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Descendants of Antonio BARCA

Generation No. 4

6. ANTONIO4 BARCA (ANTONIO3, ANTONIO2, ANTONIO1) was born April 22, 1883 in Lipari, Messina, Italy, and died 1949 in Melbourne, Australia. He married MARIA FRANCESCA RODRIQUEZ September 06, 1910 in Melbourne, Australia. She was born 1885 in Naples, Italy, and died September 15, 1979 in Melbourne, Australia.

More About A
Children of A
  i.   ANTONIO(TONY)5 BARCA, b. 1915, Melbourne, Australia; d. 1992, Melbourne, Australia.
  ii.   CONCETTA (CONNIE) BARCA, b. Private.
  iii.   LORENZO (LAURIE) BARCA, b. Private.
  iv.   PASQUALINA (ROSIE) BARCA, b. Private.
  v.   FRANCESCA MARIA (MARY) BARCA, b. Private.
10. vi.   ROSARIA ANNA (ANN) BARCA, b. 1929, Melbourne, Australia; d. 1989, Melbourne, Australia.

7. MARIANNA4 BARCA (GIUSEPPE3, ANTONIO2, ANTONIO1)28 was born May 02, 1882 in Lipari, Messina, Italy29, and died July 06, 1949 in Victoria Hospital, London, Ontario, Canada30. She married EUGENIO GUISEPPE FURANNA31 December 15, 1900 in Lipari, Messina, Italy32, son of ANTONIO FURANNA and ROSALIA TRAINA. He was born April 19, 1882 in Lipari, Messina, Italy33, and died May 15, 1962 in London, Ontario, Canada34.

Notes for M
Marianna Barca FURANNA has a passport issued on August 2, 1902, destination Australia, departure August 29, 1902, from the port of Palermo, Sicily, aboard the R.M.S. Omrah, arrival Melbourne, Australia, October 8, 1902, a voyage of 39 days. This passport is good for 3 years. It has daughter Rosalia on it as 1 year old. This passport was used for return to Lipari in 1903 and immigration to Canada in 1905.
Marianna & her daughters Rosalia, 4 years old & Rosina, 1 year & 6 months old departed for Canada from the port of Naples, Italy aboard the S.S. Konigin Luise on June 9, 1905, in the second class cabin. The Konigin Luise of the North German Line was Captained by A. Volger, Master. Her doctor was A. Muggenshaler, Surgeon. The passenger lists shows his expierence as 4 years as a physician & surgeon, a graduate of The University of Munich, Germany. His job was personal examination of each alien on the passenger list in relation to mental & physical condition. Also traveling aboard this ship were 8 young single men in ranging in age from 22-14 all from the Island of Lipari but they were in steerage class. They were going to Hartford, Conneticut. The ship had traveled fron Genoa, Italy leaving there on June 8 with many people already on board. After taking on more passengers in Naples on June 9 it left for Gibralter arriving & leaving on June 13. After a voyage of 14 days they arrived at the port of New York on June 23, 1905. Their assigned immigration officer was R. S. Brown. They entered the U.S.A. with $70.00. The reqiured amount of money for all immigrates was $50.00. They were discharged in the care of Guiseppe La Gragis, 236 Avenue A, New York, New York. He took charge of Marianna and her children making sure that they were on the right train to London, Ontario, Canada.

More About M
BAPTISM: May 15, 1882, Lipari, Italy
BURIAL PLACE: St. Peter's Cemetery, London, ON
Cause of Death: Cerebral Hemorrhage
IMMIGRATED: October 09, 1902, To Melbourne, Australia
IMMIGRATED (2): June 23, 1905, To London, Ontario Canada
MARRIAGE: December 15, 1900, Lipari, Italy
OCCUPATION: Bet. 1900 - 1949, Housewife, mother, grandmother

