we are related to other ZALUSKI families worldwide.

There is an index of the individuals [2,000+] in the family database, see "REPORTS" section below. Key surnames in the index, including my Italian ancestors, are: Agresti, Babinski, Berkoski, Borkoski, Borkowski, Calamiello, Corwith, Damiecki, Guzewicz, Jastrzebski, Kalenowski, Kalinowski, Konsinski, Kurpiewski, Mazzarone, Mierzejewski, Morgante, Sabatino, Suchcicki, Tiska, Tyszka, Valentini, Yastrzemski, Zaluska, Zaluski, & Zaorski.

I am looking for Kurpiewski cousins who lived near Erie, PA and Mazzarone cousins who lived in northern NJ. My Mazzarone and Calamiello ancestors came from Tricarico, Matera, Italy.
Updated March 5, 2011


Theodore Michael Zaluski
Shadow Hills, California United States

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Family Photos

  • Stanislaw Zaluska & Stanislaw Jozef Zaluska (95 KB)
    Two family members who began and assisted me with this genealogy project. Stanislaw Zaluska (1897-1982) and his nephew Stanislaw Jozef Zaluska (1928), grandson and great grandson of Maciej Zaluska. They are my 1st cousin, twice removed, and my 2nd cousin, once removed, respectively. Photos courtesy of my 3rd cousin, Ed Zaluska (UK) and my 2nd cousin, once removed, Stanislaw Jozef Zaluska (Poland).
  • Zaluski Family - West Babylon, NY (42 KB)
    This is a photo of my immediate family, taken at 20 Anchor Court, West Babylon, N.Y., circa 1962. Left to right, Theodore Michael Zaluski (the author), Joanne Zaluski (sister), Anita Agresti Zaluski (1925-1966)(mother), Theodore William Zaluski (1924-2002)(father), John Zaluski (brother), and Steven William Zaluski (brother).
  • The Zaluskis (Babylon & Water Mill families) (45 KB)
    Water Mill, Long Island, circa 1994. Left to right, standing-Theodore William Zaluski (1924-2002), William Lewis Zaluski, Jr. (1928-2010), Bertha Zaluski Petty (1913-2006), Joanne Zaluski, Steven William Zaluski, Connie Zaluski Desmond, Stephen James Zaluski, Alice Zaluski Bruzdoski (1910-2006), Justine Nicole Zaluski, & John David Zaluski. Kneeling-Theodore Michael Zaluski & Vincent Richard Zaluski. These are some of the descendents of Maciej Zaluska's sons Konstanty Zaluska and Tomasz Ludwik Zaluska (Louis Thomas Zaluski). Photo courtesy of Joan Webber Zaluski.
  • Helena Borkowska Damiecki & Marcel Jozef Damiecki (32 KB)
    Helena Borkowska Damiecki (Helen Borkowski Damiecki-Buckin)(1898-1980), granddaughter of Maciej Zaluska, daughter of Weronika Zaluska (Veronica Zaluski)(1877-1966)& Jan Borkowski (1874-1932), and my half 1st cousin, twice removed. Photo circa 1941. Helena and Marcel are seated, surrounded by their children. Photo courtesy of my half 2nd cousin, once removed, Lois Damiecki Beck (1929-2004).
  • Weronika Zaluska Borkowska & Jan Borkowski (57 KB)
    This photo was taken in Southampton, Long Island, circa 1909. Weronika Zaluska Borkowska (1877-1966), daughter of Maciej Zaluska and my half great grand aunt. Weronika is the 2nd from the left in this photo. Her oldest daughter Stanislawa Borkowska Guzewicz (1894-1965) is on the extreme right, with her husband Jan Guzewicz (1888-1963). Janina Borkowska (Jean Berkoske)(1907-1999), is at the extreme lower left of photo. Photo courtesy of my late half 1st cousin, twice removed, Jean Berkoske.
  • Boleslaw Zaluska Polish birth record (recent) (1605 KB)
    Photo of the modern day Polish birth record for my grandfather Boleslaw Zaluska (William Zaluski)(1986-1953).
  • Teofil Zaluska (5 KB)
    Son of Maciej Zaluska (1822-1888) & Teofila Suchcicka Zaluska (c.1855-c.1932), Teofil Zaluska (1879-1954) was my half great grand uncle. On June 21, 1941, while living on their farm in the village of Nowa Weis Wschodnia, 7km east of Ostroleka, Teofil, his wife Leokadia Kaminska Zaluska (1891-1945), and their two youngest children, Lucjan Zaluska & Wincenty Zaluska were exiled by the Russians to Siberia. Lucjan and Wincenty married while in Russia, and eventually they and their families were allowed to return to Ostroleka, Poland in 1954. Teofil & Leokadia died while in Siberia. Photo courtesy of my half 2nd cousin, once removed, Barbara Zaluska Suska.
  • Wincenty Zaluska & Stanislawa Mierzejewska Zaluska (89 KB)
