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Descendants of Jakob Bauder

25. JACOB8 BAUDER (JOHANNES7, JAKOB6, NIKLAUS5, ABRAHAM4, SAMUEL3, CHRISTOFFER2, JAKOB1) was born July 21, 1849 in Mett bei Biel, Bern, Switzerland387,388, and died February 23, 1885. He married MARY ANN SCHORI February 22, 1877 in Elkader, Clayton Co., Iowa389. She was born Abt. 1854 in Switzerland390.

Notes for J
In the directory section of the 1878 Fayette country history is found this listing: "Bauder and Friedericks, proprietors of billiard hall and dealers in wines, beer, liquor, cigars, etc., Elgin."

More About J
Age at Death (Facts Page): Age 35y 5m 2d391
Baptism: August 12, 1849, Mett bei Biel, Bern, Switzerland392
Burial: Lot 71, Elgin Cemetery, Pleasant Valley Township, Fayette Co., Iowa (Lot 71)393
Occupation: 1878, Proprietor--Billiard hall, liquor, wine, beer, cigars394
Occupation 2: June 1880, Saloon Keeper395
Residence: 1870, Pleasant Valley, Fayette Co., Iowa396
Residence 2: 1880, Pleasant Valley, Fayette Co., Iowa397

More About M
Residence: 1885, Pleasant Valley, Fayette Co., Iowa398
Children of J
  i.   OSCAR9 BAUDER, b. Abt. 1879399,400; m. ANNA EVENSON.
  More About OSCAR BAUDER:
Residence: 1900, Decorah, Iowa401

  ii.   JULIUS BAUDER402, b. Abt. 1884.

26. ANNA BARBARA8 BAUDER (JOHANNES7, JAKOB6, NIKLAUS5, ABRAHAM4, SAMUEL3, CHRISTOFFER2, JAKOB1) was born February 17, 1851 in Mett bei Biel, Bern, Switzerland403,404, and died March 03, 1939 in Wilmington, New Hanover Co., North Carolina at son's home405,406. She married REV REV. HENRY HESS February 27, 1868 in Elkader, Clayton Co., Iowa407. He was born September 1850 in Germany408,409, and died 1908410.

More About A
Baptism: March 23, 1851, Mett bei Biel, Bern, Switzerland411
Burial: March 08, 1839, Alford Cemetery, Monowi, Boyd County, Nebraska412,413
Residence: Elgin, Fayette Co., Iowa
Residence 3: 1894, Nebraska414
Residence 4: 1927, Niabrara, Nebraska415

Notes for R
In the 1850's, a number of families, most of whom as been members of the Reformed church in Switzerland, emigrated and settled in the vicinity of Elgin. Surrounding them here, and speaking the German tongue, were Lutherans, Dunkards, and those of no religious faith, but no Baptists. During the 1860's, several congregational ministers, among others, the Rev. Henry Hess, preached among them and organized a church of this denomination. This church however was dissolved in the latter part of the 1860's.
(1910 Fayette County History, PP. 285-86)

More About R
Burial: Alford Cemetery, Monowi, Boyd County, Nebraska416
Occupation: Minister
Residence: Fort Atkinson, Iowa
Children of A
  i.   MALE9 HESS.
  iii.   CLARA HESS, b. November 1876, Iowa417.
  More About CLARA HESS:
Occupation: 1900, Teacher417
Residence: 1900, Raymond Twp., Knox Co., Nebraska417

  iv.   PAUL HESS, b. October 1879, Iowa417.
  More About PAUL HESS:
Occupation: 1900, Farm laborer417
Residence: 1900, Raymond Twp., Knox Co., Nebraska417

  v.   MINNIE HESS, b. March 1882, Iowa417; m. (________) STRAND.
  More About MINNIE HESS:
Occupation: 1900, Music Teacher417
Residence: 1900, Raymond Twp., KnoX co., Nebraska417

  vi.   DORA HESS, b. August 28, 1886, Iowa417,418,419; d. November 1985419; m. (________) ROCK.
  More About DORA HESS:
Burial: Alford Cemetery, Monowi, Boyd County, Nebraska420
Occupation: 1900, Student421
Residence: 1900, Raymond Twp., Knox Co., Nebraska421
Social Security Number: 507-48-1435 NE422

  vii.   KURTIS HESS, b. August 1894, Nebraska423.

27. MARY8 BAUDER (JOHANNES7, JAKOB6, NIKLAUS5, ABRAHAM4, SAMUEL3, CHRISTOFFER2, JAKOB1)424 was born December 31, 1853 in Mett bei Biel, Bern, Switzerland/Bern, Switzerland425,426, and died June 06, 1926 in New Martinsville, Wetzel Co, West Virginia427,428,429. She married JOSEPH SAMUEL HARMAN November 26, 1871 in Pleasant Valley, Fayette Co., Iowa at the home of her brother430,431,432, son of SAMUEL HARMAN and MARY GATES. He was born October 07, 1843 in Belmont Co, Ohio433,434,435, and died July 09, 1910 in New Martinsville, Wetzel Co, WVA436,437.