Notes for E
Joe and his wife Marianna immigrated to Australia in 1902. They left Lipari and traveled to Naples where they boarded the R.M.S. Omrah of the Orient Line on August 29 & arrived in Melbourne, Australia on October 8, 1902. The passenger list for the Omrah shows E. Furanna, 20, Seaman, A. Barca, 19, Carpenter, Marianna Barca, 20 & Rosalia Furanna, 1. The voyage lasted 39 days. Some of Marianna's cousins had already immigrated there, Joe & Marianna didn't like Australia and returned to Lipari just in time for their second child, Rosina, to be born on November 8, 1903.
The economic climate in Italy had not improved in their absence, Joe & Marianna decided to immigrate to London, Ontario, were 2 of Joe's brothers had already set up housekeeping. Joe's passport for Canada was issued on March 31, 1904. Joe left Lipari with seven of his friends, Antonio Aiello, Giovanni Cusolito, Giovanni Camera, Antonio Fraumini, Giovanni Ruggiero, Antonio Antonucci and Vincenzo Cusolito. They travelled from Lipari to Palermo were they boarded the S.S. Carpathia for their journey to America. They all are listed in the second class cabin. The ship left Palermo on April 22, 1904 arriving at Ellis Island, New York on May 4, 1904. These eight men parted ways in New York and Joe took the Grand Trunk Railway from New York City to Niagara Falls were he entered Canada & then on to London, Ontario.
According to the City of London Directories from 1905 - 1918, Joe first appeared in 1905 and was a boarder at 732 Wellington Street. This house was owned by Rosa D'Ambra, the mother-in-law of his brother Tony. He worked as a carpenter for W. Gerry & Sons. Marianna and their two children Rosalia & Rosina joined Joe in London in June of 1905. From 1906 - 08 Joseph and his family where living at 1 Hyman Street and his brother Frank was a boarder there. In 1909 Joe and his family moved to 197 1&2 Mill Street and his brothers Frank & Ernie where boarders there. In 1910 - 11 Joe & his family and 2 brothers moved to 474 Talbot Street where they stayed until 1913 when Frank and Ernie got their own places. In 1913 sister Margaret and her husband Louis Marin immigrated to London and moved into 474 Talbot St. In 1914 Joe and his family bought a 2 story house at 311 Grey Street .
In 1917 Louis & Margaret moved back into 311 Grey St. with Joe and his family.
In the 1922 city directory Joe was now working at Scott McHale Shoes where he
was he a finisher, sewing the sole to the upper of the shoe. Joe played the mandolin and the clarinet. He was one of the founding fathers of the Marconi Club in London, Ontario and played clarinet in their band. He owned Allied Shoe store at 253 Wellington Street for many years and was well known for his quality shoes and good prices. Joe and Mary lived in the house at 311 Grey until their deaths. Then daughter Rosalia(Lee) lived there until 1970 when she moved to Exeter, Ontario to be near her daughter Marion and her grandchildren.

More About E
BAPTISM: April 22, 1882, Lipari, Italy
BURIAL PLACE: St. Peter's Cemetery, London, Ontario
Cause of Death: old age
IMMIGRATED: August 29, 1902, Melbourne, Australia
IMMIGRATED (2): April 22, 1904, London, Ontario, Canada
MARRIAGE: December 15, 1900, Lipari, Italy
Medical Information: cronic bronchities, enlarged heart, 1 lung collapesed, allergies.
OCCUPATION: 1905, Carpenter - W. Gerry & Sons
OCCUPATION (2): 1922, Scott Mchale Shoe Ltd.
OCCUPATION (3): 1931, Prop. Allies Shoes 253 Wellington St.
Children of M
11. i.   ROSALIA MARIA5 FURANNA, b. May 21, 1901, Lipari, Italy; d. January 11, 1980, Exeter, Ontario, Canada.
12. ii.   ROSINA FURANNA, b. November 08, 1903, Lipari, Italy; d. October 12, 1989, London, Ontario, Canada.
13. iii.   ANTOINETTA JOSEPHINE FURANNA, b. March 26, 1906, London, Ontario, Canada; d. August 24, 1984, London, Ontario, Canada.
  iv.   JOANNA MARGHERITA FURANNA35, b. July 02, 1907, London, Ontario, Canada; d. June 05, 1908, London, Ontario, Canada36.
Joanna also known as Jennie was Baptized on July 29, 1907. Mr. Ernest Furanna and Mrs. Eva Furanna were proxy for her godparents Antonio Furanna and Rosa Barca in Lipari, Italy. Record number 1907/604 in St. Peters Cathedral records.
Death record found on microfilm #1411569 at Mormon Church .

