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Find an ancestor in the World Family Tree and you're likely to discover entire branches of your family tree — most trees contain more than 600 people!

Susan McDowell
"I thought I would never find my mother-in-law's line, but I did in the World Family Tree. I used the Contributor Contact Information Service to find out who contributed the information and look forward to talking to them and making more connections. The World Family Tree gave me that missing link I needed."
— Susan, Oklahoma
How Does it Work?
World Family TreeThe World Family Tree is a growing collection of family trees contributed by genealogists like you — it includes more than 183 million names in 269,000 trees. How it works...

• Search
Enter your ancestor's name and browse the results. (Give it a try, you never know who you'll find.)

• Find
Once you find your ancestor in a tree, you can instantly view the tree online or order it on CD-ROM.

You'll learn more than just relationships and vital dates since many trees contain notes, sources, and images. With a few clicks, you can import the new data into your own family tree.

• Collaborate
Use the free Contributor Contact Information Service to get in touch with the tree's creator and explore new family details together.

Find Your Family Tree
Search the World Family Tree and see who you find. You'll get the fastest results if you enter a first and last name.

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Share Your Family Tree
Why participate in the World Family Tree? For one thing, when you contribute your tree you give people who share your family history a chance to find you. In genealogy research, it's important not to underestimate the value of researchers working together. You can share notes, photos, leads, and more.

Also, while we encourage you to regularly backup your research, contributing your tree is a convenient way to protect your family data. Each tree will be preserved online and on CD as part of the World Family Tree.

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