Notes for M
When Anna Mae Harman, the youngest living child and only girl, was married in 1914, her brothers bought their mother, Mary Harman, a green floral Royal Bonn china mantle clock with Ansonia movement. I have the clock and it will run if level.
Mariana Zuelsdorf, great-granddaughter

OBITUARY-Wetzel Democrat, New Martinsville, WV. Thursday, June 10, 1926
Mrs. Mary (Bauder) Harman, daughter of John and Kathryn Bauder, was born in Switzerland on the 1st day of January, 1864 (sic), and departed this life on the 6th day of June, 1926, aged 72 years, 5 months, and 5 days.
Her parents came to America when she was about nine years of age, and settled near Elgin, Iowa.
She was united in marriage at Elgin, Iowa, on the 26th day of November 1871, to Joseph S. Harman, who departed this life on the 9th day of July, 1910. To this union were born nine children, seven of whom are living, all of New Martinsville, W. Va., namely: George A. Harman, J. Frank Harman, S. Ernest Harman, Charles E. Harman, Ross L. Harman, J. William Harman and Mrs. Thos. G. Allen. In addition to her children she is survived by two grand children, and one great grand son, also two brothers and two sisters: Godfry Bauder of FT. Collins, Colorado; Alfred Bauder of Omaha, Nebraska; Mrs. Anna Hess of Niobrara, Nebraska; and Mrs. Elizabeth Schori of Elgin, Iowa.
She was a devout Christian throughout her whole life, always practicing the teachings of the Master, by going about doing good. For many years and up until the time of her death she was an active member of the First M.E. Church.
Funeral services were held at the home on June 6th, conducted by Rev. Ressegger, assisted by Rev. Bell and burial was made in Williams Cemetery by W.E. Wharton.
(provided by West Virginia State Library, Charleston, WV)

Following Swiss tradition, Mary Bauder Harman insisted that her children and their spouse spend the first year of marriage living with Mary and Joseph. Therefore Mollie (Amelia Stamm) and George lived with his parents until 1901. When Willy (Joseph William) married, his wife Edna refused to live with her in-laws and convinced Tom and Anna Harman Allen to trade houses. Tom and Anna moved in with her parents while Willy and Edna lived in Tom and Anna's house. Mary Harman, daughter of Willy and Edna, was born in the Allen home.

Immigration date-1861 (1900 Federal Census) Immigration Date: 1861 (1900 Federal Census) Came to America with Uncle John Gutmann.

More About M
Age at Death (Facts Page): Age 72 years 5 months and 5 days438
Baptism: January 26, 1854, Mett bei Biel, Bern, Switzerland439
Burial: June 08, 1926, Williams Cemetery, New Martinsville, Wetzel County, West Virginia440,441,442,443
Death caused by: Paralysis444,445
Occupation: 1880, Keeping House446
Occupation 2: 1910, Claimed "None"447
Residence: 1871, Elgin, Fayette Co, Iowa448
Residence 2: 1880, New Martinsville, Wetzel Co., West Virginia449
Residence 3: 1900, New Martinsville, Wetzel Co., Ohio450
Residence 4: 1910, New Martinsville, WVA451

Notes for J
Wetzel County 1883 Federal Pension Records
No. of Certificate: 56,634
Name of Pensioner: Harmon, Joseph
Post Office Address: New Martinsville
Cause for which Pensioned: w.l. wrist
Monthly Rate: 2.00
Date of Orginal Allowence: Jan 1866

Joseph Harman was enlisted by Capt. Stephens on Octrober 16, 1861 at Camp Tupper, Hannibal, Ohio in to Company A, 77th Regiment of the Ohio Volunteer Infantry, for a period of three years or the lenght of the war. He was wounded by a gun shot wound to the left wrist at the Battle of Pittsburg Landing (Shiloh) on April 6, 1862.
He was treated in hospital on the steamer WarEagle at Pittsburg Landing, Tennesse from April 6, 1862 to April 7, 1862. On the 12 or 13 of April 1862, he was placed in the hospital at Evansville, Indiana for 2 days and then given a furlough. He left the hospital to go home for 30 days. His furlough was extended. Under orders, he reported at Columbus, Ohio on or about July 5, 1862 and immediately went into the hospital in the Columbus area, remaining there for treatments until Aug 8, 1862. He was examined at Camp Chase, Ohio and given an honorable discharge by A.B. Dod, Capt., 15th US Infantry. The degree of disability was 3/4. Joseph stated that for 14 months after he was wounded, he was unable to perform any manual labor.

When Joe Harman was 16 he and a friend owned a raft and they would, in the summer, fish and pole their way north to Wheeling where they'd sell the fish they had caught. On this particular day, they were catching no fish and decided that if they didn't catch anything all day they would go to war. As luck would have it, they caught nothing. So they went to Marietta, Ohio and enlisted (Union Army.) After some training, they were shipped off to Pittsburg Landing (Shiloh), Tenn. They had been there 1-2 ? days when Gen Grant rode in --he said "drunk"--and the next day they were deployed. They knew the Confederates were near because there were dogs around--and soon there were shots. On the first round Joe was shot through the left wrist and his friend said he'd take Joe back to the hospital ship. There was a fence and Joe made it over safely but the friend was shot through the head and fell face down in the mud with both rifles. In Columbus, Ohio where Joe was taken, the doctors informed him that they must remove his arm because he'd developed gangrene if they didn't. He refused the operation saying that he would rather be dead than lose his arm. So he was discharged from the Army and went home. An old German doctor in town said that he could save the arm. Every day the doctor took a new white silk handkerchief and pulled it through the hole until it healed.
(Verbal and handwritten memories from Mary Harman Ficken, daughter of Joseph William Harman and granddaughter of Joseph Samuel Harman.)

from notes by Gerald Schori:
John Neuenschwander, son of Ulrich Neuenschwander, lived at the Easley farm across the river from New Martinsville, West Virginia, at Duffy on the very top of the hill. He met and married Civilla Harman, who lived in New Martinsville. Later, packing her and her square piano, he moved to Elgin, Iowa, where he was a carriage and wagon maker. After Joseph Harman was injured at Shiloh, he went to Iowa to visit his sister Civilla, and met Mary Bauder who was living with her sister, Elizabeth and husband, Ben Schori. After Joseph returned to New Martinsville, he realized that he was smittened by Mary and wrote to his brother-in-law John, asking John to plight his troth on his behalf with Ben Schori regarding the possiblity of marriage to Mary Bauder. Ben Schori discussed this with his wife, Elizabeth, who discussed it with sister Mary, and it was agreed. At this point, Joseph returned to Elgin where he and Mary were married at the home of her brother.
(wedding information source: Fayette Co., Iowa Marriage License; Mariana Zuelsdorf)