    This photo is of Wincenty Zaluska (Vincent Zaluski)(1886-1948), son of Maciej Zaluska and my half great grand uncle, along with his wife Stanislawa Mierzejewska Zaluska (1887-1949) (both seated), and my grandparents Boleslaw Zaluska (William Zaluski)(1896-1953) and Aleksandra Kalinowska Zaluski (1896-1961). We believe that the photo was taken in Water Mill, Long island circa 1940. Photo courtesy of my father, Theodore W. Zaluski (1924-2002).
  • Ted Zaluski (Web Page Author) (20 KB)
    May 2004
  • Zaluski - Tiska Family Members (46 KB)
    Southampton, Long Island, August 19, 1995. Left to right, Bertha Zaluski Petty (1913-2006), Robert Ryan, Barbara Buttonow Ryan, Antoinette Tiska Buttonow-Sudock, Alice Zaluski Bruzdoski (1910-2006), and Edward Tiska, Sr. Photo courtesy of my 2nd cousin, once removed, Connie Zaluski Desmond.
  • Tomasz Ludwik Zaluska & Anna Tyszka (34 KB)
    Circa 1903, in Water Mill or Riverhead, Long Island, Tomasz Ludwik Zaluska (Louis Thomas Zaluski)(1865-1925), son of Maciej Zaluski and my great grand uncle, his wife Anna Tyszka Zaluski (1869-1947), and 3 of their children, left to right, William Lewis Zaluski (1901-1987), Stanislawa Zaluska (Stella Zaluski Babinski) (1892-1957), and Stanislaw Zaluska (Stanley Zaluski)(1897-1956). Photo courtesy of my 1st cousin, twice removed, Alice Zaluski Bruzdoski.
  • Zaluski-Agresti-Epp Family Members (153 KB)
    Left to right - Ted W. Zaluski (1924-2002), Ted M. Zaluski, Carol Agresti Zimmerman, Steven W. Zaluski, Diana Agresti Epp (1927-2009), Larry J. Epp, and Joanne Zaluski. February 1999 in Copiague, NY
  • The New Polish Provinces (16 KB)
    Effective January 1, 1999.
  • Boleslaw Zaluska & Konstanty Borkowski (56 KB)
    Grandsons of Maciej Zaluska, Boleslaw Zaluska (William Zaluski)(1896-1953), Aleksandra Kalinowska Zaluski (Alice Zaluski)(1896-1961), Aleksandra Mierzejewska Borkowski (Alice Borkowski)(1895-1990) and Konstanty (Kostanty) Borkowski (1896-1970). Water Mill, Long Island, July 4, 1950. William and Konstanty were half 1st cousins. Photo courtesy of my father, Theodore W. Zaluski (1924-2002).
  • The Four Mierzejewska Sisters (65 KB)
    Water Mill, Long Island, circa 1914. Left to right; standing-Wladyslawa Mierzejewska Poliksa (Lena Poliksa-Skripps), Stalislawa Mierzejewska Zaluska (Stella Zaluski), Wincenty Zaluska (Vincent Zaluski), sitting- Jozefa Mierzejewska Jastrzebska (Josephine Yastrzemski), standing-Konstanty Borkowski, sitting-Czeslaw Jastrzebski (Chet Yastrzemski), the child is Tom Yastrzemski, standing-Boleslaw Zaluska (William Zaluski/Ted M. Zaluski's grandfather), and Aleksandra Mierzejewska Borkowska (Alice Borkowski). Photo courtesy of Tom Yastrzemski & Fencia Zaloga Yastrzemski.
  • Jean Zaluski Williams & Theodore William Zaluski (120 KB)
    Brother and sister, West Babylon, Long Island, circa 1982. My father Theodore William Zaluski (1924-2002), and my aunt Jean Zaluski Williams (1920-2000), great grand children of Maciej Zaluska & Franciszka Zaorska. I took the photo myself.
  • Helen Zaluski Tiska & Alexander Anthony Tiska (68 KB)
    Helen Caroline Zaluski Tiska (1906-1991) and husband Alexander Anthony Tiska (1903-1965). Helen was the daughter of Tomasz Ludwik Zaluska (Louis Thomas Zaluski)(1865-1925) and Anna Tyszka Zaluski (1869-1947), and she was my 1st cousin, twice removed. Photo courtesy of my late 2nd cousin, once removed, Bette Tiska Osterberg (1929-1997).
  • Dana Kulig and John & Marcella DeMuth-Gintowt (62 KB)
    My half 3rd cousin Danuta Gwiazda Kulig, John Gintowt (1922-1999), and my half 2nd cousin, once removed, Marcella Damiecki DeMuth-Gintowt. Photo taken in Bialystok, Poland, circa 1996. Danuta, John, and Marcella have been good friends over the past years, assisting me with family research and organizing the family reunion in Southampton, Long Island in August 1995. John passed away in late 1999, a very sudden loss and deep shock to all who knew him. He warmth and good humor is sorely missed by the members of our family who he befriended in the short five years he was with us. Photo courtesy Marcella Damiecki DeMuth-Gintowt.
  • My Maternal Grandparents (57 KB)