BAPTISM: July 29, 1907, ST. Peter's Cathedral -London, Ontario
BURIAL PLACE: June 05, 1908, St. Peters Church Cemetery, London, Ont.
Cause of Death: Intestinal Disorder common in infants at this time

14. v.   ANTHONY JOSEPH FURANNA, b. August 17, 1912, London, Ontario, Canada; d. June 11, 1990, London, Ontario, Canada.
  vi.   LUCIA MARGHERITA FURANNA37, b. April 14, 1914, London, Ontario, Canada37; d. June 25, 1992, London, Ontario, Canada38; m. JOSEPH EDWARD"JOE" WORRALL39, September 09, 1946, St. Peter's Cathedral,London, Ontario, Canada39; b. August 12, 1915, London, Ontario, Canada39; d. December 30, 1995, London, Ontario, Canada40.
Lucia Margaret was baptised on May 17, 1914 by Rev. G. Majoram at St. Peter's Cathedral, godparents were Francis Furanna & Lucille Gaste.

BAPTISM: May 17, 1914, St. Peter's Cathedral -London, Ontario
BURIAL PLACE: June 27, 1992, St. Peter's Cemetery, London, ON
Cause of Death: Heart Atack
MARRIAGE: September 10, 1947, St. Peter's Cathedral, London, Ontario
Medical Information: Goiter, Hysterectomy, Diverticulosus, Galstones, Triple Bypass, Anurism, Angina
OCCUPATION: 1937, Holeproof Hoisery - Inspector
OCCUPATION (2): Scott Mchale Shoes Ltd. - Bookeeper

BAPTISM: October 22, 1916, St. Mary's R.C. Church, London, Ontario
BURIAL PLACE: January 02, 1996, St. Peter's Cemetery, London, ON
Cause of Death: Heart Attack
MARRIAGE: September 09, 1946, St. Peters Basilica, London, Ontario, Canada
Medical Information: Diabetes
OCCUPATION: Metropolitan Stores
OCCUPATION (2): 1937, Arcade Bowling Alley - Assistant Manager
OCCUPATION (3): 1950, Arcade Bowling Alley - Owner

  Marriage Notes for LUCIA FURANNA and JOSEPH WORRALL:
Lucille & Joe were married by Rev. D.K. McMahon. Best man Joseph T. Bunk. Matron of Honour Marian Barrie. Joe was living in Montreal at this time.
Reception at the Catholic Cultral Centre(3 C's) .

8. NUNZIATA MARTRINA"NANCY"4 BARCA (GIUSEPPE3, ANTONIO2, ANTONIO1)41 was born September 25, 1887 in Lipari, Messina, Italy42, and died May 1986 in Boston, Mass., U.S.A.. She married ANTONIO MEGNA Abt. 1920 in Lipari, Messina, Italy. He was born August 17, 1888 in Lipari, Messina, Italy43, and died September 1968 in Boston Mass. U.S.A.43.

More About N
BAPTISM: September 29, 1887, Saint Bartolmao Church, Lipari, Italy
BURIAL PLACE: Boston, Mass, U.S.A.
MARRIAGE: Lipari, Italy
Child of N
  i.   ANTHONY5 MEGNA, b. Private.

9. LUCIA4 BARCA (GIUSEPPE3, ANTONIO2, ANTONIO1)44 was born December 13, 1893 in Lipari, Messina, Italy45, and died Unknown. She married BARTOLO MARCHESE 1913 in Lipari, Messina, Italy. He was born in Lipari, Messina, Italy, and died Unknown.

More About L
BAPTISM: December 13, 1893, Saint Bartolmao Church, Lipari, Italy
Children of L
  i.   ROSA5 MARCHESE, b. Private.
  ii.   ? MARCHESE, b. Private.

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