It was to Elgin that Joe went to recuperate. Most of my Swiss relatives live in Elgin, Iowa and surrounding towns. It still has a big sign at the town line saying "Little Switzerland." I can remember only one story of how Joe and his brother-in-law took a wagon and went hunting in Nebraska Territory and how they got lost and wandered for days until some friendly Indians told them how to get home. When Joe came back to New Martinsville, he said he'd met the prettiest little Dutch girl he'd ever seen. (Anyone speaking German was called Dutch.) He went back to Iowa (I don't know when) and married her. She was Mary Bauder and her parents came to the U.S. from Switzerland when she was about 9. Joe and Mary came back to New Martinsville and Joe began his life as a blacksmith and wagon maker. In later years, after cars were invented, Joe was invited to become the Ford agent in town, but he declined on the grounds that a car would never be able to climb these hills. Ho-hum. When they unpacked Mary's luggage, they found a surprise gift--a wooden clock--which they had on a high shelf in the kitchen. During the 1913 flood it was forgotten and floated off the shelf. After the water went down it was found in the mud in the kitchen. It was washed out and continued to run. Mother and Dad took it after Grandma died and it was in our kitchen until they moved. I have it now on my living toom wall. It will run if it is level.
(from a letter from Mary Harman Ficken, granddaughter)

Joseph S. Harman-born in Belmont County, Ohio, is a son of Samuel and Mary (Gatts) Harman, now honored residents in Monroe County, that State. In the war between the States, he entered the Federal services, enlisting in Company A., 77th Ohio Infantry, October 16, 1861, and serving until wounded in the battle of Pittsburg Landing, after which he received an honorable discharge, August 8, 1862. In Fayette County, Iowa, November 26, 1872, Joseph S. Harman was united in marriage with Mary Bauder, and he has been a resident of Wetzel County, West Virginia, since 1872. His wife was a daughter of John and Catherine (Goodman) Bauder, and is a native of Switzerland. The children of their wedlock are five: George Alfred, born January 25, 1872; John Franklin September 6, 1875; Samuel Ernest, January 18, 1879; Charles Edward, June 28, 1881; Rosco (sic), September 23, 1883. Joseph S. Harman is one of New Martinsville's best business men, and is here carrying on a manufactory of wagons and buggies. His work is all done from the best material, of which he has always a good stock on hand, and his many customers always return to him for anything they need in his line, and are assured by his past work that the future orders will be satisfactorily filled. His location is on Main Street, New Martinsville, Wetzel County, West Virginia.
(from Hardesty's West Virginia Heritage Encyclopedia, Supplimental Series, Vol. 2, Wetzel County.)

More About J
Age at Death (Facts Page): Age 67 years452
Burial: Williams Cemetary, Rt 2, New Martinsville, Wetzel Co., WVA453
Death caused by: Acute Indigestion/Neuralgia of Heart454,455
Medical Information: Wounded at the Battle Of Pittsburg Landing-injury to left hand caused by a gunshot wound just above the hand and injuring the tendons.456,457
Military service: October 16, 1861, Civil War; Honorable Discharge- August 8, 1862458,459
Occupation: 1861, Farmer460
Occupation 2: 1880, Wheelwright461
Occupation 3: 1900, Wagonmaker462,463,464,465
Residence: 1850, Ohio Township, Monroe Co., Ohio466
Residence 2: 1860, Hannibal, Ohio, Township, Monroe Co., Ohio467,468,469
Residence 3: 1870, Pleasant Valley Township, Fayette Co., Iowa470
Residence 4: Bet. 1880 - 1900, New Martinsville, Wetzel Co., WV471,472
Unit: Company A, 77th Ohio Infantry473
Children of M
  i.   GEORGE ALFRED9 HARMAN, b. January 25, 1873, Monroe Co, Ohio474,475,476; d. June 15, 1945, New Martinsville, Wetzel Co., WVA477; m. AMALIE STAMM, January 03, 1900, New Martinsville, Wetzel County, West Virginia478; b. January 12, 1875, Tyler County, West Virginia479,480; d. May 14, 1950, New Martinsville, WVA481.
George A. Harman is County Court Clerk of Wetzel county, and was an active business man of New Martinsville before his accession to this public office. He is a member of a family that has supplied a number of most substantial citizens to the commercial life of Wetzel county.
He was born in Monroe County, Ohio January 25, 1873. His grandfather, Samuel Harman, was born in Pennsylvania in 1816, and on leaving his native state settled in Belmont County, then in Monroe County, Ohio, followed farming and eventually, on retiring from the farm, located at New Martinsville, West Virginia, where he died in 1902, in advanced years. He was a democrat and a very devout member of the Christian Church. Samuel Harman married Mary Gates, who was of Scotch descent and who died in Monroe County, Ohio. Joseph S. Harman, father of George A., was born in Belmont County, Ohio, in 1844, but spent most of his early youth in Monroe county. In 1861 at the age of seventeen, he enlisted in the Seventy-seventh Ohio Infantry, and served until wounded at the battle of Shiloh, which incapacitated him for further military duty. After leaving the army he went out to Elgin, Iowa, where he married and where he learned the wagon making trade. Subsequently he returned to Monroe County and in 1873 settled at New Martinsville. He was an exceedingly skillful wagon maker, and in his shop at New Martinsville he made a number of strong and durable wagons that served a generation of users. Joseph S. Harman died in New Martinsville in 1912. (sic) He was a democrat, a member of the City Council several terms, and during the latter part of his life was chiefly identified with the Methodist Episcopal church. He married Mary Bauder, who was born near Bern, Switzerland, in 1853, and is now living at New Martinsville. Of her children George A. is the oldest; Frank is deputy under his brother George; Charles owns a tailor shop at New Martinsville; Ross is in the plumbing business at New Martinsville; William is senior partner of J.W. Harmon, a clothing merchant at New Martinsville; Anna is the wife of Thomas G. Allen, assistant postmaster at New Martinsville, and two other sons, Julius and Clarence, who died in childhood.
(from History of West Virginia p.512)