    My mother and her parents. Taken on my parents' wedding day, August 7, 1949, at my grandparents' home in Copiague, Long Island. Left to right, Michele Corrado (Michael Conrad) Agresti (1896-1978), Anita Agresti Zaluski (1925-1966), and Leonarda Eleanora Calamiello (Eleanor) Agresti (1900-1987). Photo courtesy of my father, Theodore W. Zaluski (1924-2002).
  • Ellie Tong & Nina Ting Damiecki (50 KB)
    photo c.2005 courtesy of my half third cousin Ted Damiecki.
  • 4 Generations: Borkowski-Dominski-Walker-Babinski (49 KB)
    Left to right-Michelle Antoinette Babinski Niles, Leona Dominski Walker, Victoria Rae Babinski, Ann Borkowski Dominski (1917-1996), Stephen Michael Charles Babinski, and Cheryl Walker Babinski. All four are descendents of Maciej Zaluska's daughter Weronika Zaluska Borkowska (Veronica Zaluski Borkowski). Also, through their father Michael Anthony Babinski's bloodline, the three children are also the descendents of Maciej Zaluska's son Tomasz Ludwik Zaluska (Louis Thomas Zaluski), Weronika's older half-brother. Photo courtesy of my half 2nd cousin, once removed, Leona Dominski Walker.
  • Theodore William Zaluski -Theodore Michael Zaluski (19 KB)
    My Dad and myself, Amityville, Long Island, circa June 1951.
  • Stephanie Dobson Zabala & son Jayden Andrew Zabala (3094 KB)
    Stephanie is my half 3rd cousin, once removed. Jayden is my half 3rd cousin, twice removed. Circa 2008
  • Stanislawa Borkowska Guzewicz/Konstanty Borkowski (47 KB)
    Grandchildren of Maciej Zaluska, brother and sister, Stanislawa Borkowska (Stella Borkowski Guzewicz)(1894-1965) and Konstanty Borkowski (1896-1970). Children of Weronika Zaluska Borkowski (1877-1966) and Jan Borkowski (1874-1932).
  • Wladyslawa Pukniewska & Szczepan Zaluska (45 KB)
    Photo of my grandfather Boleslaw Zaluska's younger brother Szczepan Zaluska (1910-1985)and his wife Wladyslawa Pukniewska Zaluska (1912-1995). I first met Wladyslawa in May 1994 while in Nowogrod, woj. Lomzynskie, Poland. During my second trip to Poland in December 1994/January 1995, Wladyslawa passed away the day before I was to meet with her again on January 3, 1995 and I attended her funeral in Nowogrod instead. Photo courtesy of my late great grand aunt, Wladyslawa Pukniewska Zaluska.
  • Ted Zaluski, Joanne Zaluski, John Zaluski (84 KB)
    Siblings ... at south rim of Grand Canyon, October 2007.
  • Zaluski - Agresti Wedding Party August 7, 1949 (103 KB)
    The wedding party for my parents Theodore William Zaluski & Anita Marie Agresti. Left to right Michael Conrad Agresti, Jr. (1923-1982), Richard James Agresti (1930-1999), Sydney Askoff (1924-2010), Anita Marie Agresti (1925-1966), Theodore William Zaluski (1924-2002), Kitty Ross, Diana Marie Agresti Epp (1927-2009), Vivian Infantino (1927-2004), and Jean Zaluski Williams (1920-2000). Photo courtesy of my father, Theodore W. Zaluski.
  • The Ostroleka/Lomza region of Poland (234 KB)
    The area highlighted in red is the region of Poland where the Zaluska family has lived the last 300 years.
  • Marta Zaluska (608 KB)
    My 3rd cousin, once removed, Marta Zaluska. I first saw her in Poland when she was just a new born.
  • Tomasz Ludwik Zaluska aka Louis Thomas Zaluski (334 KB)
    Photo of the Polish parish birth record for Tomasz Ludwik Zaluska (Louis Thomas Zaluski) (1865-1925). Note, that the original surname is Zaluska, and not Zaluski.
  • Joanna Stolarczyk Wyatt & Michael Wyatt (72 KB)
    My 2nd cousin, once removed, Joanna Stolarczyk Wyatt and her husband Michael Wyatt. Joanna has been a very good friend since we first met in 1993. Before then, neither of our families knew of the others existence. Her grandfather and my father were 1st cousins who never knew of one another.
  • Boleslaw Zaluska Polish birth record (old) (841 KB)
    Photo of my grandfather Boleslaw Zaluska's (William Zaluski)(1896-1953) Polish birth record. Note, that the original surname is Zaluska, and not Zaluski.

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  • The Kurpie People of Poland (3 KB)
    Information about the Kurpie people of NE Poland.
  • Index of Individuals (868 KB)
    An index of the 2,500 plus individuals in my family database. These include both my Polish and Italian family, plus all spouses and children.

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