Newspaper Clipping
County's Most Widely Known Officer Taken After Long Illness
George A Harman, 72, County Clerk of Wetzel County since 1921 and one of the most popular men who ever held office in the Court House, died last Friday morning at 10:30 o'clock at his home at 747 Maple Avenue.
Mr. Harman had been in failing health for several years and in the past few weeks his condition had steadily grown worse.
He was a native of Monroe County, across the river in Ohio. He was a son of Joseph and Mary Bauder Harman. In his youth he followed the trade of blacksmith. On January 3 1900, he married Miss Amelia Stamm.
Once Mr Harman got his "hand in" at running for office, he was unbeatable, and he made it that way by his untiring service to the public. He went out of his way to be more than a casual public servant and the voters knew it. It was nothing for him to leave his home after business hours and go to the court House in order to save some rural resident an extra tip to town. That, along with his cheerful personality was why the voters elected him county Clerk for the fifth time last November when his health would not even permit him to carry out a campaign. His campaigning had been spread out over more than two decades.
Politics was not the only field in which he was prominent and respected. He was outstanding in Masonic work, being a Past Master of Wetzel Lodge No. 39 A F & A M. He was president of the Doolin Federal Savings and Loan Association. He was a member of St. John's Methodist church.
Mr. Harman is survived by his wife; a son, Clarence S Harman, New Martinsville; a sister, Mrs. Tom G Allen, New Martinsville; three brothers, J W Harman, Parkersburg; and Ross L Harman and C E Harman, both of New Martinsville; and two grandchildren.
Funeral services were conducted at the home Sunday afternoon by Rev. George W Twnyham, pastor of the McMechen Methodist church; Rev. J A Wright, pastor of St John's Methodist church, and Rev. W E Keenan, pastor of the First Methodist church. Wetzel Lodge No. 39 A F & A M conducted rites at the grave. Burial was made in Williams Cemetery by Wharton Funeral Home.

Burial: Williams Cemetary, Rt 2, New Martinsville, Wetzel Co., WVA482,483
Death caused by: Myocardial Failure484
Occupation: 1900, Blacksmith485,485
Occupation 2: Auto Dealer
Occupation 3: Bet. 1921 - 1945, Wetzel County Clerk
Residence: 1880, Wetzel Co., WVA486
Residence 2: 1890, New Martinsville, WVA487
Residence 3: 1900, living with Joseph and Mary Harman488
Residence 4: Bet. 1901 - 1910, Maple Ave, New Martinsville, WVA

  More About AMALIE STAMM:
Burial: Williams Cemetary, Rt 2, New Martinsville, Wetzel Co., WVA489
Death caused by: Cerebral Arteriosclerosis490
Residence: 1900, New Martinsville, WVA-living with Joseph and Mary Harman491

  ii.   JOHN FRANKLIN HARMAN, b. September 06, 1875, New Martinsville, Wetzel Co., West Virginia492,493,494,495; d. May 1939, Wheeling, Ohio Co., WV496; m. GEORGIA WATSON NULL, August 23, 1898, Wetzel County, West Virginia496,497,498; b. January 16, 1878, West Virginia499,500,501,502; d. May 15, 1961, New Martinsville, WVA503.

Original Compiled by Carol Hassig, Wetzel County, WV Obituaries Vol. I (Revised), (Wetzel Co. Genealogical Society, 1981 (Revised 1993)), Page 21.
JOHN F HARMAN (May 26 1939)
Retired from business life only last week, John Franklin (Frank) Harman, 64, member of one of New Martinsville's leading families, died suddenly of a hear attack in Moundsville Sunday night while traveling to his home here.
Mr. and Mrs. Harman had visited relatives in Toronto, O., and at Fulton, Wheeling, during the day and were driving home late Sunday evening when Mr. Harman suffered an attack of dizziness. He kept on driving for a short distance but finally collapsed on the corner of Tenth street and Lafayette avenue in Moundsville.
Mrs. Harman ran to the home of Mrs. Mabel Blamey, and found Mrs. Ozion Montgomery residing in an upstairs apartment. Mrs. Montgomery invited Mrs. Harman to bring her husband into the home and rushed for a physician. Fifteen minutes after the doctor arrived, Mr. Harman expired.
Veteran in Business
Mr Harman had sold his clothing store business last week and had retired from active commercial life. A native of New Martinsville, he was born Sept 6 1876, a son of J S and Mary Bouder Harman. while a youth, he engaged in business with his father in running a wagon shop here. later he and his brother J W Harman, entered the clothing stores business and conducted it for years, Following that, Mr Harman continued in business for himself.
Well known and well liked, the deceased man had a host of friend throughout this region. he was a member of the First Methodist Episcopal church and belonged to the Wetzel Lodge No. 39 A F & A M.
Funeral services were conducted Wednesday morning at the Harman residence on Fifth Street. Rev. L S Grose conducted the rites and interment was made in the Northview cemetery by Iams Funeral Home, Masonic ritualistic rites were performed at the cemetery.
Mr. Harman is survived by his widow, Mrs. Georgia Null Harman, who he married August 23 1898; three daughters, Mrs. Louise Kirkland of Wheeling, Mrs. Grace Berger of Toronto, O, and Mrs. Clarice Huggins of Glen Robbins, O; five brothers, George A Harman, Wetzel County Clerk, S E Harman, Deputy Clerk, Charles E Harman, Ross Harman, and J W Harman, all of New Martinsville; one sister Mrs. Anna Allen of New Martinsville, and three grandchildren, Matt Kirkland Jr, Wheeling; Georgia Berger of toronto; and Louise Huggins of Glen Robbins.

Burial: Northview Cemetery, New Martinsville, WVA504
Death caused by: Heart Attack504
Occupation: June 1900, Wagon Maker505
Occupation 2: 1910, Wagonmaker506
Occupation 3: 1939, Clothing Store Owner507
Religion: Methodist Episcopal507
Residence: 1880, Wetzel Co., West Virginia508
Residence 2: June 1900, Bridge Street, Brooklyn, Magnolia District, Wetzel County, West Virginia509
Residence 3: 1910, Brooklyn, Wetzel County, West Virginia510

Burial: Northview Cememtary, New Martinsville, WVA
Death caused by: Myocardial Infarction511

  iii.   SAMUEL ERNEST HARMAN, b. January 18, 1879, New Martinsville, Wetzel Co., West Virginia512,513; d. November 05, 1939, New Martinsville at his sister's house514,515.
Member of the First Methodist Church, Wetzel Masonic Lodge #39 and a director in the New Martinsville Bank

A Scout

I know a man, or think I do
If I gave his name, so might you
I think he is a manly chap
With lots of brains, and all like that

He lives more to himself thans right
The world should have more of his light
He is sometimes lonely, I have no doubt
But so are others all round about

This man is kind, or means to be
Has eyes as blue as the wide deep sea
But it is possible to make a mistake
And think we alone have a lonely fate.

We all need to open our inner eyes
See less of earth, and more of skys
Drink deep of God's great out of doors
And feel his love, or all he pores

His love can heal a lonely heart
And fill a loving comrids part
I wish this man I talk about
Might better know this master scout.

from Martha Hornbrook: Aunt Lucy (Bennett) wrote about Ern-his birthday 1930

From a verbal interview with Martha Allen Hornbrook (August 1997)
Ern lived with us at our house. We only had one bathroom and he always wanted to use it even when I had to get ready for school. He never married nor had a girl. Every summer he would go to Elgin, Iowa for a month and visit our relatives there. He was very close to them. He would come home early from work and talk to Mother, but he didn't say much to my father. I don't know what he did with his money. He always said that he would leave his money to my parents, but when he died, it was divided up. A will was never found. He was sick for a long time. A couple of weeks before he died, he never got out of bed. My mother took care of him but she did ask one of his brothers to come and sit with Ern so Mother could get away for awhile. He died in his bed at our house.

Burial: Williams Cemetary, Rt 2, New Martinsville, Wetzel Co., WVA516
Death caused by: Hypertension517
Occupation: 1910, Insurance Agent518
Occupation 2: 1920, Deputy County Clerk, Wetzel Co., WVA519
Residence: 1880, Wetzel Co., WVA520
Residence 3: 1910, New Martinsville, Wetzel Co., West Virginia521
Residence 4: 1920, 142 Main St., New Martinsville, WVA522
Residence 5: 1926, New Martinsville, Wetzel Co., West Virginia

  iv.   CHARLES EDWARD HARMAN, b. June 28, 1881, Wetzel County, West Virginia523,524; d. February 23, 1958, New Martinsville, Wetzel Co., West Virginia525; m. ELLA MAY EMCH; b. October 1886, West Virginia526,527; d. January 19, 1960, New Martinsville, Wetzel Co, WV528.

Ella and Charles Harman had no children.

Burial: Williams Cemetary, Rt 2, New Martinsville, Wetzel Co., WVA529
Death caused by: Myocardial Infarction530
Occupation: 1900, Tailor531,532
Occupation 2: 1910, Tailor
Residence: 1900, New Martinsville, Wetzel Co., West Virginia532

  More About ELLA MAY EMCH:
Burial: Williams Cemetary, Rt 2, New Martinsville, Wetzel Co., WVA533
Death caused by: Cerebral Hemorrhage534
Occupation: 1910, Tailoress535
Residence: 1910, Jefferson Street, New martinsville, Wetzel County, West Virginia; living with William Probst and family535

  v.   ROSS L HARMAN, b. September 23, 1882, Wetzel Co., West Virginia536,537; d. July 05, 1958, New Martinsville, Wetzel Co., West Virginia538; m. EMMA E SNODGRASS; b. December 18, 1886, Wetzel County, WV539,540; d. 1943, Mercy Hospital, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania541,542.
  More About ROSS L HARMAN:
Burial: Northview Cemetery, New Martinsville, WVA543
Death caused by: Cerebral Hemorrhage544
Residence: 1900, New Martinsville, Wetzel Co., West Virginia545

OBITUARY (Wetzel Co., WV Obituaries, Vol. II)
Mrs. Ross Harman, Sr., of North Main St. died at 12:30 P.M. Saturday in the Mercy Hospital, Pittsburgh. She had been ill for three weeks.
Mrs. Harman was born in Wetzel County, December 18, 1886, a daughter of Calder and Caroline Berger Snodgrass. She was an active member of the First Methodist Church.
Surviving are her husband, Ross Harman, Sr.; three sons, Richard and Ross Jr., of New Martinsville, and Francis in the United States Army; two brothers, Dudley Snodgrass of this city, and Charles Snodgrass of Mannington; and four sisters, Mrs. Arminta Jamison of this city; Mrs. Martha Palmer and Mrs. Laura Palmer, both of Bebee; and Mrs. Birdie Buchner of Reader.
The remains were removed to her late residence Sunday where services were conducted Tuesday at 2:00 P.M. Rev. W.E. Keenan of the First Methodist Church officated, and interment was made in the Northview Cemetery by the Wharton Funeral Home.

Burial: Northview Cememtary, New Martinsville, WVA546,547
Residence: June 1900, Living with grandfather Peter Berger in Proctor District, Wetzel County, West Virginia548

  vi.   JOSEPH WILLIAM HARMAN, b. October 24, 1885, New Martinsville, Wetzel Co., WVA549; d. 1948550; m. EDNA LOUISE HEADLEE; b. March 01, 1893, West Virginia551,552; d. June 19, 1980, Pelham, New York553.
From written notes by Jay Harman, son of Francis Harman (September 1997)--

Bill Harman, who would have been my great uncle (I think), liked to play penny-ante poker in the basement of the Elks Club in Parkersburg. One day he was in the middle of a game, had a heart attack, and fell over dead. After they took him away in the ambulance, the guys he was playing cards with turned over his hand--and he had aces and eights! Known as a "Dead Man's Hand".

My dad told me this story of one of our relatives that lived in New Martinsville. I think he would have been my great-great uncle. Anyway, he had a reputation around town as a carouser and one Saturday night, the local police arrested him for disorderly conduct and hauled him down to the Police Station where he was booked and allowed to make his one phone call. He called his Alaska!

Burial: Williams Cemetary, Wetzel Co., West Virginia554
Occupation: 1910, Merchant at Store555
Residence: 1900, New Martinsville, Wetzel Co., West Virginia556

Wheeling News Register June 30 1980
Harman, Edna Headless, 87, formerly of New Martinsville, died Sunday in Pelham, N.Y. She was a member of the First United Methodist Church, New Martinsville. She was preceded in death by her husband William Harman in 1948. Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. Fred (Mary) Ficken; three brothers, Norman of New Martinsville, Donald of Warren and San of Seal Beach, Calif,; three sisters, Mrs. Paul (Hattie) Emch of New Martinsville, Mrs. C. E. Neuhart of New Martinsville and Mrs. Bess Weaver of Beaumont, Texas; a grandchild. Friend received at the Wells Funeral Home, 515 Maple Ave., New Martinsville at a time to be announced. Final arrangements are incomplete.
(died June 29, 1980)

  vii.   ANNA MAE HARMAN, b. February 27, 1889, New Martinsville, Wetzel Co, West Virginia557,558,559; d. February 01, 1961, Grossmont Hospital, La Mesa, San Diego County, California560; m. THOMAS GILMER ALLEN561, May 14, 1914, New Martinsville, WV-at the home of the bride by Homer S Bumgardner, Pastor Methodist Episcopal Church562,563; b. September 26, 1884, Shinnston, Eagle District, Harrison Co., WV564,565,566,567; d. January 10, 1971, Grossmont Gardens Senior Care Facility, La Mesa, CA568,569,570,571.
  Notes for ANNA MAE HARMAN:
The children of New Martinsville used to collect bones, and when the bone boats would come down the Ohio from Wheeling, the children would take the bones down to the river where they would be weighed. In return for the bones, the children would receive chits, which could be used to buy items on board the boat. As a child, Anna Harman did this, and with her chits, bought two lead crystal cut glass bowls for her mother. These bowls were eventually given to Mary Martha Allen Hornbrook by Anna Harman Allen. We always referred to them as the "bone bowls." I have one of them now. (Mariana Zuelsdorf)

Letter- (not dated, but written in 1961)
Clerk's Office
Wetzel County Court
Pearl Frei, Clerk
New Martinsville, W.VA

Friday morning
Dear Mr. Allen:
Enclosed you will find a copy of Mrs. Allen's will. You do not owe anything for it. I wouldn't think of charging you for anything that I don't have to.
First, I want you to tell Martha I am going to write her a long letter just as soon as I can. I have started two of them and didn't get them finished. My intentions are good but I am just not much of a letter writer.
We have had some beautiful spring days and the grass is getting so green but yesterday and today is terrible. This morning it was 19* out home, a good bit of snow and a lot of cold wind. I am hoping we are about through with winter. This has sure been a hard one. A man was in the office and said it was the worst winter he could remember and he was eight-four years old, so I decided it was a pretty bad one. It is still snowing out but the sun tries to shine once in a while.
How is the new baby? I expect Martha is really busy taking care of the children. One nice things is that _________ is old enough to be a big help to her. She sure is a pretty girl. After seeing her last summer I decided that Martha and Gene must look alike since she looked like both of them. I am sure they are all happy as I know that Martha always wanted a large family.
Take care of yourself, Mr. Allen, and don't work too hard. Given (sic) my love to Martha and all,
(signed) Pearl

Certified copy of the handwritten Will of Anna M. Allen. Admitted to probate Feb. 14, 1961 by Thomas G. Allen. Witnesses: Lyle E. Winer and Mable E. McGinnis.
I, Anna M. Allen of New Martinsville, Wetzel Co., W.Va. a housewife, being of sound mind-make this my last will. I give, devise, bequeath my estate and property, real and personal to my husband Thomas G. Allen of New Martinsville, Wetzel Co., W.Va.
I appoint Thomas G. Allen of New Martinsville, Wetzel co. W.Va.. executor of this my will without bond or security. In witness whereof, I have signed and sealed and published and declared this instrument as my will at New Martinsville Wetzel county, West virginia this the 30th day of September, 1955.
(signed) Anna M. Allen

Handwritten Letter from Wells Funeral Home, 515 Maple Ave. New Martinsville, WV Dated 2/8/61
Dear Martha,
First of all let me express our deepest sympathy to you and yours in your Mother's passing. Since it was impossible for you to come our thoughts are with you always.
Mother looked lovely indeed. I went to Pittsburgh for her and returned here at 2.30 A.M. Sunday. Her many friends and yours filled the house all day. Everyone was shocked at her passing for she looked so well during her visit this fall.
The Service yesterday at 2 was well attended and indeed was very nice. Rev. Sawyers, down at First Methodist officiated and his message was most touching.
Your Dad held up very well considering the shock and the long trip back here. He enjoyed the many beautiful flowers your Mother so well deserved. I wish you could of seen them.
Mother will be remembered and missed by all for a long long time and we can rest assured God has a real special place for her.
Again I am very sorry and since you couldn't get here, this little note might help. If you have any question, write and I'll do my best to answer.
Congratulations on the new one and the best to you and yours always.
(Joseph M. Wells, Director)

Obituary from Newspaper
Mrs. T. G. Allen
Mrs. Anna Harman Allen, wife of T.G. Allen and member of a pioneer family of this area, died suddenly Wednesday, February 1st at 9:45 pm, in Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa, Calif, the city where Mr. and Mrs. Allen had resided for two years.
Born in New Martinsville, February 27th, 1889, she was the daughter of the late Joseph and Mary Bouder Harman, and the last of her family.
With the exception of two years, Mrs. Allen had spent her entire life in the town of her birth, having moved to California two years ago. Surviving are her husband, a son, Dr. Joseph Allen of New Martinsville; and a daughter, Mrs. Gene Hornbrook, of La Mesa, Calif; and seven grandchildren.
She was a member of the First Methodist Church in this city; a charter member and Past Matron of New Martinsville Chapter No. 50 Order of Easter (sic) Star, and would have celebrated her fiftieth year as a member in April, 1961.
The body was returned to New Martinsville, and taken to the Wells Funeral Home on Maple Acenue, where friends were received. Ritualistic services were conducted by officers and members of Chapter No. 50, O.E.S., on Sunday evening at seven o'clock
Services were held at the Funeral Home on Monday afteroon at two o'clock, with the Rev. Sumner D. Sawyers officiating. Interment was in Greenlawn Memorial park.

Obituary for Anna Allen
      Anna Harman Allen, former New Martinsville resident, died suddenly at 9:45 p.m. Feb 1 1961 in Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa, Calif. She was born in New Martinsville, Feb. 27, 1889, and lived here most of her life, moving to California two years ago. She was a daughter of the late Joseph and Mary Bouder (sic) Harman. Bereaved are her husband, Thomas; one daughter, Mrs. Gene Hornbrook, of La Mesa; one son, Dr. Joseph Allen, of New Martinville; and seven grandchildren. She was a member of the First Methodist church and a charter member of Eastern Star No. 60. A past matron of the OES, she would have celebrated her fiftieith year with the organization in April of this year. The Order of Eastern Star held services Sunday night at 7 o'clock. Funeral service were held Monday at 2 p.m. in the Wells Funeral Home Chapel with Rev. S. D. Sawyers of the First Methodist Church in charge. Interment was in Greenlawn Memorial Park.

Age at Death (Facts Page): Age 71 years572
Burial: February 06, 1961, Greenlawn Memorial Park, New Martinsville, West Virginia573,574
Death caused by: 1961, Heart Attack575,576
Religion: Methodist
Residence: 1889, New Martinsville, Wetzel Co., West Virginia
Residence 2: 1920, 230 Clark St. New Martinsville, Wetzel County, West Virginia
Residence 3: 8427 La Mesa Blvd., La Mesa, San Diego County, California577

While Tom Allen remained in some contact with his father, he had no known contact with his mother nor any of his Griffin or Robey relatives after 1920. He told his daughter, Mary Martha, that he was very fond of his grandparents, but he didn't like working on the farm. To her knowledge, Tom Allen never returned to Harrison County and she never saw her Grandmother Rosetta. When James S. Griffin died, no mention was made in his obituary about Rosetta or her children.

Tom Allen sent his mother, Rose Edgell, a check for $5.00 dated March 8, 1906. Issued on the First National Bank, New Martinsville; check #15. It was endorsed by Rose and cashed at Farmers Bank, Clarksburg, Harrison Co., WV.

Wetzel Masonic Lodge No. 39, Member #183 (1971)
Letter dated April 2, 1968. Valley of Wheeling, W.VA.
Dear Brother Allen,
It is with extreme pleasure that we are enclosing your 50 year continuous membership cap. This cap is furnished by the Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Of Freemasonry.
We wish to congratulate you on your continuous un-interrupted membership in the Scottish Rite and we only wish we could present it to you personally.
We sincerely hope you will have much pleasure in wearing this cap.
With kindest regards and best wishes, we remain.
Sincerely and fraternally yours,
Henry C. Kaufman, 33o


New Martinsville Welcomed Swanson in 1925
by Ralph Conley
News-Register Staff Writer

      New Martinsville was all agog 41 years ago as announcement was made that a movie was to be made in the old town.
      And the star was to be none other than the great Gloria Swanson.
      At that time New Martinsville was a sleepy little river town, a regular stop for the packer boats that carried not only much freight to and from the town but also a few passengers. Steelton was still and unincorporated community and Brooklyn was a town of its own with mayor and council.
      The big day arrived on August 17, 1925, when Miss Swanson, her husband and her staff arrived on a special train from New York.
      "Stage Struck" was the film to be made and it depicted a restaurant waitress who dreamed of a stage career and started on a showboat. The idea has been done a hundred times in films and was nothing new even in 1925. The famous Players-Lasky Co. was the producing company.
      In the company of Miss Swanson were her husband, Marquis de la Falaise; Allen Dwan, director; Lawrence Astor and Ford Sterling, principals; William Palmer, engineer and a crew of 40. There were 65 bit players.
      A large crowd greeted the company on its arrival at the Baltimore and Ohio station. The New Martinsville Band played and Miss Mildred McCaskey, representing the Woman's Club, presented the star with a basket of cut flowers. Dr. W. C. Adams of the Kiwanis Club, was in charge of the reception.
      At that time Capt. J. Orville Noll, steamboat operator, lived in a large house at the foot of Washington St., now part of the Grandview Motel. This was to be the home of the company while here.
      Capt. Noll had also leased the Water Queen Showboat on which some of the picture was to be filmed. It was moored near the wharf.
      The Noll home could not accommodate all of the personnel so many stayed at the Riverview Hotel (now the Grandview) and other stayed in private homes.
      A small gas-driven launch called the "Tom" was also chartered and placed near the wharf for the use of the movie company.
      Things were humming down in Brooklyn as the Phillips Lumber Co. was transforming the old Clark estate, of Emich's Park, into a picnic ground where some movie shots were to be made. Workmen hauled lumber and built a huge dance pavilion.
      It was a big week in New Martinsville. Filming began on August 18 and Gov. Howard M. Goe visited the city on August 20. A special show at the Lincoln Theatre showing Gloria in "Manhandled" attracted a capacity crowd and Gloria made a brief speech. Visitors flocked to the city from Parkersburg, Wheeling and throughout the area.
      Miss Swanson was showered with gifts ranging from a huge angel food cake given her by Rev. J. G. Baugh to dozens of flower bouquets given by various organizations.
      Noll, in addition to renting the movie company his palatial home, and chartering the showboat and gas launch, also owned the excursion steamer Verne Swain and it was engaged in bringing tourists to the city from Wheeling.
      On Sunday, August 23, the city was literally packed with people and they came from throughout the Ohio-West Virginia area.
      Mrs. C I Longwell gave birth to a baby daughter which was promptly named Helen Gloria, for Miss Swanson. The Magnolia Serenaders played on the lawn of the Noll home and Chief of Police John Arnette, and his men patrolmen S. G. Combs, A. E. Coffield, N. S. Postlethwaite and Frank Leap breathed a sigh of relief as Gloria and her company concluded production here and left August 26 in a special car attached to a train and returned to New York.
      There was but one mishap during the big event here. Assistant Postmaster T. G. Allen, fell into the river from the wharfboat as he tried to get a glimpse of Gloria. He was rescued by the crew of the packer Helen E., which was tied up at the local landing.
      The picture was not a success and led an executive of the Famous Players Co. to remark in later years:
      "About the only people who made any money out of "Stage Struck" was that guy in New Martinsville who owned the hotel and showboat."
      There have been two revivals of the picture made in talking film. Miss Swanson played in the silent version but did not play in either of the talking versions.

Age at Death (Facts Page): Age 86 years578
Burial: Greenlawn Cemetary, New Martinsville, WVA579
Death caused by: 1. Cardiac decompensation, acute 2. Occlusion, right coronary artery 3. Arteriosclerosis, coronary580,581
Medical Information: Blue eyes, Grey hair, light complexion (Selective Service Card information)
Military service: September 28, 1918, War department classification 4A, Serial #133, Wetzel Co., WV582
Occupation: 1910, Freight Depot Clerk583
Occupation 2: Assistant Post Master584,585
Occupation 3: 1911, Board of Civil Service Examiners586,587,588
Residence: Harrison Co., WV
Residence 2: Bet. 1906 - 1910, New Martinsville, Wetzel Co., WV589,590
Residence 3: Bet. 1920 - 1942, 230 Clark St., New Martinsville, Wetzel Co., WV591
Residence 4: 1968, 8427 La Mesa Ave., La Mesa, CA 92041

  viii.   JULIUS HARMAN, b. April 09, 1892, New Martinsville, Wetzel County, West Virginia592; d. April 19, 1893, New Martinsville, WVA593,594.
  Notes for JULIUS HARMAN:
Information from Mary Harman Ficken (Aug 8, 1990)

Julius, when he was learning to walk, pulled himself to his feet by holding on to a wash boiler of hot water and was scalded and died. Grandma (Mary Harman) had to go upstaris for something and had left Dad (Joseph William Harman) and Uncle Ross (Ross Harman) to mind the baby for just a minute. Dad said he turned his back for just a second---he never got over it.[Bauder.FTW]

Burial: Williams Cemetary, Rt 2, New Martinsville, Wetzel Co., WVA595
Death caused by: Scalded. 1y 11d; father reports596,597

  ix.   CLARENCE EVERETT HARMAN, b. January 21, 1898, New Martinsville, Wetzel County, West Virginia598; d. July 05, 1898, New Martinsville, WVA599.

OBITUARY (Wetzel Co., WV Obituaries, Vol II)

Everett Harman
Everett, infant child o Mr. and Mrs. Joseph harman, died on Tuesday evening. The death of the little sufferer was not unexpected, as it had been ill for some weeks.

Burial: Williams Cemetary, Rt 2, New Martinsville, Wetzel Co., WVA600
Death caused by: Enterocotitis (sic). 5m 20d; Dr. F P Lowther reports601
Misc Information: Born without bowels

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